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large brown white high end plumbing fixtures with tub and two sinks Future Lighting Design

Choosing the right plumbing fixtures for your bathroom can be tricky. But if the cost is not a problem for you, you will like to make sure that you have the best there is in the market. However, before you jump into the market, there will never be wrong to see the idea of turning your bathroom into the one you feel most suited for you. Of course the ideas available here is to make sure that you can have high end plumbing fixtures.

Bright Shining Bathroom

blue light and large high end plumbing fixtures

My Beautiful Life

Everyone will love to have bright bathroom. Of course it will not make it less private. The idea is to make sure that you have the room spacious and breathable. This one looks bright with lamps on the wall and secured door to the shower far enough that gives you enough space.

White Bright Bathroom

bright high end plumbing fixtures with white toilet, sink and colorful lamps

My Beautiful Life

In this picture we can see that bathroom can be chic and modern. With white, everything looks brighter and cleaner and it will definitely give you the sense of hygiene. To make it less pale, you can put colourful lamps like this too.

Warm Brown Bathroom

With high end plumbing fixture, you can choose almost anything you want to make your bathroom look nice. Here you can see the sink is beautiful clear glass and the mirror is high. The color of the tiles is also earthy and neutral. It all makes the roomier.

Large Bathroom

What you can do in large bathroom is… everything. You can put and choose everything. In this picture, you can see the tile laid in the floor is in warm brown and the bath is placed rather in the middle of the room without afraid to make the room feel narrow. The choosing of the ceramics, the lighting, sink and mirror is all grand.

All in White Modern Bathroom

all in white high end plumbing fixtures with mirror, sink, toilet, shower


For you who want to go simple and modern, you will love this one because it all looks tidy and simple. With shower in one side, the toilet is side by side with the cabinet with sink on it. All is in white.

Modern Bathroom

modern white high end plumbing fixtures with sink, toilet, mirror, shower, shampoo soap storage


This one is also for you who love modern bathroom. The shower is in one side and toilet is installed near the storage cabinet. The sink and the counter is on black. And there is a bigger mirror on the wall.

Long Roomy Bathroom

This one is with bath tub and as you can see the shower is short so you probably need to squat to shower. However, if you want tub, you will want to use it. You can see that in this picture, it’s all white specially built for bathroom only.

Large Modern Bathroom

If the last one mentioned a large bathroom with grand fixtures, here you still have high end fixture but in more modern and chic style. It’s all in white except in what look like a door for cabinet under the sink. One thing you might need to consider is that the shower area is not closed with a door or curtain.

High End Fixtures for Small Bathroom

Here you see a small space bathroom with high end fixtures. When you have small space, you will consider white or earthy color to make it less hectic and choose simpler fixtures for the shower, sink, and toilet.

Large Bathroom with Pyramid Roof

If you have large space, you can do something like this. Put your bathtub in the middle of the room and two sinks on the side. Make it simple and light.


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