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Hot Tubs in the Best Place to Relax

After a long day or week, everyone deserves a long relaxation on a big warm tub, especially when you have just gone through something big and successfully dealt with it. Of course, you deserve something more than a tub. You deserve a great tub with great environment where you can forget all hard things and focus on remember who you are. Here below are some tubs you wouldn’t want to miss in relaxing your mind and body, from the one with wooden look or tiles. And of course it’s all outdoor hot tub.

Hot Tub with Lake View

This might be one of the best places where you can have your hot tub. It is right beside a large and serene lake that will give you peaceful time to muster your thoughts. The light brown paver tiles match exactly with the ambiance.

built in hot tub with brown tiles pavers
Techo Bloc

Beside Blue Sea

This is another tub that is empowered by the surround nature. If the previous is the serene lake, this one is more like the free and fun sea that will accompany the lucky one that relax in the built in hot tub with white brown pavers.

light yellow brown pavers deck tub with brown wooden covers that can slide over to be a deck too
Bet Victor

On the Balcony

If you think a hot tub should always be near the flat land, you will be impressed by this one because it is in the balcony. And this is near the fire pit surrounded by cozy couch. Ever imagine a fun party where nobody is not having fun? Well, this one is clearly the place to have it.

built in hot tub on the balcony with wooden flooring
Giulietti Schouten Architects

In Your Backyard

This is for you who love to relax without ever going to a far place. You build it in your backyard and relaxing in a tub can only be several feet from you. Of course, a beautiful backyard with great deck and tiles tastefully designed helps you great time in having the best tub time.

hot tub in a wooden lpe deck with yellow tiles
Indoor/Outdoor Design/Build

Craftsman Tub

This one is another one that is placed in backyard. And this is also another beautiful tub that has beautiful details. With the colorful tiles on the tub, craftsman look is strongly on point in this tub and of course it will make the spa time more fun.

craftsman built in raised hot tub spa with wooden lpe deck on the outside
Paradise Design and Landscaping

Red Wood Barrel in the Garden

This beautiful barrel made of red wood is really a beautiful match to the garden. Within the garden, the barrel looks like it is a part of the garden, raw and traditional.

cylinder redwood barrel on wooden deck in a garden
Simmonds & Associates, Inc.

Built-In Barrel Tub

This one is another beautiful barrel that looks so good in a bush of garden plants. With a couch to sit and beautiful view, this is a perfect place to enjoy fresh air after a long day.

round built in wooden barrel made of cedar wood in wood deck

Built-In Bar on the Side

This one barrel is special with its built bar that allows you to put your drinks and snacks so that you can enjoy it through your spa time.

round wooden barrel tub made of red cedar with built in bar on the other side
Giffin & Crane

On the Hill

Quite contrary with the previous ones that are near water scenery, this one is near the hill where obviously serene view will welcome anyone who love to take a hot tub. This will be a perfect place to anyone to straighten their thoughts.

rectangle built in tub on wooden deck
Zeterre Landscape Architecture

With Zigzag Platform

This one hot tub is presented on a really beautiful platform with zigzag look decks. With the mountain and water view, this is a perfect place to have a peaceful rest.

hot tub with raised on platform with zigzag stairs
Dimension One Spas