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living room, green wall, green velvet sofa, coffee tabes, rattan pendant, green patterned rug Pinterest

Living Room, Seamless Grey Floor, Brown Velvet Sofa, Black Pot, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Green Wall, Wooden Bench With Grey Cushion, Wooden Shelves, Seamless Grey Floor, Rattan Rug
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Green Wall, Glass Side Table, Grey Sofa, Glass Coffee Table
Living Room, Green Sofa, Turquoise Wall, Tra Tables, Black And White Rug, Gry Floor
Living Room, White Seamless Floor, White Wall, Green Wall, White Floor Lamp, Wooden Cabinet, Rattan Ottoman, White Coffee Table, Avocado Sofa, White Coffee Table
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Green White Block Wall, Glass Pendants, Dark Sofa, Glass Coffee Table
Living Room, Green Wall, Green Velvet Sofa, Coffee Tabes, Rattan Pendant, Green Patterned Rug
Living Room, White Floor, Green Wall, White Sofa, Black Plant Pot, Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Wooden Round Coffee Table, Rattan Chair, Rattan Ottoman, White Pendant
Living Room, Grey Floor, Brown Leather Sofa, Black Cabinet, Patterned Rug

Green is an amazing color. It can help you get refreshing look and it can also makes your room looks natural that it will be easy to decorate with plants and bohemian look. This refreshing natural ambiance would be a great look to see in the living room. With Christmas coming in, green would be a perfect background especially if you prepare a Christmas decoration with red and green accessories. This below is a compilation of green living room that would be able to uplift a holiday feeling in the living room.

Fresh Near the Window
Positioned near a window, this living room can look so fresh easily. Besides having green on the wall, it also allows you to have a fresh view on the outside. The neutral sofa brings a nice blend to the green wall and wooden floor.

Natural Ambiance
As green looks so easy with nature, it is also so comfortable to combine it with wooden furniture. Here below can show how beautiful and natural the ambiance is, with green on the wall and naturan brown on the shelves, bench and rug.

Modern Green
Although modern look loves neutral colors the most, using green can actually make the space looks more alive. This one here put green on the wall and a darker green on the sofa that make the room strong. The combination of neutral touches strengthens the feeling even more.

Pronounced White
In this one, the combination of white and green makes each color look strong. The green on the wall look so pretty combined with the white sofa.

Color Block
This living room gives out a simple yet interesting detail on color block. The green and white blocks make the room unique that the sofa can look as simple as it can be. the pendants and coffee table give light look with its glass.

Dark Background
The dark green wall in this one puts a strong look while also makes the space easy to decorate. The brown velvet sofa and wooden coffee table makes a neutral look but pronounced beautifully.

Minimalist Natural Space
With natural look on the floor, table, chair, ottoman and even accessories, the room looks minimalist and natural. This beauty is completed with white wall and green accent wall in one side.

Fresh Combination
This is another fresh combination of white and green on the wall that makes a beautiful background to the living room. The wooden cabinet, ottoman, green sofa and the plants are perfect together.

Dark Ambiancce
This living room puts out dark ambiance beautifully. The dark green wall looks so strong with dark leather sofa and black cabinet. The plants in this room makes an interesting and fresh look.

Green on Green
This living room makes a stunning and interesting look with green on green combination. The dark green wall matches perfectly well with the dark green sofa, green rug and the green plant while the rattan pendant gives a beautiful touch above.

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