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Providing your guests with something cool when they sleep over at your house is definitely one of your most important duties as a homeowner. There are various cool things you can provide for your guests and one of those cool things are cool beds. Finding a cool bed for a guest bedroom isn’t a hard thing to do today but choosing one from the many options available today can be something difficult to do sometimes. Anyway, if you’re looking for a guest bed for your guest bedroom, you can add these magnificently cool beds to your list of beds to get for your house’s guest bedroom.

A Foldable Bed in a Contemporary Bedroom

You don’t always have to use a small furniture piece in a small bedroom. You can use a big bed that can be folded like this to save space and still be able to provide your guests with a big bed when they’re staying over.

A Folding Bed in a Bedroom with Bookshelves

A folding bed that’s combined with bookshelves is also another cool thing you can add to your guest bedroom especially if your guests are often people who like reading.

An Innovative Bed with Storage in a Scandinavian Bedroom

This innovative bed comes with storage and it’s used in a Scandinavian bedroom. It’s a bed you can try drawing inspirations from if your guest bedroom is a small Scandinavian room.

Two Small Beds in a Beach-style Bedroom

This beach style guest bedroom has two small beds you can use as a source of inspirations if your guest bedroom happens to be small in size.

A Loft Bed in a Small but Comfy Bedroom

A loft bed is also a nice thing to add to a small guest bedroom since it’s the kind of bed that can help you save space in a small room.

Two Beds in a Small but Elegant Bedroom

These two beds are unquestionably the right beds to incorporate into this small but elegant bedroom with interesting wall lamps, a mirror and more.

Two Tall Beds with Storage

These beds are undeniably quite tall and they offer storage spaces to the people that use them when they’re staying in the room, which has paintings, a hardwood floor and more.

A Murphy Bed in a Contemporary Bedroom

This murphy bed is definitely a nice addition to the bedroom, which is a contemporary bedroom that has a glass door that’s covered by a curtain sometimes, interesting lamps on the ceiling and a hardwood floor.

A Built-in Bed with Storage

This very cool bed is a built-in bed and it’s used in a bedroom with a dark ceiling, a wood floor, beautiful lamps, a bench and storage spaces you can use to store books near the bed.

Four Beds at Once

There are four beds in this room and each bed is very close to each other. These beds are awesome beds to use when having guests which are members of a big family.

A Tall Bed with Storage in an Industrial Bedroom

This tall bed with storage is used in an industrial bedroom with a hardwood floor, paintings, a window, a motorcycle miniature and interesting lamps.

A Murphy Bed in a Beach-style Bedroom

This murphy bed is used in a beach-style bedroom that has a dark-coloured floor, lamps on the ceiling, a desk with a chair accompanying it and more.

A Small Bed in a Country Bedroom

This small bed is in a country bedroom with a small green table with a lamp on it, two windows, a white ceiling and wooden walls.

A Small Bed in a Shabby-chic Room

This small bed is in a shabby-chic bedroom with a small window, a rocking chair, a wood floor, storage spaces in the form of drawers and more.

A Tall Bed with Storage in a Farmhouse Bedroom

This tall bed offers storage space and its used in a farmhouse bedroom that has a carpet, a wood floor, a ceiling fan, under-bed storage and a number of other things.

A Bunk Bed in a Beach-style Bedroom

The beach-style bedroom has a bunkbed, a mirror, beautiful wall patterns, a stool, beautiful flowers and varied other things.

A Small Bed with Lots of Pillows in a Transitional Bedroom

This small bed has lots of pillows and it’s in a transitional bedroom with a painting, under-bed storage, a bedside table with drawers and more.

Two Comfy Beds with a Small Table between Them

These two comfy beds have a small table between them and they’re in a room with an interesting window, love pillows and other things.

A Bunk Bed in a Rustic Bedroom

This bunk bed is in a rustic bedroom with beautiful curtains, a ladder, a beautiful wood floor, a chair and more.

Bunk Beds in a Traditional Bedroom

These bunk beds are in a traditional bedroom with a window, a small carpet, a chest, wall lamps, a pendant light and more.

Beds in a Coastal Guest Bedroom

These beds are in a coastal guest bedroom with a painting, bean bags, a wood floor, a ladder and big windows.

A Big Bed in a Farmhouse Bedroom

This big bed is in a farmhouse bedroom with a wood floor, cabinets, lovely pillows and wall decors that help decorate the room.

Small Beds in a Bright Guest Bedroom

These small beds are in a bright bedroom with windows, a table with a lamp, wall storage, a carpet and modern lighting.

Beds in a Bright Beach-style Bedroom

These beds are in a bright beach-style bedroom with a ladder storage, windows, pillows with dots, books, interesting lamps and more.

A Murphy Bed in a Simple but Cool Bedroom

This murphy bed is in a simple but cool bedroom with a dark-coloured floor, a carpet, pillars, ceiling lights and big white pillows.

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