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laudry room, painting wallpaper, blue subway tiles, white machines, white wooden shelves, patterned floor tiles, white cabinet Hey, Djangles

Laundry Room, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Wooden Board Wih Cabinet, Drawers, Floating Shelevs
Laundry Room, White Wall, Patterned Floor Tiles, Black Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Black Framed Window
Laundry Room, Patterned Floor, White Wall, White Subway Tiles, Blue Cabinet, Wooden Shelves, White Apron Sink
Laundry Room, Blue Carpeted Rug, Grey Cabinet With Vertically Stacked Laundry Machines, Grey Square Tiles
Laundry Room, Black Floor Tiles, Flowery Wallpaper, Cream Wall, Wooden Table, White Basket Shelves, Green Cabinet,
Laundry Room, Dark Green Cabinet, Stacked Black Machines, Rattan Basket, Shelves, White Sink
Laudry Room, Painting Wallpaper, Blue Subway Tiles, White Machines, White Wooden Shelves, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Cabinet
Laundry Room, Dark Grey Floor Tiles, White Shelves, White Cabinet, Vertically Stacked White Machines, Dark Grey Backsplash, Wooden Counter Top, Grey Apron Sink
Laundry Room, Patterned Floor, White Wall, Black Cabinet, Wooden Table, White Sink, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Bench, Rattan Basket,
Laundry Room, White Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Shelves, White Pendants, White Sink

Washing your clothes can’t be easier, compare to how they did it decades ago, or how people in third world do it. Many of you have the privilege to do your laundry with the help of machine. But still, the activity of doing the laundry can still bring some hard feeling. This will not be the case if you have a pretty decorated laundry room. Here below are some gorgeous laundry rooms you would love to bring your laundry to.

Comfortable and Modern
This laundry room looks really comfortable. You firstly will step on soft floor and you will not think it is as a hard activity but rather as a pampering activity. This one here is supported not only with machines but also with wet area where you can freely soak or bleach when you need it.

Bright White
This one here puts white on white setting with cabinet, shelves and ironing table in white. And not only that, the room itself presents white look with floor, wall and pendants in white. With glass window, the room looks really bright and spacious.

Fresh Laundry
A fresh look will make you laundry time feels energizing. This one here puts flowery details on the wall and make the room feel more playful. A laundry time is a fun activity now.

Compact Green
This one puts dark green as the compact cabinet that offers so many functions at once. It gives shelves, sink, cabinet, and rod to hang your clothes. The machines are vertically stacked in this compact cabinet and leaves a room to move in this small space.

White Cabinet
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses a compact cabinet to store everything tidily and work well with the space. This white built-in cabinet is not only supporting the storage but also gives some pretty details on the backsplash.

Narrow Space
In this narrow space, the laundry room is set simply but it leaves a pretty details on the floor and on the natural ambiance that it tries to build, seen from the wooden counter top, rattan basket and bamboo shade on the window. The bright window makes the narrow space look wider.

Small Support
Similar, to the previous one, this one also set in a limited space. However, just like the previous one, this room can tackle the challenge and brings out a fresh look laundry room with bright light.

Blue Storage
This one here puts another compact and modern look in the laundry room. This small room has turned into a fun and pretty laundry room.

Perfect Teal
Playing with colors in the laundry room can be really fun and it has been seen from the previous one. This one too puts a pretty teal colors to decorate and set the mood. Not only that, this one puts an interesting combination with a bench and storage too.

White Blue Combination
This laundry room brings out stunningly beautiful look with its combination of blue and white. The painting look on the wall and the patterned on the tiles bring out even more interesting details.

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