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home office with grey floor, white wooden table, white mid century chair Home Designing

Home Office With Grey Floor, Blue Rug, Blue Plastic Chairs, Yellow Bean Bag, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Table, Hanging Lamp
Home Office With Nude Rug, White Table, White Chair, Black Metal Shelves, Pink Curtain
Home Office With Black Wooden Wall In Front, Brown Wooden Table, Wooden Chair Sith Cushion, Wooden Board Shelves
Home Office With White Floor, White Wal, White Wooden Table, White Midcentury Chair, White Cabinet Beside, White Board Shelves, Minimalist Accesories
Home Office In Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Shelves, Nude Wooden Table And Chair, Wooden Stool, Ball Hanging Lamp
Home Office With Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, White Cabinet, Black Midcentury Chair, White Board Shelves
Home Office With Dark Wooden Floor, Dark Wooden Table With White Wooden Shelves In Front
Home Office With Dark Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wooden Table, Pink Velvet Chair, Golden Metal Shelves
Home Office With Wooden Floor, Wooden Board Shelves As Table, White Rattan Ottoman, Patterned Wall, Golden Table Lamp
Home Office With Grey Floor, White Wooden Table, White Mid Century Chair

Nowadays, there are so many jobs that don’t require you to go to the office. You can do your job from home as long as there is internet connection. But, of course, even though you can do your job in the house, it doesn’t mean that you can do it anywhere and in any condition. You will want to have the most comfortable situation so that you can give the best in your work. Comfortable circumstance in working also helps you to reduce the stress.

Minimalist Midcentury

Having a clean and white area for home office makes you calm. You will be able to find anything you need as it will pop around the white colour. It offers you less distraction too so that you will be more focus. Moreover, adding a chic, yet still clean, furniture like midcentury chair here add prettiness of the area.


White All Over

Similar to the previous one, this one also carries a minimalist theme with mostly white colour used in the space. However, although it’s all minimalist, the details of the white board shelves above is really pretty, with plants and paintings instead of books. The white fur rug makes the room looks comfortable too.


Black Midcentury

Still similar with the first picture, this one also uses minimalist colour, although it’s not white. Moreover, it also uses midcentury chair coloured in black as the set of the long working table. Standing among the light colour, this black midcentury is able to show its clean and beautiful lines.


Comfort Rug

Using white can make you more focus because it lets you think and work more seriously. Because of this seriousness in the colour feeling, adding fur rug will make home office area more comfortable. Flowers accessories will make it less stark without making it distraction.


Temporary Home Office

If you haven’t prepare a particular place to be your home office, a long board shelves in the living room and a stool can be a temporary home office until you have found your home office. Adding a table lamp and it’s all done.


Dark and Deserted

If white can make you more serious in doing your work, dark set-up can make your room serene. You can concentrate more on your task when your room is dark and you turn on your lamp. The area the lamp shining in will look brighter and the area outside it will vanish from your attention.


Beside the Bed

Having home office beside your bed might make your bedroom tense. However, with soft colour furniture, it can help your home office look more comfortable. And, when you have to work until midnight and you need to sleep, all you have to do is move your body a little.


Velvet and Fur

Another thing to do to make you home office less tense but comfortable to work is putting the most comfortable chair with the perfect height comparing to your table. Something soft and tender with pillows will make your back rest easily and not overwrought. That way, you will be able to work for long time.


Natural Plants

Another way to make your home office to not look too tense is by having plants in the table and as accessories. If you like to put your bookshelves in front of you to save some space, you can put some plants there too. Natural look will make you feel refreshed.


Strict and Tidy

While the other like to have a home office that offers comfort, you might like something stricter and organized. Well, minimalist colour will work out. Having your bookshelves in front of you but in above space will clear your mind to focus more on your work too.

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