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bathroom, marble wall, marble floor, marble sink, golden vanity, golden framed mirror, golden pendants, golden accent wall Homishome

Bathroom, Black Wall, White Sink, Golden Faucet, White Toilet, Brown Floor, Golden Hexagonal Tiles On The Accent Wall
Bathroom, White Wall, Golden Accent Wall, Black And Golden Floor, Golden Faucet, White Tub
Bathroom, White Wall, White Marble Vanity, Long Golden Sink, Round Mirror Wth Golden Frame
Bathroom, Marble Floor, White Pink Wall, Golden Sink, White Toilet, Yellow LED Lights Behind Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Marble Wall, Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Sinks
Bathroom, Marble Wall, Marble Floor, Marble Sink, Golden Vanity, Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Pendants, Golden Accent Wall
Bathroom, Brown Marble Floor, Grey Wall Tiles, Tiny Golden Floor Hexagonal Tiles, Dark Golden Accent
Bathroom, Grey Marble Floor And Wall, Yellow LED From The Back Of Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Marble Wall, Golden Lines Shelves, Mirror, White Marble Sink
Bathroom, White Subway Tiles, Whtie Ceiling, White Pendant, White Marble Vanity Table, Golden Lines, Golden Shower Faucet

Bring an interesting and fun ambiance to the bathroom will make you feel more energized after you take a bath or shower. One of the interesting things to do is putting glimmering golden shine to the bathroom. Golden light effect will bring the room more alive. Besides that, some elegant and luxurious notion will also be added to the bathroom with golden touches.

Golden Accent Wall
To put a strong golden ambiance, putting gold look on the wall is probably the best thing to do. Wall is the largest area in the bathroom and putting gold color on the wall puts a strong golden elegant look.

Golden Lines
Another way to make a golden statement in the bathroom is by making the golden accent pronounced, like this one below. With white bathroom, the golden lines on the table feet and shower faucet.

Tiny Gold
Another thing that can help putting some golden flecks to the bathroom is but putting it on the bathroom. This one here puts tiny golden hexagonal tiles on the floor and create an interesting light effect that reflected on the glass partition.

Golden Accent
Similar to the first one, this one also puts golden touch on the wall and makes a nice elegant effect. The black wall around the golden accent brings out the golden accent even more pronounced that it comes strong to steal the attention.

Golden Sink
This one below shows how golden look can be added in the bathroom with sink and some lines on the wall. It is also used as the mirror frame. With white marble on the wall and counter top, the combination brings out luxurious look.

Golden Thin Shelves
This one here puts some interesting golden lines as decorative touches to the vanity while also providing golden board as the substitute of shelves. Putting around white marble has put even more luxury touches to the room.

Long Golden locks
This bathroom gives a really interesting golden accent. The long and sturdy golden sink puts a strong accent to the white bathroom. And to match it, the round mirror also has golden ring as frame.

Tall Golden Sink
Similar with the previous one, this one also uses sink to make a statement with golden sink. The tall and simple golden sink looks prominent in the grey marble room. The mirror also brings similar ambiance with yellow LED behind the mirror.

Hold the Gold
This one is another bathroom with golden sink. Although the top of the sink is white, the round golden support looks incredible. The golden lights behind the mirror also steals attention especially with hand accessories holding it.

Golden Blocks
In this luxurious bathroom, the space is a combination of marble on the wall and floor with golden color seen in the vanity and accent wall. The mirrors in the middle also have helped the room to have look even more luxurious by reflecting the golden wall on the mirror.

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