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Hill Country House Plans Blue Stones Windows Door Glass Pillars Wood White Pots Plants Traditional Exterior
Hill Country House Plans Gable Roof Stone Two Story Home Windows Glass Wood Gable Roof Stones
Hill Country House Plans Roof Walls Windows Chairs Table Rocking Chair Glass Stairs Brick Lamp Pillars
Hill Country House Plans Stone Exterior Roof Windows Glass Rocking Chairs Stone Wall Door Wall Lamp
Hill Country House Plans Grass Windows Door Lighting Kitchen Roof Stone Sofa Furniture Chairs Table
Hill Country House Plans Doors Windows Glass Roof Park Brick Exterior Traditional Style Elegant Design
Hill Country House Plans Classic Style Windows Stone Walls Exterior Lamps Grass Flowers Door Oval Window
Hill Country House Plans Flat Roof Metal Roof Stairs Railing Soil Trashbin Wood Floor Sofa Table Modern Design
Hill Country House Plans Stone Pathway Chairs Roof Grass Railing Door Windows Walls Stones Lighting
Hill Country House Plans Grass Stones Roof Door Windows Wall Pathway Plants Trees Lighting Wood

House plans are undeniably important since homeowners who want to have their house-building projects completed successfully should make them before starting building their homes. Of course, you can get ideas for making your own home plans from looking at awesomely designed homes owned by people out there. If a hill country house is what you’d like to build, here are some houses with awesome designs you can get house plan ideas from.

A House with a Metal Roof

Let’s start from this house, which has a stone exterior that’s combined with a metal roof and well-designed windows with wood frames.

A House That Blends Country and Modern Styles

The next house to peek at is this one, which is an awesome house that blends a country style and a modern style and the results are awesome. Just look at those stone walls, that roof, and virtually every other part of the house.

A Comfy House Surrounded by Nature

You’ll like this one if you’re a fan of houses that keep in touch with the nature every day. The house itself has some well-placed lights, an area with seating where family members can gather, and a lot more.

Rustic Style

Having a country house with a rustic style is never a bad thing and if such house is what you’d love to build, this house should be one of the best sources of ideas for you.

A Homey Village Atmosphere

That stone wall combined with those windows, those pillars, those rocking chairs, and that roof sure do a great job in turning this house into one that offers a homey village atmosphere.

A Two-Story Gable Roof House

Do you like a two-story house more than a one-story one? If so, this house with wooden doors, stone walls, and more is the one you should observe closely.

A Very Clean House with Pillars

This house is very clean and it has a lot of things that make it awesome including rocking chairs, well-designed walls and windows, a light that gives a classic look, and myriad other things.

A Traditional Home with a Stone Exterior

With a traditional style, this house has a stone exterior doors and windows with a lot of glass, rocking chairs, and more to provide the occupants with a homey atmosphere that will make them want to spend most of their time there.

A Trendy House with a Metal Roof

This house is surely trendy as it has a metal roof and a lot of modern things but it can be one of your best inspirations if you want to create a trendy hill country house plan.

An Elegant House with a Stone Exterior

Also with a stone exterior, this house is one that exudes elegance, making it a great source of ideas for you if you want to build an elegant country house. It has a number of interesting things such as windows with interesting designs on the roof part and an elegantly designed door, among others.

A Stunning House with a Lot of Glass

This one has a lot of glass, which almost dominates the house if not for the presence of wood and other materials that also make a large part of the building.

A Blue and Stone Combination

Combining stone with one of the so many versions of blue colors, this house has a lot of windows in varied sizes and more to make it a building with an inspiring overall design.

Cottage-Style Home

If a cottage-style house that gives off a country look is what you’d like to build, this house with a grass yard is one you should take a close peek at.

A Cute Country Home

This cute home has some interestingly designed windows and its entrance has stairs. Near the stairs, there’s an outdoor area where family members can gather and relax during their days off.

With a Pool

This house doesn’t only have an outdoor area but also a pool that provides the occupants with a way to relax while still staying healthy by swimming together there at times.

With an Open Garage

This big house has an open garage and it’s dominated by stones which make up the majority of its wall, which has some small and interesting windows on it.

Cedar and Stone Combo

Combining cedar and stone, this house has some chairs at its outdoor area, giving the occupants an area to simply enjoy time together when the need calls.

In a Classic Style

With a classic style, this house has a lot of parts that’s colored in white and it also has pillars, railings, classic windows, and a lot more to offer.

Elegant with a Brick Exterior

The brick exterior this house with a traditional design has does a very good job collaborating with the traditional doors and windows to give the building an elegant look.

With Oval Windows

You don’t see too many houses with oval windows out there and that’s why this house is something you can use as an inspiration if you want to build a house with parts that people won’t easily find on other houses. The house itself also has a fountain, a wooden door with glass, and a stone exterior.

With Marvin Windows

This very comfy house has Marvin windows, a redwood door that speaks of a homey atmosphere, and natural stone accents.

Mid-size White House

This mid-size house isn’t the infamous White House but maybe we can call it a Whitey House because it has a lot of white color on it.

With a Transparent Roof

The transparent roof, which protects an area with chairs and a table, as well as cute lamps under it, surely gives a stunning look to the building.

A Red Barn for the Guest Quarters

The red barn part of the house is a part where guests can spend a great time at since it functions as the house’s guest quarters.

An Elegantly Classic Home

Elegantly classic, this house has lights, window designs, and other things that speak of classic style and it’s surely an elegant building that provides with its occupants with a lot of comfort.

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