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Hallway, Grey Concrete Floor, White Wall, Credenza With Three Doors
Hallway, Wooden Floor, Low Shelevs, Plants In White Pots, White Wall
Hallway, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Wooden Floor, Grey Table With Cross Legs
Chevron Patterned Cabinet In The Hallway, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Rattan Chairs
White Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Golden Pendant, Black Pot
Hallway, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet With Sliding Door, White Wall, White Door
Hallway, Wooden Floor, Pretty Rug, White Wal, Wooden Beams, Wooden Cabinet
Hallway, Wooden Floor, Black Accent Wall, Black Cabinet, White Wall
White Stainless Steel Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Pictures, White Ceiling
Hallway, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Floating Table, Green Leather Stools

Hallway can be a little lonely without anything to decorate it. While it is a place where people going up and down and the space sometimes is not to large, getting something in the hallway can actually help you to store things and make a nice temporary table while you go and about in the house. However, of course, it is much more appreciated when the hallway is not only practical but also pretty. If you are thinking on what you can do to improve the look in the hallway, here below are some interesting inspirations that will make you feel pumped up to decorate your own hallway.

Simple Nook
If you have some nook in the hallway that you do not know what to do with it, you can try adding floating table so that the nook then can be quite practical and you can start decorating the space. Like this one here, the small nook becomes beautiful with its decorations of plants, pictures and small ottoman.

Frugal Shelves
If you love something simple that you can do without buying anything, this one serves a really great inspirations. With some strong block vertically hold a wooden board, the space enables you to put some books and plants.

Dark and Classy
For those who love warm look, wooden cabinet is always welcomed in the house, especially when it had simple little details. Putting it in the hallway brings such calming vibe. Along with the plants and pretty rug, the cabinet below makes a pretty look of a hallway.

In the Entrance
A long hallway can happen near the entrance. And as the shape and size is similar, seeing some entrance can help generating ideas for the hallway. This way here puts a rustic table to store put some pretty decoration that would make anyone pass happy.

Chevron Pattern
This one here is also a cabinet to warm the hallway. With its wooden material and the simple little details, this cabinet brings warm and modern look to the hallway that it is easy to decorate with.

Simple Stainless Steel
This one here puts a cabinet which will also help to add some more storage. The practical material asks for less maintenance but offer the same functions with less expensive price.

Simple White
Adding white cabinet is really easy when you have white wall. In the hallway, it will mean that the cabinet will not make too much bulky presence. And for overall combination, white is just fun to deal with, especially in a small space with neutral color.

Sliding Door
Adding small details indeed always make things get more interesting. In this small wooden cabinet, the smooth surface in the front surely gives minimalist look and the sliding door feature, while still minimalist, makes a small interesting details.

Single Credenza
As this hallway look so minimalist, the alone credenza puts a strong yet simple touch in the bare background. The line details on the three door credenza looks sufficed in this cabinet.

Black Accent
In this interesting hallway, the black accent wall looks bold and strong, completed with black cabinet that stands tall in a group of four doors. The black look contrasts beautifully with white surrounding.

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