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glass wall with black metal frame with some windows on the kitchen Pinterest

Glass Wall Divider With Black Metal Frame, Between The Bedroom And Living Room
Glass Wall With Black Metal Frame With Some Windows On The Kitchen
Folding Glass Wall With Black Metal Frame In A Kitchen To The Oudoor
Sliding Glass Door On The Kitchen To The Patio
Glass Wall And Ceiling On Corner Dining Nook With Black Metal Frame And Curtain Shade
Glass Wall To The Backyard With Black Frame, Glass Door
Sliding Glass Wall With Black Metal Frame
Glass Wall With Some Glass Windows In Black Metal Frame
Glass Door With Black Wooden Frame From Living Room To The Backyard
Glass Wall And Door From The Living Room To The Yard

Sometimes, windows are not enough to give maximum level of light to a room. When it feels like more room needs to be opened, glass wall can be a good solution. Glass wall will give protection from the outside but will still give an outdoor look so that it feels like outdoor and indoor can merge well. Or, if it’s used between rooms, it can give an open feeling to the rooms. Less privacy, more sharing. These below are some amazing glass wall to consider.


Glass Divider

For a small space, having open feeling is needed. It needs to always feel airy and larger than it actually is. With glass wall divider, it can give the open feeling without really omitting the barrier.


Sliding Glass Wall

As glass wall have many kinds of styles, there are so many to pick on. This one here looks amazing with sliding glass wall. The best thing about sliding door like this is that it will not need more space to open it.


Folding the Barrier

Glass wall is a great thing to bring what’s outside to get inside even when it’s not opened. However, with opened glass wall, it will make the air circulation flows better and it is really important especially for those who love open air.


All Glass

To make a room as bright as it can be is by surrounding it with glass. This one here must really love sun shine. With all wall on glass, the days will bright and the night will be romantic, especially if there are beautiful stars or small lamps on the garden outside.


Glass Ceiling and Wall

Glass can be used both in the wall and ceiling. And it will look pretty in both. Applying it in a corner like this is really smart. And when things get too much, curtain and shade is ready at hand.


Glass on Kitchen

While cooking, light is needed to make sure you put the right ingredients inside. And for that, glass wall can help you to get the best light. Completed with some glass windows, this one here make sure that it’s not only light that is sufficient, but also air circulation.


Go to the Back

Adding glass wall to the back of your home to make everything in the backyard visible is another great idea, especially when you have a beautiful yard. Bringing in some outdoor vibe and open air will make the room inside more joyful.


Bridging Patio

When you have a great and comfortable patio, it feels like you have living room outside. It is a great idea to bridge the living room outside to actual home with glass door. It will make the house feels larger and more open.


Warm Glass Door

When you want some light and air to be abundant to your room, having a large glass door is a wise decision. The inside room will get to feel wider and the outdoor will feel happy to look inside.


Open to Nature

Having glass wall and door makes it possible to bring nature to the inside. Even if the door is closed, you can still see your surrounding perfectly well.

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