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open kitchen, white wall, colorful backsplash, black top kitchenette, black top island, orange pendant, wooden table, orange chairs Comprando Meuape

Open Kitchen, White Wall, Colorful Backsplash, Black Top Kitchenette, Black Top Island, Orange Pendant, Wooden Table, Orange Chairs
Small Open Kitchen, Black Floor, Grey Bottom Cabinet, Grey Top, Wooden Upper Cabinet, Wooden Island, White Bar Stools, Grey Wall
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Island, White Bar Stool, Black Top Island, Black Top Cabinet, Open Shelves, Industrial Lamps
Kithen, White Wall, Brown Wall Tiles, Brown Wooden Top Partition Iland, Blue Grey Bar Stools, Wooden Top Cabinet, Sliding Upper Shelves
Open Kitchen, White Wall, Colorful Backsplash Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, Silver Top, Wooden Island, Black Stool, Silver Pendant
Open Kitchen, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet, White Marble Backsplash Wall, White Top Cabinet, Black Wooden Partition Island Top, White Sofe
Open Kitchen, White Subway Backsplash Tiles, White Cabinet, White Top Kitchen Island, Glass Pendants, Golden Stool
Open Itchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Open Shelves, Wooden Dining Set, White Modern Chair, White Pendants
Open Itchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Open Shelves, Wooden Dining Set, White Modern Chair, White Pendants
Open Kitchen,white Wall, Light Blue Upper Cabinet, Wooden Top Island Partition, Wooden Chair, Wooden Floor

Kitchen with limited space would make you think what you can do to make it comfortable and not feel too small. You would want to make sure that you have maximized the space and use it well. Here below are some ideas to create pretty and roomy-feeling open kitchen that you might find helpful.

White and Open
White is one of the most popular colors that will help a room feels brighter and larger. Combining it with open style, this kitchen feels airy and not small at all. The golden accent on the stools make an interesting touch to the open kitchen.

Natural Open Kitchen
This one here shows a pretty and natural look with open style. The white cabinet and wall in the kitchen looks refreshing and it is such a great match for the white and brown wooden dining set.

Small and Minimalist
One of the ways to make sure that a small space kitchen would not look too small is by going minimalist with all the furniture and the coloring of the space. White color and natural wood accent can create a refreshing and airy feeling in the kitchen. With square hole an wooden board for top, the partition have been a nice island.

Black and White
Another simple way to make a small kitchen feels light and minimalist is by decorating it in black and white. This one here has white wall, island, and bar stool and has black on top of the cabinet and island that make them a nice combination.

Pretty White
Having partition turn into island is not only a great move but also a nice and pretty move. This kitchen has the simple white look with the white board island. If you have glass window on the kitchen, partition island like this allows you to have the bright light not to stop only in the kitchen but on the whole room.

Opened Kitchen
If you want to have some accent in the partition island, you can add windows like this one here. If you ever want to close the kitchen, you can close the door. And opening it, you would have a nice and pretty accent on it.

Comfortable Look
Partition square hole can be made into a pretty and simple island. Or it can also be made a pretty window with some accessories to decorate it.

Open Grey
This setting totally will help any small space to create a roomy space. The all grey surface create a plain and continuous look that makes the room light. The natural accent on the upper cabinet and island makes a nice touch.

Colored Open Kitchen
Although it seems that small space is better with neutral color, if you love bright and pop colors, you can still add colors and balance it with the open room like this one. Although not as open as the previous one, this one still pull out the fun in this small kitchen.

Orange Note
Similar to the previous one, this one also has bright pop accents on the backsplash. But, with the white wall, it does not look too cramped. Added with orange accents outside the kitchen, the open space looks fun and energizing.

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