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kids bedroom, wooden floor, pink rug, hite metal bed platform with branch details on top, wallpaper ceiling, white plank wall, side table, tight chandelier Addison's Wonderland

Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, Hite Metal Bed Platform With Branch Details On Top, Wallpaper Ceiling, White Plank Wall, Side Table, Tight Chandelier
Kids Bedroom, Pink Rug, Pink Wall, White Bed Platform With Name, White Bedding, Pictures, Corner Canopy
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Buterfly Accented Ceiling, White Bed Platform, Pink White Canopy, White Study Table And Chair
Kids Bedroom, Pink Rattan Headboard, White Wall, Wall Decoration
Kids Bedroom, Rattan Rug, Green Rattan Bed Platform, White Wall, Bamboo Side Table, Rattan Table Lamp
Kids Bedroom, White Wall, Whte Table Lamp, Golden Mirrored Side Table, Black Metal Bed Platform
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Bed Platform, Pink Wall, Pink Bedding, Pink Rug
Kids Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, White Wooden Bed Platform With Details, Crystal Chandelier, White Side Table, White Table Lamp
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Pattern White Rug, Grey Wall, Pink Ceiling, Flower Patterned Headboard, White Bed, White Wooden Side Table, Mirror, White Bench, Chandelier
Kids Bedrom, Beige Floor, Pink Wall, Green Wooden Bench, White Rug, Bed With Tall Headboard, Pink Curtain, Ceiling With Golden Stars, Rattan Pendants, Mirrored Glass Side Cabinet

A good sleep at night is really important for everyone, there is no exception for kids. Even more, because they are kids, it is really important to sleep soundly. And a comfortable bedroom is what a kid needs. With comfortable bed, they will be able to go to sleep in peace and wake up fresh. One of the most important thing to make it possible is bed platform. It can go minimalist, of course. But, with kids, the more details, the more imagination. Here below are gorgeous bed platform that can make any girl happy.

Simple Platform
This bedroom below looks simple yet pretty. The floor and wall is clean and decorated only with pink patterned rug. However, the white bed platform is interesting. It looks simple but the screw on the line gives more details. Completed with pink side table in the middle, this bedroom is perfectly beautiful.

Named Platform
This small bedroom for two has an interesting ideas. The bed platform comes with the name’s of the owner. It does not only make it more personal but it also makes the responsibility of the bed holds stronger to the owner. With pretty curve on the headboard and foot board, the girls will love it.

Pink Rattan
If you and your girl love nature, then this bed with pink rattan headboard will probably what you two will love. This makes the room fun and warm with exciting possibilities and memories.

Green Rattan
Similar to the previous one, this one here also brimming with natural vibe. Painted in light green, it looks refreshing. And in this one, it blends perfectly well with the rattan table lamp, bamboo side table, and the rattan rug on the floor.

Sturdy Black
While it is fun to go with rattan, it is more long lasting when you go with metal or steel, although the girl might want to change it anyway. It is obviously more sturdy. And in this one, it has classic look, especially when it is completed with golden side table and table lamp.

Luxurious Girl
If your girl love classic and luxurious touch, a well design wooden bed platform is what you need. This one here is completed with little details on the top and bottom while also put up a smooth and lean curve on on the boards and legs. With matching finish, it all completes.

Canopy on Top
This one here has details that every girl wants in their room. Start from the detailed pink ceiling, classy and comfortable study table set, pretty side able and bed, fluffy pink rug, and also pretty chandelier. The canopy on top of the bed perfects everything in sight.

Tall Headboard
While the previous one has a tall canopy on the head of the bed, this one here has tall headboard to prettify the bedroom. And it comes with beige tufted fluffy surface too.

Flowery Headboard
Although it seem more glamorous to have plain headboard, going glamorous with patterned headboard can be done too, as it is seen in this one below. The pink flowers painted on the headboard looks refreshing and it brings fun to the room. It looks just perfect for girls.

Pretty Branch
This one here is probably the most beautiful bed platform ever seen. With its pretty details of branch and leaves on top of the metal post on the foot and branch and leaves low on the head, it looks perfectly magical.

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