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bathroom, white wall tiles, green painted wall, mirror partition, white terrazzo floor, white tiles vanity, white round sink, white floating toilet, round mirror Pinterest

Bathroom, Green Wall, Blck Herringbone Floor Tiles, Pink Wall Tiles, Dark Wooden Table With White Sink, Round Mirror, Long And Thin Pendant
Bathroom, Pink Wall, Green Wainscoting, White Marble Vanity, White Sink, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Black White Unique Floor Tiles, White Backsplash Wall, Dark Green Painted Wall, Round Mirror, White Round Sink
Bathroom, Grey Terrazzo Floor And Wall Tiles, Green Painted Wall, Round Mirror, Floating Vanity, Orange Round Sink, Round Mirror, Grey Wall, White Floating Toilet
Bathroom, White Tiny Rectangular Wall Tiles, Green Cabinet, Hexagonal Mirror, Black Marble Top, Dark Glass Partition, Black Shower
Green Bathroom, Green Wall, Black Vanity, Green Round Sink, Round Mirror, Black Wired Pendant, Wooden Floor
Bathroom, Green Tiny Square Wall Tiles, White Marble Wall Backsplash, Wooden Floor And Wall Tiles, White Floating Toilet, Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Marble Wall, Green Painted Wall And Ceiling, White Pendant, Oval Mirror, White Tall Round Sink, White Tub, White Toilet
Bathroom, White Wall Tiles, Green Painted Wall, Mirror Partition, White Terrazzo Floor, White Tiles Vanity, White Round Sink, White Floating Toilet, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Green Painted Wall And Ceiling, Floor Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, White Sink, White Marble Floor & Marble Wall, White Tub, White Toilet

While modern styled room usually goes with more neutral color, these bathroom presents interesting look with their green painted wall. Although it’s all green, the clean and smooth lines are so minimalist and brilliantly interesting. If you love green color and want to have more modern rooms, the combination seen in the bathrooms below might give you some fantastic ideas to start with.

Pink Green Wall
This bathroom shows a modern bathroom with mossy green painted wall combined with pink wall tiles on the backsplash and shower area. The geometric floor tiles gives stronger modern vibe to the bathroom. It balances the calm that the green wall brings in.

Pink Green Toilet
This one is similar to the previous one with its pink and green color scheme. However, this one here puts the combination on vertical stack with pink painted wall and green wainscoting at the bottom.

Green on Neutral
This green tiles on the shower area gives a dark and strong impression while it is combined with neutral marble on the toilet and vanity area. These two areas gives simple yet bold look.

Dark Green Wall
This one combines dark green painted wall with the neutral shower area with white marble floor and tub. The geometric floor tiles puts a modern vibe to the bathroom that blends well with the dark green wall.

Green and Terrazzo
This one here shows a neutral yet interesting look with grey terrazzo tiles on the wall and floor and the dark green wall and ceiling. The clean and lean lines on the vanity makes an attractive finish to the bathroom. It is a perfect choice for you who love modern style in green.

Green Modernity
This modern bathroom with white wall tiles looks so endearing combined with the black lines on the mirror, shower, partition, and cabinet top. The dark cabinet brings more color but without making it too bright and bold.

Smooth Green
This bathroom is so interesting with dark green wall and sink. To make the room stays with the dark complexion, it is combined with black marble, black framed round mirror, and a unique black pendant. For those who love to get dark in green, this bathroom will answer your wish.

Half Green
This room also shows an interesting combination with half white marble and half dark green. Completed with white tub and sink, the room combines perfectly well in its unique way.

Modern Lines
This dark green bathroom is empowered with its white tiles for bacsplash that continues to the other side of the wall. It is also strengthen with black white floor tiles with interesting lines.

Bright Green
In this bathroom, the green color looks brighter than most of the green bathrooms here. Combined with white tiles on the bottom of the wall, the room looks more cheerful. The mirror partition makes the room looks more spacious and gives the brighter effect with the double white tiles.

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