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Nursery, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Cream Crib, Cream Chair, Cream Ottoman, Cream Cabinet, Crystal Ottoman, White Lamp
Nursery, White Patterned Rug, White Shiplap Wall, White Cribs, Brown Cabinet, Leather Ottoman
Nursery, Cream Rug, Pink Wall, Flowery Accent Wall, White Crib, White Cabinet, White Floating Shelves
Nursery, White Wall, Off Shite Rug, White Ruf, Wooden Rack, White Curtain
Nursery, Cream Rug Flor, Pink Rug, White Wall, Flowery Accent, Chandelier, White Cabinet, White Fur Stool, White Shelves
Nursery, Cream Rug, Black Rug, White Shiplap, Cream Crib, Cream Cabinet, Macrame Swing, Rattan Pendant
Nursery, Grey Wall, Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, Pink Curtain, Crystal Chandelier, White Table
Nursery, White Rug, White Rug Floor, White Wall, White Crib, White Chair, Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror, White Lamps
Nursery, Wooden Floor, Flowery Accent, White Wall, Crystal Chandelier, White Crib, White Rug, White Chair
Nursery, Brown Rug, White Crib, Grey Wall, Colorful Wall, Rustic Pendant, White Rocking Chair

Decorating a nursery will be a great activity while you’re waiting for the baby to come out. It is stress relief and it makes a better bond between the mother and father to be. If you have confirmed the sex of the baby, either a boy or a girl, you would want to start decorating the nursery right out. Here below are some attractive nurseries for a baby girl that you would just love. They are great inspirations to have before you start the plan and gather what you need.

Gender Neutral
It is easy to start right away with white. If you have a change of plan in the future, you can always add without difficulties. White is also calming and relaxing that your baby might also find it great. White nursery is also great for you who do not wish on getting anything that would describe the sex or gender.

Rustic Nursery
Rustic have been really popular between adults. If you love rustic look and you want to find out how great it will be for girl, this one here can shows you how incredible it is. The accent wall on the back is in soft colors instead of strong and dark color. And it is also completed with rustic pendant that looks amazing.

Modern Nursery
If you love the minimalist and smooth lines of modern look, this is for your child. Going with dark grey wall and dark wooden floor, the pink and white in this room looks pronounced and it makes the room look even sweeter. The chandelier and pink ceiling decoration is a sweet finish to the room.

Warm White Nursery
This one is another gender neutral nursery that would look good both for a boy or girl. This white nursery brings warmth from the off white shade seen in the rug and shelves. It will be a good thing to pass to the next children if you think of more than one child.

Bohemian Nursery
Although this one can be unisex too, this nursery shows how a bohemian look can prettify a nursery beautifully. With plants and natural material, the room looks fresh and warm. And the white patterned rug is just perfect to complete the look.

Elegant Nursery
While girl nursery often look pink, this one here successfully brings flowery wall, chandelier,and girly look crib in the nursery without adding pink in the space and still look so pretty and feminine.

Modern Elegant Nursery
This one also puts modern look in the nursery and brings out an elegant nursery out of it. The smooth pink wall looks beautiful, combined with crystal chandelier and warm-toned furniture under.

Warm Bohemian Nursery
Similar to one of the previous one, this one also puts bohemian look in the room subtly and get soft look from it. The soft colored rug, crib and cabinet look calming and minimalist. Then the macrame on the mobile and swing brings bohemian vibe strongly without getting too much.

Flowery Accent Wall
As expected from a girly nursery, this one puts beautiful flower wallpaper on one side of the wall and brings sweet vibe to the room, along with the pink wall. Although it looks soft, but the softness brings the nursery to look pronounced.

Pink Touches
Similar to the previous one, this one also had flowery accent that looks so pretty. This flowery accent gets along with pink rug and curtain and all sweet details in the nursery.

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