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House Plans On Pilings Traditional Deck Screened Home Nice Iron And Wood Railing Black Iron Armchairs With Colorful Pillow
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When you want to build a house, you must think about a nice house plan. You should consider a house plan that will make a great house. A house that is strong and can protect you and your family. A house plan on pilings will be a nice choice. Your house will provide some sturdy and beautiful pilings. It can be for a one-story house, two-story house, or even more. The following are some house plans on pilings ideas that you may like to have in building your dream house.

Proof House on Pilings

This house plan allows windows to appear on both the back and the front of the house. This house needs over 20 concrete pilings and wood stilts to elevate the house. It will protect the house from the flood. The high-impact glass windows with high safety will protect you from the hurricane winds. The high position of the house also has a nice view of the bay and will provide the space underneath the house for your equipment.

Small House Plans on Pilings

You can get a simple and elegant construction for your house. This deck provides a nice deck environment with strong wooden pilings and iron railings. There are the overhanged roof and sliding glass door.

Porches with Fans

The ceiling fan in the house with pilings enhance the fabulous breeze of the porches. You will like the white wood of the house and the wood railings instead of iron.

Desert Landscape House Plans on Pilings

This rectangle box house has a large screened wall with simple lines. You will like the idea of putting it up on pilings. The steel column stilts are subtle and in varying heights. It will give a beautiful desert landscape. The house also has lots of lighting.

Covered Pilings for A House

This House is absolutely pretty with blue and white colors. There are two floors of living space above the two garages. This house uses covered pilings.

Gun Barrel House Plans on Pilings

This house is in a unique shape and style. It is a three-story house. It has gun barrel pilings. This house will be very spacious with the three living spaces.

Chantilly lace paint

This house looks classic with Chantilly lace paint wall and the blue roof. This is one of nice house plans on pilings ideas that suitable for you who likes a classic style house. The pilings are intended to protect you and your family from the coastal flooding.

Lovely House

This cream house is absolutely lovely. This house provides a horizontal siding under the porch instead of lattice and some neat small dormers. It is a nice plan if you want four foundations with pilings everywhere.

Classic House with Pilings

This classic house is a simple and beautiful building with metal roof. You will like the dormers, the roof line, and the porch.

Screened House

This screened house looks amazing. You can use helical pilings under concrete footings in a medium soil. There are some wooden and iron railings in the outdoor porch.

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