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hallway, patterned floor tiles, white wall, moroccan lamp, wooden cabinet, wooden console tables Loombrand

Hallway, Wooden Floor, Exposed Wall, Grey Wall, White Door, White Ball Pendant
Hallway, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, Cream Wall, Pendant, White Wooden Door
Hallway, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, Dark Blue Wall, White Ceiling, White Door, White Pendant
Hallway, White Floor, White Wall With Dots, Pink Door, White Cabinet, Golden Mirror, Golden Pendant, Wooden Bench
Hallway, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Moroccan Lamp, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Console Tables
Hallway, Light Floor, White Wall, Small Dome Ceiling, Pendnats With Complicated Metal Frame
Hallway, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, Black Wall, Sconces, Black Cabinet, Rug, White Accent
Hallway, Black Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, Light Grey Wall, Crystal Ceiling Lamp, Slim Console Table, Round Mirror
Hallway, Wooden Floor, Patterned Long Rug, White Wainscoting, White Wallpaper, Ceiling Lamp
Hall Way, White Wall, Grey Cupboard, Wooden Floor, Glass Pendant

Hallway is a passage between rooms in the house. Although you will probably not stay too long in the hallway to relax, it is also important to make it pretty. A pretty hallway is important to make you feel happy when you pass it. And it of course needs to match the theme between the room, or making some contrast instead just to make things interesting. Here below are ten amazing hallway you can get some inspirations from.

Modern Hallway
This one here is perfect for you if you love modern and simple look. The long white bench and storage looks simple and clean. It works well with the grey wall. And the exposed wall on the other side brings interesting warm ambiance.

Traditional Modern
This one here puts modern look with some traditional touch on the white wainscoting. The rug on this hallway brings warmth to the hallway along with the wainscoting.

Black Hallway
This one is another modern hallway but with stronger and powerful look with the black wall that is matched with black cabinet. This one here looks strongly beautiful. The black patterned rug supports the strong hallway.

Light and Dark
As hallway sometimes can be so narrow, putting neutral color can make the room to feel large and dark color to make the room feel deep. This combination can make the room feels larger and airy.

Patterned Rug
If you want to create some exotic touch, adding one powerful accent can put a significant change, like this one here. This hallway shows what an exotic long rug can do in this long and narrow hallway. The modernity on the narrow hallway gets spiced up by the patterned rug.

Elegance Hallway
This hallway puts a modern and simple hallway look with a romantic hue and elegance touch. The glossy and warm look is successfully maintained by the pendant and the painting.

Pink in White
If your hallway is also your entrance, you would want to make sure that you have everything you want to see first time you come home, or everything your guests might see. This one here is so pretty with its white marble on the floor, white wall with dots, and also the white cabinet. With golden touches, it looks elegant. And with the pink door, it blushes sweetly.

Maximize the Space
This one here leaves the hallway pretty empty but it makes the space works maximum with built-in cupboard there too. For this hallway that seems like it has many function, the space is prettily decorated with simple glass pendant.

Shadow Decoration
If your hallway is narrow and you don’t want to put anything on it, adding decoration in the form of pretty pendant can work the best too. This one here is not only pretty as it is but it is also pretty when it is turned on. The shadow seen on the wall is stunning.

Moroccan Style
If you love exotic look, this Moroccan hallway can give so many inspirations. The patterned on the floor, the patterned on the arch, the warm colors, and the exotic pendant are just the best to add to the room.

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