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bookshelves on the alley, glass wall, red lounge chair with ottoman, white pendant Home Designing

Hoome Library, White Built In Shelves, White Floor, Glass Partition, Leather Chair
Tall Black Built In Book Shelves With Stairs, Wooden Flor, White Table, Black Chairs, Tall Glass Window
White Indented Area With Built In Shelves, Moving Stairs, Leather Couch
Wooden Book Shelves With Diamond Shaped Shelves, Wooden Table, Green Chairs, Wooden Floor
Wooden Book Shelves, Wooden Floor, Wooden Study Table, Chairs, Table Lamp, Sliding Door, Stool
White Built In Bookshelves On The Alley, Wooden Floor, Red Rug, Black Pendants
Wooden Built In Shelves, Wooden Floor, Pendants, Leather Sofa, Black Bench
Green Wooden Shelves, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Stool
Black Wooden Bok Shelves With Stairs, Grey Rug, Lounge Chair, Near The Sliding Door
Bookshelves On The Alley, Glass Wall, Red Lounge Chair With Ottoman, White Pendant

For those who love books, the presence of a good looking library or book shelves is important. With attractive book shelves, it is easier to feel cozy and get comfortable around and enjoying your reading. And if you’re looking for interior ideas of reading room, these ten handsome pictures will help you find what you need.

Diamond Shelves
This corner has a really interesting sight in the shelves. The diamond shaped shelves is a pretty and uncommon sight that will make you want to see double. Although it does not give an ideally flat surface to stack your books, it gives a different way to store your books and unique look to your home.

Along the Alley
One convenient place to store your book is in the alley. Although it is not common, it is a great option to make your books seen in he place you will always walk by. And, it is also a great option for those with limited space.

Book Room
This one here shows that the owner puts a serious attitude towards books. It is not only that the books have their own room, but it also has its own partition. For you who have serious collection of books, this partition can help you separate the room but still enables you to seen all the books.

Indented Book Shelves
This one here uses the alcove of the house to create something comfortable and practical like this. It even adds moving stairs to help you reach the books at the top and add windows to create an ideally comfortable place to read.

Green Irregular Shelves
This green shelves gives not only a fresh look in its color but also in its irregular size of book shelves. The irregular shelves can be used depend on the size. It can be used to store books or accessories.

Minimalist Wooden Shelves
This minimalist room can be a great inspiration for those who love minimalist look. The book shelves itself looks light and neutral. With some drawers in the middle, it offers more storage to keep important things.

Bright Place
When you love to read whether day or night, you will love to be able to read near the light. Thus, this bookshelves near the glass window can look so comfortable for anyone who like to spend their day reading. The lounge chair gives the best position to enjoy oneself too.

Tall Shelves
This one here is another home library that looks so open and fresh. It is a great place to finish your study or work. With tall book shelves, you will be able to look for reference.

Enjoy the Alley
This one here shows a brilliant idea in creating home library. Located on the alley on the side, it puts the bookshelves on the wall and put glass on the other side of the wall. It is a vibrant and fresh place to read.

Most Beautiful Library
This home library gives the best there is. The wooden built-in shelves gives a luxury and elegant look that matches the neutrality of the wooden floor. The leather sofa and benches come in line with that too. Positioned back to back with the glass window, it will gives the brightest light to read.

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