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greek bathroom, whtie plastered wall and floor, white ceiling with wooden beams, white built in vanity and sink, rattan basket Living for Sophisticate People

Greek Bathrom, White Plastered Wall And Floor, Built In Bench And Shelves Inside, Curvy Partition, Buit In Vanity, Rug
Long Greek Bathroom, White Plastered Wall, Beige Floor, Curvy Arch, White Plastered Vanity
Greek Bathroom, White Plaser Wall And Floor, Curvey Partition, Floaing Vanity, White Sink, White Mirror
Greek Bathroom, White Plastered Bathroom, Bath Tub, Mirror On Floating Shelves, Big Earthenware Vase
Greek Bathroom, Wooden Wall, Tiles Inside, Half Partition, White Built In Vanity, White Sink, Mirror
Greek Bathroom, Whtie Plastered Wall And Floor, White Ceiling With Wooden Beams, White Built In Vanity And Sink, Rattan Basket
Greek Bathroom, White Plaster Wall And Floor, Floating Stone Sink, Mirror, Indented Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Grey Rug
Open Greek Bathroom, White Plaster Wall, White Round Sink, Round Mirror, Pendant, Tiles Inside
Greek Bathroom, White Plaster Wall, Curvy Partition, Window, Wooden Vanity And Top, Mirror, Sconce, Wooden Ceiling
Greek Bathroom, White Plaster Wall, Sloping Partition, Window, Floating Toilet

Greek style has a very distinctive look. It combines natural forces to create an amazing ambiance. It also shows the natural color in many shades without adding any bold color. It embraces natural light and fresh air to their space. And in the bathroom, Greek can take a really interesting form with its white plaster on the entire bathroom and the curve and flowing lines. These below are ten exquisite Greek bathroom that you will fall in love with.

Smoothly Flow
The bathroom below shows the perfectly flowing line on the bathroom partition and floating vanity. The curvy sink and mirror with detailed frame helps to add some features. The flowing lines on the bathroom surely make the space sweet yet still neutral.

Open Greek
This one here has a quite private curl but it is still an open bathroom. Using Greek approach on the plaster and minimalist look, this one here successfully becomes a pretty addition to the bedroom.

Half Partition
In this one, the Greek influence is seen in the white plaster wall. The half partition and the built-in vanity shows a great continuing lines and design. As Greek does not usually adds tiles, to avoid slips this one adds a textured floor in natural material of stone.

Truly Greek
In reliving Greek vibe, this one here has all that is needed in creating Greek look. The white plastered wall and floor is beautifully seamless. The tall ceiling makes the room airy and spacious. The natural wooden vanity on the side is just the right thing to be added.

Simple Greek
With the white plastered surface on the entire bathroom, this one here shows a simple details on the built-in bench and shelves inside the shower area. The partition is quite tall and simple with curvy corner.

Complete Greek
While the previous one looks so simple, this one here adds everything that modern bathroom usually has including the rattan basket under the white vanity, and the backsplash too. However, the influence of Greek style can be easily spot on.

Greek Tub
While the others have shower area, this one here prefers to have tub over shower. And it actually gives more spacious look in the bathroom. The white curvy space looks large that you can enjoy your bath perfectly well.

Greek Smooth Surface
This bathroom here shows a beautiful glossy white plaster look on the bathroom that tries to give more details. The different level of height in the partition and the indented wall where the mirror is on make a simple yet interesting texture and layer while the stone floating sink adds a color to the white bathroom along with dark wooden framed mirror.

Long Greek Bathroom
This long bathroom looks so comfortable to prepare yourself facing your day. It is a perfect place to relax at night too, maybe having some philosophical thoughts included.

Small Greek Bathroom
This one here is Greek bathroom in a small space. The sloping plaster partition separate the shower prettily with toilet on the other side of the partition.

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