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grey living room with dark grey wall, white hanging lamp, pink chairs, gold rose coffee tables Lonny

Grey Living Room With White Wall, Grey Sofa, Grey Bean Bag, Wooden Round Coffee Table, Grey Rug, Black Floor Lamp, White Hanging Lamps, Wooden Flooring
Grey Kitchen With Light Grey Marble Topped Island, Lanky Bar Chair, White Hanging Lamp, White Cabinet
Grey Bedroom With Grey Wall, White Painting, Black Side Lamp, Wooden Side Table, Grey Linen
Grey Kitchen With Grey Cabinet, Grey Island, White Hanging Rack
Grey Living Room With Dark Grey Wall, White Hanging Lamp, Pink Chairs, Gold Rose Coffee Tables
Dark Grey Wall Partition With Black And White Painting
Grey Bedroom With Dark Grey Wall, Wooden Flooring, White Wooden Cabinet, White Side Table, White Bed With White Linen, White And Black Painting
Grey Dining Room With Light Grey Wall, Wooden Table Set With Gery Cushion Chair, White Hanging Lamp, White And Black Painting, White Clock
Grey Bathroom With Grey Tiles Flooring And Wall, White Tub, White Sink With Brown Cabinet, White Bench, White Hanging Lamp
Light Grey Bathroom With Light Grey Flooring, White Wal, White Tub, Light Grey Cabinet And Sink, White Sconces

Grey is an elegant, neutral, and calming colour that has been seen in many interior designs. Looking that it’s neither black nor white, it is a separation from anything and it can make anything else to be brighter. And, it might be because that it’s neither too dark nor too pure; many people like to have grey in their home. It has been really popular and it might become more and more popular as the years gone by. Let’s see how grey can complement the rooms in the house.

Dark Grey Kitchen

The best thing about dark colour especially in a kitchen is that it’s safe from the dirt. Not that it will not get dirty but the dirt won’t be too obvious. It makes your furniture longs lasting. With grey theme kitchen, you can balance it with white furniture. Here, it is seen in the hanging racks above the island.


Light Grey Kitchen

If you don’t think dark bold colour should be the colour of your kitchen, but you can’t get away from the charm of grey color, you can start from one thing, like the top of your island. While the surrounding can be in white or any soft neutral colour.


Dark Grey Partition in the Living Room

Having dark grey partition is a perfect choice in a monochrome coloured room. And as usual, with dark background, the things put in front should be in white so that it will contrast each colour.


Light Grey Living Room

In a living room where many people will gather around together, it might seem that bright colour will complement the moments the best. Well, if you think that way, light grey will be perfect. With neutral colour like grey, it won’t seem too warm or too stark. And it’s so easy to decorate in either white or black.


Balance with Pink

But of course, if you choose dark grey anyway, you can balance it with any other colour. You can go with bold colours that will shine so brightly or soft colour that will shine enough in making contrast.


Grey Bathroom

There is of course a many reason behind why grey is a chic colour nowadays. But perhaps, one of them is that it is easy to decorate any room with grey. It looks good in all previous room and it still looks good in this large bathroom. It looks elegant and charming and it makes the white furniture looks stark.


Light Grey in Sunlight

As it is not difficult to decorate in grey, if you want to bring in grey theme, you can start even from small thing like grey curtain or cabinet. It will make the room looks romantic and soft.


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