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kitchen, geometrical floor tiles, white wall, green cabinet, white backsplash, pendant, round wooden table, whte modern chairs Home Design

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Green Cabinet, Wooden Backsplash, White Island With Wooden Top, White Stools, Copper Pendants
Kitchen, White Floor, Green Cabinet, Grey Dining Table, Grey Chairs, Pendants
Kitchen, Geometrical Floor Tiles, White Wall, Green Cabinet, White Backsplash, Pendant, Round Wooden Table, Whte Modern Chairs
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Marble Wall, Floor And Backsplash, White Upper Cbainet, Green Bottom Cabinet, White Dining Table, Metal Chairs
Kitchen, White Floor, Green Cabinet, Wooden Island, Pendants, Black Stools
Kitchen, White Floor, Black Wall, Black Bottom Cabinet, Dark Green Island With Black Top, Black Stools
Kitchen, White Smooth Cabinet, White Backsplash, Geometrical Floor Tiles Round Dining Table, Blue Chairs, Modern Chandelier
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Green Cabinet, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Table, Grey Chairs, Black Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Green Cabinet, High Island, Wooden Stools, Modern Chandelier
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Wooden Upper Cabinet, Green Bottom Cabinet, Green Built In Sofa, Wooden Table, White Chairs

For those who love modern look, creating quite minimalist kitchen would be important. With smooth surface and tidy look, creating food and hanging out with your friends would feel amazing. A calming and relaxing kitchen would brings out the best ambiance. While there are many shades you can get into, in creating modern kitchen, sage green is probably one of the favorites and that is why, this compilation of green modern kitchens is worth your time to peek.

Tall Figure
This kitchen is fabulous. The smooth green cabinet makes a light and strong look with a horizontal lines that makes the kitchen has higher ceiling effect. The high island with green body also strengthens this accent.

Lighter Green
This kitchen makes a lighter look with the combination of white and green. The grey upper cabinet adds a different shade without being too much so that the dining set added here does not make the kitchen looks too crowded.

Natural and Minimalist
For you who have small space, creating your kitchen in a minimalist look would definitely create an open and airy ambiance. This one do more than that. It can add a simple breakfast nook that matches the minimalist kitchen. This is a pretty look for a kitchen in the apartment.

Serene Minimalist
Minimalist look is so calming. This one here gives off a really pretty ambiance with smooth surface in green and the neutral combination of white and wooden brown. The island and the pendants are effortless final touches.

Deep Small Kitchen
Another way to decorate your small kitchen is by using some dark and deep effect to the kitchen. This one here puts an easy minimalist green cabinet that combines with wooden cabinet and top. The minimalist dining set compliments the kitchen well.

Bright and Dark
This one here does not only combine the color but it also combines the ambiance. The deep and dark kitchen is illuminated so prettily by the bright light coming from the glass window beside the black wall. And this contrast is so precious.

Open Green
Creating an open kitchen would be a great thing for you who love spacious effect. Besides the airy and more breathable space, it can hold more people in a more fun ambiance. And creating your open space with green cabinet and marble would just elevate your kitchen into a cool place to hang out.

Dark Nook
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts a pretty combination of green and dark look. The black nook beautifully in line with the smooth green cabinet while the wooden island makes an easy existence.

Smooth and Light
This is the most gorgeous modern kitchen in green. The light green color blends so pretty well with the white floor and wall. The floating built-in dining table is a smart accent along with the pendants in the corner.

Sweet Green
Combining green with some pastel color would make a sweet look out of it. And it can be seen in this one. The small space does not matter with the bright light from the window and the smooth and sleek design both from the kitchen or the dining set. The geometrical floor tiles makes a nice accent in this kitchen.

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