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half bathroom with grey wall, white wavy wall in one side, white bowl sink, brownsink table, white toilet, tall square mirror Allen

Half Bath With Blue Walls, Wood Framed Mirror, White Sonces, White Cabinet With White Countertop, White Toilet, Blue White Tile Flooring
Half Bathroom With Contemporary Wallpaper With White Backgournd And Black Lines, White Toilet, White Wink With High Steel Holder
Half Bathroom With Brown Stony Marble Wall In One Side With Mirror, Yellow Sconces, Black Polished Toilet, Tall Cylinder Black Sink
Half Bathroom With White Toilet, White Wink With Wooden Holder, Black And White Tile Half Bottom Wall, White Molding, Black Wallpaper With White Flower
Half Bathroom With White Tile Flooring, White Wall, White Toilet, Brown Wooden Table With White Sink, Mozaic Tiles Mirror, Four Yellow Pendant Light
Half Bathroom With Grey Painted Wall, Wallpaper With Long Bridges Picture In The Back, White Toilet, White Long Round Sink
Half Bathroom With Grey Wall, White Wavy Wall In One Side, White Bowl Sink, Brownsink Table, White Toilet, Tall Square Mirror
Half Bathroom With White And Black Stripes Wallpaper Up To Ceiling, Black Cylinder Cabinet With White Bowl Sink On Top, Rustic Blue Wooden Pail, White Toilet, Rustic White Lamp
Half Bathroom With White Walls, White Wooden Framed Window, White Wall Mounted Sink, White Wooden Framed Square Mirror, Wooden Floor
Half Bathroom With White Toilet, White Wall Mounted Sink, Dark Flooring, White Walls, Black And White Picture Of Bridges In The Back

Half bathroom, or so called powder room, is a room that people remark as a non complete bathroom because there is no shower or bath tub in this bathroom. This room usually consists of toilet, sink, and mirror. Because of this incomplete tools that people do not regard it as a place to take a bath. Even though it is only half bathroom, people will love to make the best of it. There are so many beautiful half bathrooms the designers put a lot of thinking and work to make it happen. Here below are some of beautiful half bathrooms that you might like.

Beautiful White Half Bathroom

If you have a long small space and you want to make it useful, building half bathroom might be one of the best ways to maximize your space. You can turn your space into this beautiful half bathroom. It is simple yet beautiful. The white wall have blended well with the all white toilet, wall mounted sink, and even window and mirror frame. The only thing that is not white is wooden flooring.

Modern Half Bathroom

In this picture, you can see that the color palette is in grey palette. Although the wall is in white with wavy surface, and the toilet and the sink is also in white, the color is still in one palette.

Beach Style Half Bathroom

Choosing the fun theme for a small space can make it fresher and will not make it too cramped. In this picture, the designer brings the beach to the room by choosing blue color to the wall, blue and white tiles for the flooring and white for the cabinet and toilet. The mirror itself has brown rattan frame.

Royal Flower in Half Bathroom

Having small space doesn’t make you have to put it in bright color or in white. Dark and black color can give you deeper space. In this picture, the wall is in black with white flower prints and the cabinet is also in dark color.

Horizontal Line

Have you ever heard that if you have big body, you should avoid clothes with horizontal line because it gives larger effect to your body? It seems that the same thought is used building this half bathroom. With black and white stripes wall that goes up to the ceiling, it wishes to bring larger effect to the room.

Mirrored Mosaic Tiles

One of the things you can do to bring more volume in your room is by using mirrored furniture. In this picture, the designer uses mirrored mosaic tiles that will reflects the room artistically besides giving enlarging illusion to the room.

Contemporary Half Bathroom

This one is beautifully unique. The flooring is in polished black marble. And the wall is in white but with abstract lines in black and grey that looks like water duck under the city. The sink is also unique with white bowl sink supported by steel frame.

Long Painting in Half Bathroom

In this picture, the tricks to delude its small space is by putting a picture as tall as the wall that will give illusion as the extension of the bathroom. It is a clever idea and it also bring some view to the bathroom.

High Bridges Painting in the Back

The same idea is applied in this bathroom. With this picture, there is an illusion as if there is space more than the room.

Warm Modern Half Bath

In this picture, the space is saved by using minimalist furniture. The toilet and the sink shapes are so ergonomic and in polished black. Even the mirror doesn’t have frame. This minimalist in shape makes the room looks light and simple.

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