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hallway, white wall, wooden floor, narrow and thin wooden console table with iron legs The Grow Up Edit

Hallway, White Wall, Black Console Table With Drawers, Round Mirror, White Vase
Hallway, White Wall, White Wooden Floor, Wooden Console Table With Drawers, Wooden Framed Round Mirror, Pendant, White Rug
Hallway, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Console Table With Drawers, Golden Framed Round Mirror, White Table Lamp
Hallway, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Narrow And Thin Wooden Console Table With Iron Legs
White Wall, White Wooden Floor, Wooden Console Table, Round Mirror, Patterned Rug
Hallway, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Iron Framed Console Table
Hallway, White Wall, Wooden Console Table, Opened Drawers, Shelves, Round Mirror
Hallway, White Wall, Black Lined Console Table, Black Floor, Patterned Floor, White Table Lamp, Round Mirror
Hallway, White Wall, Narrow Wooden Console Table, White Fences, Wooden Floor, Mirror
Hallway, White Wall, White Wooden Floor, Glass Ceiling, Black Console, Black Cover Table Lamp, Square Mirror

Hallway is often seen as a narrow space where it should be empty so that you can move freely. While that can be right in a way, it makes the space looks lonely and, well, empty. If you decorate your hallway in a really minimalist and simple look, you might want to add something, although simple, to make it less boring. Here below are great ideas on decorating hallway that you would like.

Light Lines
If you create a simple and minimalist look, light and straight lines like this one here will look perfect on the minimalist setting. The addition mirror has simple framed while the table lamp has simple details and these two are perfect on the console table.

Pretty and Simple
This one is another examples that uses simple console with drawers on it. This kind of console table look just right against minimalist and simple setting. The accessories brings pretty accents and details to the setting.

Black Console
Contrast look can make a setting looks pretty and strong. And this one combines white wall with black console table that makes the sight feels so great in this minimalist set.

Wooden Console
A natural looking can puts out fresh ambiance to the room. And this is seen in this one here. With wooden console table and pretty accessories, the white and black wall gives a neutral background.

Light and Neutral
If you want to make sure that your hallway look airy and large, you would love to put something bright and light on it. This one here creates an amazing light neutral look with white background and light natural touches.

Crisp and Neutral
Similar to the previous one, this one also presents a light look in the hallway with white wall and light and natural wooden console table. The long and lean design of the console table will look good on the hallway.

Strong Console
For a hallway with large space, putting strong console table will be affordable. This one here puts a really beautiful combination with strong black console table that matches with the table lamp. The bright space makes the black accent looks stronger.

Small Console
For a hallway or small space in the room, putting small console table would beautify the space just perfectly. This one here shows how black iron console table look lean and light in the space.

Lightweight Console
Console table can be used to hide the imperfection in the room as well. If your hallway has things you want to hide or decorate, console table can help you with that. This lightweight and thin console table even can make this white fence looks like part of its decoration.

Console Frame
This one also puts a really narrow console table in the hallway. This one even looks like it is part of the white fence under the console table. On top of the narrow surface, a simple accessories can prettify the setting.

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