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bedroom with grey wall, grey wooden floor, gey headboard, grey linen, black chair, silver floor lamp Mode De Boulangerie

Beautiful Balcony With Beige Wall, Grey Wall, Grey Framed Windows, Patterned Tiles Floor, Coffee Table
A Room With Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Bench Supported By Grey Marble Stone Liek The Wall, Glass Window, Wooden Ottomans
Kitchen With Grey Cabinet, White Small Sialnd, Wooden Kitchen Top, Wooden Shelves On White Tiles, White Pendant
Family Room With Grey Wooden Wall, Built In Shelves, Gey Reading Nook On The Windowsill, Light Grey Chairs, White Chairs, Grey Ottoman, Rug, Chandelier
Bathroom With Hexagonal Grey Tiles On Teh Wall, Floor, And Tub With White Inside, White Vanity Top, Wooden Cabinet, Large Mirror
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, White Sofa, Wooden Chars, Black Round Low Coffee Table, Grey Wooden Wall, Grey Wooden Built In Shelves
Bedroom With Rattan Rug, Wooden Floor, White Beddin, Grey Pillows, Grey Accent Walls, White Pendants, White Bare Bricks Wall
Grey Herringbone Patterned Tiles On The Wall, White Vanity Top With Wooden Cabinet, White Sink, Silver Faucet, White Framed Mirror
Bedroom With Grey Wall, Grey Wooden Floor, Gey Headboard, Grey Linen, Black Chair, Silver Floor Lamp
Grey Entrance With Grey Wallpaper, Grey Painted Wall, Black Table, Built In Pink Shelves, Grey Basket, Pink Ottoman, White Pot, Black Telephone

Grey has been a popular color throughout the year of 2018. It has been used in any room beautifully. It is not necessary to paint all the walls in your house in grey but to pick what room painted in grey, you will need to see how grey effect can be seen in each of your rooms through the pictures below.


Grey Entrance

To make a pretty entrance with neutral color like grey that can also be associated with depression, you will want to be careful in combining the grey colors. To make a fun combination, you can add some level of lightness. With light grey and medium light grey combined, you can create a neutral and light feeling. To make it sweet, all you need to do is adding colors like soft pink or blue.


Balanced Aura

In this room, you can see how balanced everything was. They grey color that looks so deep is balanced with grey color of indoor living plants. The grey color itself is from the grey stone wall and bench so that the room is instead of looking dull, looking so well balanced.


Grey Vanity

If you want to use grey color in your bathroom without looking so dark, you can choose light colored tiles for that. And to make it more fun, pattern like Herringbone can help a lot. It makes the room less serious.


Grey Bathroom

If you want to play with darker grey color, this one here can show you what to do so that your bathroom will not look dingy. As you can see, the patterned tiles are covering the floor, tub, and the wall on the back. To combine it with lighter mood so that it will be balanced, white tiles are chosen to give the glossy light too.


Grey Bedroom 

When it comes to bedroom, you will want everything supporting the comfortable concept you need. Comfortable feeling comes from a comfort in mind and when you know everything in your bedroom is prettily match to each other, it gives you a pleasant content feeling. Decorating your bedroom in grey, white, and black will make you look at a black and white pictures, timeless and antique.


Grey Accent

If you’re not cozy enough with grey color in all sides, you can try using grey color to your accent wall. While the other wall can be painted white, you can paint one side of your wall and paint it grey.


Grey Living Room

Although grey use to be associated with unsettling feeling, you can still put warmth to your living room even though you paint it in grey. You can put a plush white sofa that will send both comfortable look and use. Adding the color of grey and some plants will ease the mysterious notion on grey.


Grey Reading Room

If you have a library in your house or a place where your family can meet together and have a family time, you can be less worried with the cold grey can offer you. In this picture, even though grey is on the wall, the ceiling is white and the chairs look incredibly cozy. The wooden floor and the rug add warmth to this room too.


Grey Kitchen Cabinet

If you’re worried about putting grey all through your kitchen will make your kitchen look dingy or hopeless, you can use grey color on one accent. In the picture below, you can see that grey color used on the cabinet under the kitchen top while the other furniture in this kitchen is light colored to make sure clean cooking.


Grey Accents

To have grey color scheme in your house, you don’t have to paint all over the house with grey color. You can paint grey for accent like the frame of the windows or door, or some part of the wall.

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