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country home exterior with metal roof, light stones wall exterior, wooden frame glass doors, two sets of patio chairs, stones pathways Northworks

Country Home Exterior With Metal Roof, Light Stones Wall Exterior, Wooden Frame Glass Doors, Two Sets Of Patio Chairs, Stones Pathways
Hill Country Home Exterior With Limestone Wall, Wooden Door, Sconces, Blue Roof
Farmhouse With Metal Roof, Stones Wall, Large Lawn, Wooden Doors, Large Windows
Farmhouse With White Chopped Limestone With Sliding Roof, White Wooden Frame Windows
Hill Country Home With Old Tin Roof, Stones On The Wall And Floor, Wooden Chairs And Bench
Country Home With Rustic Exterior With Bare Yellow Stone On The Wall, Clad Windows, Wooden Door, Sconces
Country Home With Light Stones And Painted Wall On Top, Stones Pole With Wood, Sconces, Wooden Door, Stone Path Ways
Country Home With Lone Star Stone On The Wall, Wood On The Pole, Clear Glass Sconces With Flowers, Brown Wooden Door
Country Home With Boards Fascia, Siding Walls, Wooden Bar And Stools, Rattan Lounge Chairs, Rattan Sofa
Country House With Brown Stone Walls, Yellow Painted Walls On The Secodn Floor, Three Double Glass Doors With Wooden Frames, Three Pendant Patio Lights, Stone Floors And Pat

Some people love to have hill country home with its original old natural feeling. With all the old feeling exterior, interior, and furniture, it brings back some memories for elder people. And for young people, the theme is lovely to have. For you who attempt to have hill country home, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Serene Country House

If you take a look at this house, you’ll see that this house looks serene and old. And if that’s what you want for your house, you can try this look with limestone wall, soft blue roof, antique wooden door, and obviously classical wooden chair that will harmonize the look of your house.

Rustic Outside

One of the reasons people like to have country house is probably to have the rustic house that has oldies feeling. And this one here really pronounces the rustic stone wall for everyone to see. With minimalist wooden door and windows, this is perfect for you who love to have rustic country house.

Light Stone Wall

This is a really pretty country house with light stones. It gives the natural color of the stone shines brightly. With several plants, it looks fresher.

Half Stones

Different from the previous picture, this house only have the stones half of the wall while some area on top of the wall is painted yellow without any stones seen. The pathways is also on stones that match the house perfectly.

Beauty in Simplicity

Here is an example of beauty that you can find in simplicity. The stones made it simple on colors but gives rustic characters. The three wooden framed glass doors invite the outdoor feeling inside.

Country Home in a Beautiful Surrounding

It is a blessing to have a beautiful country house in a really beautiful scenery. It’s like the scenery is part of what you have. And this house in the picture has nature works for it too.

Small Comfortable Look

If you prefer something small and not trying to look grand but you still want your house look great, you can try something like this. You can put a darker shade of stones for the wall and put a luminous light to make it bright.

Old House

Although it looks old, it’s actually has new construction. But of course, the sliding fascia and wooden siding on the wall that is artistically arranged gives all old look to the house. That is what people nowadays fall in love with. It’s like living in a different time.

White Stone House

This one, although it’s a small cottage, is really beautiful. The white stones pulls out the right color to look mesmerizing in the midst of plants and red soil.

Old Tin Roof

This house has absolute old look, especially on the roof. With old tin roof, you may think the water will leak if it rains. However, rest assured, there is rubberized membrane to catch it so it won’t leak.

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