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grey bathroom vanity with grey herringbone pattern on floor and wall, wooden floating shelves, wooden stool, white sconces Pipkorn Kilpatrick

Grey Sink On Wooden Vanity Cabinet, Dark Wall, Golden Faucet
Grey Bathroom Vanity With Grey Herringbone Pattern On Floor And Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Stool, White Sconces
Bathroom Vanity With Grey Marble Vanity, White Sink, White Wood Planks Wall, Golden Faucet, Large Mirror
Bathroom Vanity With Grey Floor, Grey Jagged Wall, Grey Stone Barrel Sink With Black Faucet, Round Mirror With Light Frame
Bathroom Vanity With White Wall, Grey Sink With Golden Faucet, Golden Frame Small Mirro
Light Grey Bathroom Vanity With Grey Vanity, White Round Sink, Round Mirror, Grey Wall With Glass Pendant Accessory
Bathroom With White Wall, White Toilet, Wooden Floor, Wall Tiles Wall, Wooden Vanity, Grey Sink, Golden Faucet, Square Mirror
Grey Bathroom Vanity With Grey Blue Square Sink, Golden Faucet, Grey Square Tiles, Square Mirror, Golden Pendant
Bathroom Vanity With Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Vanity With Metal Legs, Grey Sink, Long Rectangular Mirror, Silver Sconce
Grey Wall, Grey Vanity With Golden Faucet And Pipe, Small Wooden Floating Shelf

Grey is a neutral color than can look good combined with any color. It can calm and balance other color. It can also make item to look timeless and elegant. Having grey colored clothes can be really practical as it can go with any occasion. That’s also how grey represents in interior, especially in bathroom vanities seen here below.



Grey can be in so many levels of saturation. And having a match look in the room does not always require you to put the same exact color. With different saturation, the color scheme is still beautiful. With different accent like gold, it will create a fresh touch to the grey color.


Grey Sink

Another thing to do to pull a grey look is by having a grey sink. With a beautiful and unique look, it will be the focal point the room too. Seen in this picture, the grey sink is quite asking for attention, especially when it has gold accent.


On Grey Situation

As having grey can lead to a timeless bathroom, it helps the bathroom to look more with characters that still goes with the long lasting look, like wooded furniture. In this picture, the wooden floating shelves are added that makes the bathroom looks open and welcoming.


Plain Light Grey

For those who really love minimalist and modern look, light grey hue like this one here might be their favorite. This room depicts neutrality that minimalist love and with the sleek lines and nothing to clutter, modern and minimalist look lover will crave for this look.


Grey Canvas

Grey can be a great canvas to the room with inside that you can paint later. Just like this one here in the picture which has same grey tiles both on the floor and the wall. Simple and minimalist furniture of wooden vanity and black sink is added to complete the minimalist look.


Light in Vicinity

Adding a light in a dark plain color like grey is easy. With dark grey room, accent like textures and uncommon shape will make it less plain. And adding light like this one will make the room looks livelier.


Golden Light 

Similar to the previous one, this one room here also strong with grey ambiance in the vanity, sink, and wall tiles. The golden pendant here although looks like a weak point but in a dark grey room like this, it gives a stunning sight.


Grey Vanity

As adding grey to your bathroom can mean any item in grey, this one here adds beautiful grey marble to the sink in its off white room. The minimalist look is still intact but the grey marble has added a great touch to the room.


Light Look

For those who love a light look for a bathroom, presumable a small bathroom, but still want to have the chic look, light grey sink as modern as this one here can help big point. Combined with white painted wall, this one is a subtle match while the golden accent gives an elegant and exciting look.


Strong Grey

Although grey is like a transition color, when it’s in a room with lighter look, it can be a strong point. Seen in this light look small bathroom, a strong grey sink can give a great statement for the room.



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