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glass stair railing artwork black and white flowers painting red painting wood stairs big round grey ottoman marble black and brown floor Douglas Design Studio

Glass Stair Railing Wood Cap Sturdy Glass Floor Red Chairs Dining Table Painting Chandelier White Sofa Glass Ceiling Chairs Coffee Table
Glass Stair Railing Wood Cap White Oak Wood Flooring Recessed Lighting White Table Lamps French Doors Sofa Coffee Table Area Rug Oriental Cabinet
Glass Stair Railing Curved Stairs Wood Steps Small Glass Windows Beautiful Pearls Chandelier Wood Cap White Walls
Glass Stair Railing Knoll Womb Chair Saarinen Side Table Wall Shelves Books Built In Storage Black And White Pillow Gold Accent White Wall
Glass Stair Railing Beautiful Flower Painting Wall Sconces White Oak Flooring Triangle Stairs Step Design Piano Indoor Plant Transparent Glass Doors
Glass Stair Railing Artwork Black And White Flowers Painting Red Painting Wood Stairs Big Round Grey Ottoman Marble Black And Brown Floor
Glass Stair Railing Stones Wall Wood Stairs Three Chandelier Ceramic Floor Indoor Plants Recessed Lighting Glass Doors And Windows
Glass Stair Railing Lyptus Ward Wood Floor Wood Cap Wood Wall Small And Big Glass Windows Framed Pictures Indoor Plant White Wall And Ceiling
Glass Stair Railing Stairs Carpet Small Classic Cupboard Sclupture Table Lamp Painting Wall Decor Indoor Plant Curved Glass Window Dining Area
Glass Stair Railing German Oak Floor Herringbone Floor Leather Chair Bag Book Built In Shelves Under The Stairs Wall Decor

Having nice and sturdy stairs is a must for a home that has more than one story. It gives a convenient access and adds special treatment in your home. You can choose your favorite design in making the stairs, but you should also consider which design and material suit the style of your home.  There are many materials that can be used to build the stairs and its railings such as wood and glass. Here are some dazzling glass stair railing ideas that will give you some inspiration.

Good Looking Stairs

This glass railing comes with the metal banister. The wooden stairs with carpet runner look cool in this house. You can also see the rail behind the big grey ottoman, it really helps visualize the effect.

Glass Stair Railing with Wood Cap

This stair has dark wooden footsteps, glass stairway, and wood cap in a brighter color. The glass look doesn’t compete with the lines in the covered ceiling and supports the openness in this home. You can use white oak for the flooring because it is ideal for on-site custom stains.

Wood and Glass Frame of A Staircase

This curved stairway will be a unique spot in your home. This stair has the standard rail glass that you can get easily. You can use this way to incorporate glass railings in an interesting way.

An Entry Hall

The clear glass railings provide an opening feeling between floors. The hardwood that is used for the flooring is Lyptus. It will be an environmental friendly for a home.

A Home with Glass Flooring

This open concept house with symmetry design is so fabulous. It uses much glass on the stair railing, floor, and the ceiling. the natural lighting will come into this home easily.

Glass Banister and Carpeted Stairs

This contemporary house has a beautiful design of the staircase. It has wood stairs with black carpet on top and glass stair railing.

A Fantastic Glass Stair Railing

The floating white oak stairs with bronze caps emphasize this beautiful entry. It features a solid bronze and glass railing, Wenge and Marble inlay floor, and the beautiful glass door unit.

Great Use of Space

This space features the wonderful herringbone floors, minimalist stairs with glass railing, and built-in shelves by stairs. The built-in shelves idea under the stairs is a way to make great use of space.

Glass Stair Railing with Beautiful Detail

You can see the beautiful detail on stair edge, it looks amazing for a minimalist staircase. For additional storage, you can make floating storage underneath. Arranging a Knoll Womb Chair and a Saarinen side table maximizes the value of this space. Everyone can enjoy the time while reading a book there.

A Classic Home with Glass Stair Railing

A wall can be an artistic display by using stonework on the wall. The texture and look of the wall are amazing. The glass railing makes the display more enjoyable. For the lighting, you can get hanging lights that gives more brightness in this room.

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