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kitchen with white cabinet, white countertop, white tainted wooden floor, gold industrial pendant lamp PVA Developments

Contemporary Large Kitchen With White Island, White Counter Top, Brown Backsplash, Round Glass Pendant Lamp, Wooden Stools
Kitchen With Cream Banquette Area, Cream Counter Top, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Whtie Grey Mosaic Backsplash And Hood
Kitchen With White Oak Flooring, White Island, White Cabinet And Backsplash, Dark Stools, White Book Dining Seat With Green Chushion, Green Lamps, White Pendant Lamps
Large Kitchen With Grey Island With Black Countertop, Black Countertop On The Cook, White Wall, Orange Wall On The Vaulted Ceiling, White Nude Dining Area
Kitchen With Coffered Ceiling, Black Granite Counter Top On Cream Cabinet For Island, Cook Area, White Pendant Lamps, Wooden Dining Set
Large Kitchen With Steel Countertop, Grey Cabinet Unit For Oven Refrigerator, White Top On Sink, Glass Pendant Lamp
Open Kitchen With Brown Flooring, White Cabinet, Cream Grey Countertop, Stools, Pendants, Wooden Dining Set
Modern Kitchen With White Furniture, White Cabinet With Grey Countertop And Backsplash, White Pendant Lamps, Clear Plastic Chairs
Kitchen With White Marble Counter Topo, White Tile Bakcsplash, White Island, White Corner Seat With Grey Cuhshion, Pendant Lamps, Chandelier
Kitchen With White Cabinet, White Countertop, White Tainted Wooden Floor, Gold Industrial Pendant Lamp

For those who love to cook, having a large kitchen will make the cooking feel even more enjoyable. With more air circulation, the cooking process will not feel too hot. Although, you don’t have to love cooking to love a large space in the kitchen. Kitchen can be a space where you can gather around with your family and friends while you eat snack or dinner. In the kitchen, you can share gossip and news with the other. Thus, having large kitchen can be such a great thing to have. If you have the space, you might want to see how beautiful a large kitchen can be.

An Open Kitchen

Here is a great kitchen with such openness that will make your room feel airy and comfortable. Its grey cabinet looks well matched with the steel top and the glass pendant lamp.

Facing the Garden

This is another great idea. By facing your kitchen to the garden and it is only glass that separate the two areas, it seems like your kitchen expand till the garden outside. Its white island complements perfectly the flooring and ceiling and exactly what nude furniture will look best with.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchen can look really beautiful when it has large space. Like the picture below, the kitchen has a really great color from the white surrounding and the sunlight that come in through the window.  The marble counter top is a not expensive but still has a beautiful look in the kitchen, as well as the tile in the backsplash.

White Large Kitchen

This is another kitchen that is in majority white. With all white, the kitchen looks even larger and has a relieving aura around the room. The clear chairs put a great touch on what is already all white.

Stunning Fresh Kitchen

This one below is a fresh kitchen with white and greenish color on the surface. With white kitchen, the dining area just right beside it in green color freshen both the dining area and the kitchen.

Open White Kitchen

This is another open kitchen that is so gorgeous. The white color palette both on the kitchen and living room looks perfect for the sun light that comes through the glass window ceiling.

Traditional Wooden Kitchen

This lovely kitchen is absolutely will steal anyone’s heart. The backsplash mosaic is really beautiful and the island that shape half round surround the banquette area on the other side of the kitchen. It’s all placed beautifully in the middle as the large space allows it to be free on decorating the kitchen.

A Bit of Orange

The one thing that will steal the attention is of course the orange color on all nude background of this kitchen. The large space allows its kitchen to expand to add simple pretty dining area in front of it.

Full Kitchen

The benefit of having large kitchen is that you can pull anything inside the kitchen. You can make your kitchen full and complete with all the tools and you don’t need to feel guilty as it has the space. And below, you can see that although the island is quite big and there’s one near the dining area, this kitchen still look lovely.

Long Kitchen

This one is a large and long kitchen that opens to the living room and dining area. The pendant looks beautiful and the simplicity of the kitchen remarks the openness more.

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