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round wooden table with one side in the middle cut for shelvs One Kings Lane

Round Wooden Table With One Side In The Middle Cut For Shelvs
White Marble Top Round Coffee Table With Metal Geometrical Legs
Coffee Table With White Round Table, Pink Wire Legs From Basket
Coffee Table With Combination Of Wooden Boxes And Metal Material With Holes For Bookshelves
A Wooden Coffee Table With L Shaped Wing On Both End For Magazines And Bookshelvs
A Wooden Coffee Table With Metal Or Leather Pocket In The Middle For Books
Round Coffee Table With Brown Wooden Top, Geometrical Black Metal Legs
Square Adjusted Coffee Table With Two Levels, White Top, Wooden Under,
Wooden Coffee Table With Box Rectangular Shape, White Legs
Dark Wooden Coffee Table With Drawer On One Side, Storage In One Side, A Side Top To Slide Up

Living room is always the main place your family and friends gather together. In the living room, you will want to have open conversation, the real quality time with your closed ones. And that’s why, living room is place that needs more attention regarding choosing the furniture. Once the sofa is settled, you will need coffee table to complete the look and function. These below are some ideas on beautiful modern coffee table you can consider to complete and beautify your living room.


Round Thin Table

If you want to give a light and modern look o your living room, you will love this one here. The clean lines of the top and the irregular legs will give you a fun, unique, yet still simple look.

round coffee table with brown wooden top, geometrical black metal legs


Sweet and BasicĀ 

This one here is in similar shape top. However, the sweet color of white and pink radiates different notion to the room. Not only that, the legs that looks so sophisticated can be obtained by turn a wire basket upside down. Not only that it’s sweet, but t’s actually simple to make on your own.


Midcentury Modern Table

This is perfect for you who love midcentury modern furniture with its clean lines. This one here will offer you not only its look but also its practical function of a table with little shelves.


One Line

This one here below has a very interesting proposal. It offers you a thin line of a table with sturdy look and its natural wooden material. Then, with its wings on both ends, this one here also offers you a space to keep your magazine or books.


A Pocket of Books

Still a coffee table for those who read, this one offer an interesting and unexpected pocket in the middle of the table.


So Multi Function

If you are looking a not merely coffee table, this might be a perfect thing for you. This coffee table have everything for you starts from the table for your glass, storage to keep your easy-to-lost things and books, and another table. With this table, one side of the top can be adjusted to add yet another table for you who need higher table to work.


Sturdy Round One

If you’re looking for something sturdy and strong looking, this one might be what you’re looking for. This round table looks like it’s freshly cut from the tree to be taken here after a slice of the wood is cut down to create an accent, and, better, to create a space for books.



For those who love modern looking coffee table, this coffee table offers a serious clean lines. The combination of wood and metal material has made each material to adjust in looking one.


Rearranged Table

This one here offers not only a sophisticated looking coffee table but also an interesting ideas also. This one has two levels of table stacked in one but you can adjust the angle of these two levels.


Interesting Legs

IF you love to have simple table top but has hidden interesting legs, this kind of table is perfect for you. This will create cheerful yet elegant feeling in your living room.

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