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white master bed frame with higher headboard white blue bedding treatment  simple bed side tables wooden bench for bedroom light toned hardwood floors Visual Jill

Shabby & Chic Bedding Treatment Classic Bed Frame With Removable Headboard Grey Classic Bedside Table Grey Area Rug With White Accent Motifs
White Bedding Covered With Light Grey Blanket Black Stained Metal Bed Frame Black Finished Wood Bed Side Tables Blue Walls White Ceilings Stripes Window Curtains
Textured Grey Bedding Treatment Medium Toned Wood Floors Blue Walls Accented By Shabby Wood Board Reclaimed Wood Furniture Grey Fury Area Rug
Coastal Bedroom Design With Navy Blue Walls White Bedding Light Wood Bedside Tables Medium Toned Wood Floors Gray Area Rug
Custom Bedding Idea In Light Blue Classic Style Bed Frame With Four Pillars White Area Rug White Console Table Dark Toned Woodboard Floors Pink Ceilings
Tropical Bedding Idea Blue Comforter White Shams Accented By Blue Color White Bedside Table Hand Knitted Area Rug Woven Bed Frame With Headboard Medium Toned Wood Floors
Tropical Bedding Idea With Blue Accent Linen And Shams White Bedside Tables And Table Lamps Light Grey Floors White Walls Accented By Windows With White Window Shutters
Contemporary Bedroom With Blue Bedding Treatment Natural Wooden Bed Frame Plus Headboard Custom Wood Vanity With Mirror Custom Wood Console Table Extra Sized Area Rug
Textured White Bed Treatment Idea With Red Stripes And White Shams Turquoise Bed Frame With Pillars Dark Hardwood Bedside Table White Siding Walls Brown Walls With Interior Windows
Beach Themed Bedroom White Blue Bedding Treatment Idea Rattan Chairs Rattan Bed Frame With Rattan Headboard Blue White Stripes Area Rug Light Toned Wood Floors Fish Painting

Create a sense of pure and fresh beach-side into your sweet home with these amounts of Harbor Housing Bedding collections. The products are made of best-quality cotton featuring best printed motifs or patterns as the garnish. They’re available in many options of color, size, and style which surely meet your needs. Whatever your choice, make sure that the selected product meets your room’s interior. The followings are the most recommended products of Harbor Housing Bedding which may attract your personal taste. Just check them out.

A master bedroom in large size – the bedding treatment seems expensive and luxurious, especially when it is in pure and clean white. It’s optional to feature it with similar white-toned interior items like area rug and window curtains, but just add one item that makes it a contrast, like dark hardwood floors such in this picture.

An eclectic guest room with casual Harbor housing bedding. This combination creates a simple and casual look, and shabby-but-cool chair adds little bit rustic to this room. Not only that, we’ve also found a decorative handmade-painting with floral as the theme. This item, of course, gives the aesthetic value to this room.

White becomes the dominant color scheme in this room, including the bedding treatment. This idea is an instant and easy way to create a sense of clean, elegant, and luxurious private room. There are only few items which are physically stained in dark brown, bring a contrasting look among white-dominant interior.

Navy blue is always identical with ocean or everything related to seaside. With such color choice, it’s easy to add the nuance of beach or ocean in a room. Like this bedding treatment idea, it’s matched with the navy blue walls and clean white ceilings. Combine it with dark-toned wood furniture like bed frame and bedside tables that create a beautiful contrast in room. Light hardwood floors here soften the room which is dominated by deep colors.

Create sea-side nuance with blue and white combination to your room. White Harbor house bedding here offers the ultimate comfort and luxury; whereas a blue bed frame here gives the modern touch as matched as the whole modern interior. And take a look at the wallpaper and blue lighting illuminated on walls, it’s really lovely! The lighting feels so sparkling and energetic.

A classic bedroom idea with simple black wrought iron bed frame. Complement it with simple white bedding treatment to give monochromatic look. Shabby hardwood barn doors and light wood floors are good collaboration for warmth. Want to try?

Overall, this bedroom is adapting beach as the theme. The interior exposes the theme from the choice of bedding treatment and wall arts. Both are similar in color tone, and they are softened by white color application on walls and honey-toned wood floors.

Textured grey bedding plus pillows aren’t the only direct interest in this room; blue wall accented by shabby & cool like-wood-wall also attract everyone’s eyes. This is a good combination and fits for other reclaimed wood furniture.

It’s airy and light feeling even though this room has little black-finished furniture. It’s still ocean feel.

The steel blue is chosen as the bedding color, a nice collaboration for dark hardwood bed frame accented by white bed sheet. A grayer room is created just by light gray walls and window curtain applications. Dark hardwood floors and medium-toned wood siding on ceilings are intentionally performed for adding the ultra warmth.

Mono colored-bedding treatment is the best recommendation for such multicolored wall bedroom. With reclaimed wood bed frame and integrated bed side tables, the bedding looks so clean and pure, even though it has light grey motifs on its duvet.

Just add white & blue bedding treatment for forming a trendy and cozy coastal bedroom. Pair it off with similar tone interior items like window curtains and furniture for a maximum look.

Full white bedding idea, a best choice for a coastal bedroom with navy blue walls. Make it perfect with varied color tones addition like light wood bedside tables, dark brown bed-settee, and medium-toned wood floors.

Like previous bedroom design, this one feels so airy, light, and simple. With pure & clean white bedding, this sleeping space looks so comfortable; it’s so inviting everyone seeing it. White here also suits for any color combinations, including such multicolored area rug and blue walls.

It feels so fresh. The room is dominated by white, and just a little blue and black as the accent colors. To give special look, we give light-toned polka dots on duvet and black on the top-edge of duvet. It simple but gives the huge effect on tone.

The decorative blue lines applied on white duvet and pillow cases give enormous impact for the whole room. They’re just little, but they’re able to balance themselves with other hues, create an effective way of pursuing a perfect harmony.

As a direct interest, the bedding treatment has been designed in solid blue collaborated with white, a similar tone choice to the area rug. Textured rattan furniture, on the other hands, gives natural and warm look to the room.

Another color choice for a coastal bedroom is light blue which is combined to textured white color. It may be featured with other soft but stunning hues like pink oyster applied on decorative plates mounted on walls and bed-benches in this picture. It’s also sweet if being combined with soft blue hue.

Use single color tone for a bedding product isn’t a mistake. One of the benefits is the product can be coupled with other various colors, either for light or deep color tones. Like this bedding idea, it’s sweet to be combined with soft color tones such as light blue and white discovered on walls.

This is a luxurious and elegant bedding treatment idea for a guest room or primary room. Turquoise and white are chosen to be the major colors, and they’re garnished with traditional or classic curly motifs. The slipcovers also beautify the vacant area under the bed frame. Make it little bit rock just with medium-toned wood floors and light-bold blue stripes wallpaper.

It’s interesting to choose Harbor bedding house which is decorated with various attractive seaside life. This choice, of course, matches to the main theme, a beach or coastal bedroom idea.

It’s so gorgeous! This duvet has been featured with a great and luxurious floral-patterned damask in soft color combination. Simple and classic wood bed frame plus its textured headboard seems to be a nice complement.

Infuse your private room with this fresh & contemporary bedding treatment. The bedding is a combination of several modern patterns like geometric, trellis, and subtle which all these patterns are applied over the white, giving a pretty contrast. The patterns consist of two different hues: light & medium greens which make this bedding looks so attractive.

Feel the elegant and young sensation just with this grand bedroom idea. The room consists of a French bed frame with removable headboard, monochromatic duvet, classic grey bedside table, and grey-colored area rug accented with white classic patterns.

This one is an idea of beach-style bedding treatment specifically for a young couple or single family. With the simple appearance, the bedding idea just consists of white & textured duvet for a contemporary bed frame with its higher headboard. The blue navy and white colors here are two primary hues representing how much the beach theme is.

If you are much more interested in a custom bedding motifs, this choice is the best recommendation. It’s optional to involve huge variants of seaside elements like corals, sea shells, etc as the major choices of motifs, or may be the combination of those elements.

It’s full of vivid colors, just like a teenager. This bedding idea is quite recommended for a teenager whose bursting spirit and motivation. Blue navy and white are chosen as the primary colors representing a beach-style concept, and they’re beautifully combined to several bold colors like black and red. The patterns applied on this room also vary, but the designer prefers modern/ contemporary patterns to other as they’re more matched to teenagers’ soul.

Steel blue bedding idea recommended for a main bedroom. Overall, the room is filled by soft furnishings, but not the curtains. They’re neutral.

Still about blue and white as the main colors of coastal-themed bedroom. This bedding idea exposes stripes and floral which are applied on duvets and shams. Make them contrast by featuring them with pure and clean white bed skirt and slipcover.

It isn’t always blue, navy blue, or something related to corals and sea shells to express a beach/ coastal bedding idea. Just give a little bit coastal theme on your bedding, it’s gonna make your bedroom so fresh and beach feel. Like this picture; soft and textured beige bed skirt is dominating the bed and just little blue bed scarf with white accent motifs beautifies that bed skirt.

White duvet is frankly matched with any colors, including such navy blue. Navy blue linen and shams look so contrasting over the white, giving a beautiful accent. This idea is really recommended for you who love a private room with dominant white, or a tropical bedroom.

Grey, green, blue, and cream combo – this is a great color combination for a coastal-style bedding. Each color takes its own role and give the balanced look. The combination is so stunning after white and very light blue are used as the background.

The blue seems so soft. The texture of bedding is so fluffy, so it must be cozy. Such color option also matches with the walls which are painted on soft blue. Another neutral & softening color like cream combo is complementing the bedding.

This is a marvelous chalet built from glass and steel, and supported by the natural wooded ceilings. This ‘raw’ interior facade should be balanced with something pop and playful like color choice and style. Blue is fortunately selected to perform a coastal-style bedroom design, and it’s amazingly applied on bedding and relaxing couch.

This bedding idea is quite unique. The patterns are modern squares and they have different color. Black-stained iron bed frame with white headboard always become a matched item to combine with the bedding. And black lines discovered on window frames, bed, and rug are just actually the accent decorations.

An idea of coastal style bedroom with classic appeal – this is applicable for a limited-space bedroom. Put the metal bed frame diagonally and equip it with a couple of bedside tables covered with white slipcovers. Light blue shams and duvet are sweet couples for white bed skirt. Pimp up the room with very-light blue walls and medium-toned wood floors.

Make your bedroom a full of sea nuance by adding this coastal-themed comforter & shams. They’re particularly designed by putting some printed starfishes, corals, seashells, etc, which are coloring the sand-colored base.

A bed frame with woven headboard completely roles as the best complement for light blue bedding. Unlike the bed skirt, the shams are dominated by white and accented by light blue color. Such bedding idea, of course, makes your nights much more comfortable.

It’s a great idea to mix coastal and victorian to your bedroom. The result will be amazing. Like this bedding idea; the homeowner prefers light beige for bed skirt featuring light blue comforter and shams. These color choices, of course, offer the natural warmth and luxurious look.

A couple of gender neutral teenager bedroom in mid-sized. With grey-colored coastal motifs, the bedding idea looks so simple but elegant. Add one or two accent pillows to highlight these sleeping areas. Use white-painted bed frames to make the pillows stunning.

It’s lovely to mix natural wood and beach-themed bedding treatment like in this picture. The mixture creates a real dimension and warmth.

A simple guest room in coastal concept – It features dominant blue bedding and linen-made wall arts, small maroon bedside table, and a huge bulb lamp hung on ceiling.

Coastal or beach-style bedding idea isn’t always about blue, navy blue, seashells, corals, or everything related to seaside life. Like this one, it’s clear that there are Eastern accents, the evidence that the coastal/ beach-style beddings can across other design concepts.

Light blue bedding idea accented by gold stripes decoration – this is good choice if you want to create an airy atmosphere as well as luxurious sleeping space. Use simple and classic woven bed frame with headboard to make the whole package much more dramatic.

Infuse your private room with something simple and soft like this interior idea. Just with soft peach bed frame and walls, the room looks so warm but fresh. Feature it with another clean color tones like white and light grey for rug, couch, and interior accessories. Dark hardwood floors here are the color accent after the green shams.

White is always charming and luxurious. This color tone is applicable for any styles, including beach or coastal interior style. Select textured white for a bedroom treatment to give extra luxury as well as comfort to your bedroom. It’s up to you if you’re going to couple it with other beach-themed items like a classic turquoise bed frame.

White bed skirt featuring red bed scarf and woven bed frame – this is a nice combination to create an airy coastal bedroom design. Add beach-themed area rug like such blue linen area rug with white modern motifs. The series of sliding glass windows to let the fresh wind of beach makes the room so airy and breezy.

Pinkish-orange is a unique color and it’s nice if we combine it with clean white color. Like this pinkish-orange bed skirt featuring white comforter; both are beautifully contrasting each other. Dark-toned wood headboard adds color accent as well as sharp texture.

This is another idea of luxurious coastal bedroom with semi-vintage furniture additions. The bed itself has been featured with cozy stripes comforter that fully covers the white bed skirt. Another direct attractiveness is a wood bedside table without finish; the table is designed in vintage style.

A gorgeous bedroom design with Harbour bedding. The room is collaborated with linen curtains, cotton bedding, and of course an amazing view outside. Both the window curtains and bedding are dominated by similar color tone: navy blue.

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