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high end kitchen with brown wooden colored closing, white inside with LED lights, wooden beams, brown natural stones wall, white floor Trend Hunter

High End Kitchen Storage On The Wall With Vertical Doors, Grey Kitchen Top, Wooden Long Drawers
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Folding Door With White Upper And Bottom Cabinet, Backsplash
Kitchen Built In Cupboard With Drawers, Shelves, Stove And Sink Inside
High End Kitchen Storage With Wooden Sliding Door, Pantry Inside, Dark Grey Floor, White Wall, White Sink
Kitchen Cupboard With Shelves, Stove, Sink, Drawers, White Floor, Thin Dining Table With Stools
High End Kitchen With Light Brown Wooden Fold Door, Black Island
High End Kitchen With Brown Wooden Colored Closing, White Inside With LED Lights, Wooden Beams, Brown Natural Stones Wall, White Floor
High End Kitchen Storage With Sliding Doors On The Marble Kitchen Top, Shelves Inside, Sink
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Open Shelves, White Folding Door, Wooden Dining Table, White Chairs
High End Kitchen Storage, Green Vertical Door Storage, White Square Sink, Stainless Steel Top, Black Cabinet

Managing kitchen to look always tidy can be really difficult because there are so many tools you need to create food, not to mention the trash that you will produce. However, these kitchens below allow you to have a sophisticated and tidy kitchen that looks so minimalist without limiting your move. With high end modern hidden storage, you can manage the look.

Hidden Knives
In this kitchen, you might see that there is storage on the wall. However, with it’s closed, it would only be seen as a smooth surfaced wall. And seen in this picture, not only that it acts as smart storage for the knives, but it also offers cutting board. It’s a genius design.

Green Vertical
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses the storage on the kitchen top and manage to give a fancy modern storage. With a sophisticated door that opens up, this one gives a simple and minimalist look to the kitchen.

Rustic Modernity
In this rustic open room, the vibe of natural look is so strong. The wooden beams on the ceiling and the brown natural stone wall brings rustic feeling to the room while the seamless white floor pulls up modern look. In the middle of this, the kitchen is perfectly hidden on the brown wooden storage. When it’s open, the stove, sink, and everything a kitchen usually has are stored well. And this will help the room to look tidy and minimalist.

Modern Look
While the previous ones have vertical doors, this one here manage to keep modern and minimalist look with sliding door on the kitchen’s pantry. With brown wooden sliding door, the kitchen will have smooth and tidy look once everything is done.

Slide Upon the Top
Similarly, this one also uses sliding door. However, this one is for a smaller kitchen. While many people debating upon open shelves and closed upper cabinet, this one here somehow have both in one. It has sliding doors to protect it from dust and it has practicality for when the kitchen is used to cook.

Folding Door
This one here offers another ideas on putting doors in the kitchen’s storage and that is folding door. With folding door, you will be able to save the space even for the door.

White Folding Door
While the previous one uses folding door to the upper part of the pantry, this one here uses the door to close the pantry. This pretty folding door matches the look of the kitchen with wooden plank wall, white bottom cabinet, and wooden open shelves.

Wooden Box
While people love to make the area with folding door built-in, this one here creates its own wooden box where white upper and bottom cabinet is then installed with kitchen’s complete needs.

Mini Hidden Kitchen
This one here also has a smart design that can be used for a small space. This little built-in cupboard includes shelves, drawers, even sink and stove in it. And when what you need to do is done, you can close the upper part with the folding door, leaving no trace of kitchen whatsoever.

Small Kitchen
Similar to the previous one, this one also has everything it needs in a small cupboard. The cupboard is smartly design that it is a great help to save the space.

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