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glass partition with black metal lines pattern, white ceiling lamp, towel holder découvrir l'endroit du décor

Blue Framed Glass Partition With Door In The Middel, Lines Frames
Pink Colored Glass Partition, White Wooden Floor, Study Table, Office Chair, Pendant, Industrial Ceiling, Windows
Glass Partition, Foldable, Black Frame, Part The Kitchen, Wooden Floor Floor, White Floor, Grey Island
Glass Partition To White Nursery, Blue Frame, White Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Crib, Orange Pendant
Glass Partition With Black Metal Frame, Door On The Side End, Black Sofa, Grey Rug, Dining Set, Kitchen, Black Floor, Pendant
Glass Partition With Brown Frame, Half Ellipse Pattern On Top, Separating Bedroom
White Wooden Framed Half Glass Partition Between Kitchen And Living Room, White Pendants, Purple Sateen Lounge Chair
Glass Partition With Black Metal Frame Separating Bedroom, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Table, Red Stool, Round Coffee Table
Glass Partition With Black Metal Framed Separating Kitchen And Dining Area, Chevron Wooden Floor, Black Table, Modern Chairs, Modern Pendant
Glass Partition With Black Metal Lines Pattern, White Ceiling Lamp, Towel Holder

Partition can help one room to be separated from another room without having to build a sturdy wall. With partition, the room and house will feel lighter and fresher. And that’s why it is a perfect option to pick when you want your house to feel more spacious and brighter. Here below are some fresh glass partition that you will want to have at home.

Separate the Kitchen
Kitchen and dining area are usually combined together as it would create warmer vibe for both. However, if you have to have your dining are outside the kitchen, glass partition can still build the warmth ambiance. It also helps both rooms to feel spacious.

Half Ellipse
Adding pattern in the glass partition frame is one way to make more interesting and not boring. And this one here has succeeded in making it to be more than just the square patterns all over the partition.

Bold Blue
While neutral color is safe for glass partition frame that separates two different rooms, something bold can be a great choice when the two rooms are already in neutral color. With the attractive pattern frame, the bold color will look even bolder.

Combining Glass
Another interesting thing that glass partition can have is the combining of different kinds of glass. Of course, the combination can be really varied. It can be like this one below, or even bolder, with stained glass.

Half Glass
Glass partition does not always the tall glass partition. With some part of it wooden or metal, the effect of spacious room is still in action. It actually helps to get less details from the other room so that the next room will not look so clutter.

Soft for Nursery
For a soft vibe, it is only a match to brings in soft or pale colors such as soft blue here. To close the nursery, glass partition is somehow the perfect options. It stops all the wind and noise but it is still seen clear from the outside that you can always feel more secure to know the condition inside.

Black for Adults
In an apartment, it is more practical to have glass partition to the bedroom so that it still has the boundary but without taking too much space. It still helps the light vibe around the apartment.

Folding Partition
Just like folding door, this one here is not only glass partition but it can be fold to the side to let the space feels larger physically.

Larger Space
As glass partition work the best in making space feels larger, it is a perfect pick for a small apartment like this one here where the kitchen, dining set, and sofa are in one space. With glass partition, it will not feel too suffocated.

Colored Glass Partition
While the previous ones show you the clear glass partition, this one here present even more appealing glass partition with colored glass. It looks different, fun, and unique.

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