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Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Tub, Shower, Glass Sliding Door
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Tall Sink, White Toilet, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Shower Area, Door To Outside
Bathroom, White Floor, Wooden Tub With White Inside, White Tiles Wall, White Wooden Planks Ceiling, Glass Partition, Wooden Floor
Bathroom, White Floor, White Rug, White Wall, White Tub, Shower, Floating Shelves, Mirror, Large Square Windows
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Tub, Shower, Sliding Windows, Small Patio
Bathroom, Wooden Planks Floor, White Tub, Glass Wall, Glass Sliding Door, White Ceiling
Bathroom, White Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Floor In Shower Area, White Toilet, White Floating Sink, Built In Shelves, Tub And Shower Outside
Bathroom, Black Wooden Floor, Black Small Floor Tiles, White Small Wall Tiles, Shower, White Tub, Open Wall
Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, Shower, White Tiles Tub, Glass Double Door, Small Patio With White River Stones, Tree, Wooden High Fence
Bathroom, White Textured Wall Floor, Brown Marble Wall Tiles And Tub, Open Wall, Glass Ceiling

Having an open bathroom in a house might make some people feel too exposed even if it’s in their own private property. However, for some people, having a bathroom with open air is a dream. It feels exciting and free. Having open bathroom does not always leave the bathroom out in the open. Having it connected to the house and make half open bathroom might do the tricks too. Here below are some half open bathroom that connects open air and the bathrooms.

Door to Outside
One of the ways to connect to the outside air and view can be done by adding a door that can be opened to the outside. So, when it’s a little bit crumpled inside, you can always open the door.

Glass Wall
Another thing that can be done in reconnecting with outdoor view and feel is by using glass wall to one side. With the bright light, it will be more lively and breathable, even if it’s only by sight.

Japanese Inspiration
As Japanese inspired style is commonly closed to natural feeling. A bathroom with a possibility to connect with open air relates to them so strongly. Seen in this one here, besides having a glass window that can be opened near the tub, the tub itself is supported by wooden blocks. Both make the bathroom look calming and refreshing.

Openly Free
Similar with the previous ones that open the bathroom in more freely way, this one here also has the openness. However, to take further step, one side of the wall is completely open and a little part of the ceiling has glass that let the sunshine gives the brightest light and warmth.

Open Shower and Tub
While the previous one has the wall completely opened, this one here has the wall half opened and only for shower and tub part while the sink and toilet are not seen in this opened part. This has more privacy than the previous one but still has the boldness of freedom too.

In and Out
While an open bathroom can feel amazing, sometimes, getting for a quick shower needs not something grand like that, especially when the open bathroom is in the open without ceiling to support at times like rain or snow. This one here depicts on how to conquer the cravings of an open bathroom without getting loss the function of a good bath in the cold times.

Slides Outside
Having a small area that is beautifully designed as a simple patio can make the connection to the open air feels more refreshed, especially when the patio has more natural sight like wooden floor and more tress, like seen below. Furthermore, the white bathroom gives a balance to what is seen outside.

Pretty Patio
Similar to the previous one, this one here also prepares a small yet pretty patio for the outside connection from the white bathroom. And, this one here also has a pretty closed patio that looks closed and private.

Bright Patio
Making sure the connection from the bathroom is something beautiful can be really important. Of course, nobody would want a crappy view when they open the bathroom. Why would having an open bathroom in the first place? This one here makes sure that pretty and bright patio is ready to be given for relaxation.

This one is another bathroom that can make you feel like you unite with nature. Open view from the wall and even sliding door makes it like you are literally outside. However, without the disability on taking a bath on rainy or winter season.

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