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red roof brick wall dark wooden wall stone chimney green outdoor view Houzz

Red Metal Roof Wooden Wall Glass Wall Open Garage Stone Chimney
Red Metal Roof Metal Chimney Bronze Wall Green Door Screened Porch
Red Metal Roof Wooden Wall Spacious Porch Wood Beams Stone Chimney
Red Roof Stone Pillars Dark Wood Wall Glass Window Red Window Border
Red Rood White Brick Wall Brown Brick Wall Wooden Slat Stair Entry Wooden Door
Red Metal Roof Stone Wall Three Garage Wooden Trim Beige Trim Wooden Door Arched Windows
Red Metal Roof Stone Wall Stone Chimney Stone Walkway Glass Window Porch
Red Roof Wooden Wall Wooden Trim Red Window Stone Walkway
Red Roof Brick Wall Dark Wooden Wall Stone Chimney Green Outdoor View
Red Roof Stone Wall Grey Wall Trim Green Landscape High Glass Door Stone Chimney

As you plan to design or remodel your house, you will look for the most comfortable features from the floor to roof. Colored roof of red can be one of the inspirations that makes your house more outstanding. The ideas can be ranged from the coastal design to the countryside house.

Red Roof of Mountain House

This design of the house might be suitable for you living on the plateau. This stunning idea of bringing the dominant color of bronze with the green touch on the door and red metal roof. Also, the screened porch seems perfectly comfortable. It is the ideal natural house design.

Coastal House

This coastal house is so adorable with the perfect blend of dark wood wall, brick wall and the red roof. The stone chimney makes this house more preferable added by the beautiful green landscape and the sea view behind the house.

Dominating by Stone

A must-have house dominated by stone. The stone wall is well suited with red metal house. Beside, you will feel more comfortable walking on the stone walkway that leads you to the porch, a place to gather with your family.

White Painted Wall House

It is a simple yet creative idea of house design with white painted trim wall. It is perfectly feature with the red roof and the entry stair is so interesting, right?

Rustic Cabin House

red metal roof wooden wall glass wall open garage stone chimney

Advanced Metal Roofing

It is the ideal house to spend the holiday with the people close to you. The design is simple but enchanting. It is the design enabling you to go back to the nature. The glass siding porch is available for you to enjoy the view and the open garage is provided as well.

Countryside House

This house is surely giving you the large space to enjoy the day. The red roof and the beige color of the wall are so comforting. The high glass window completes the greatness of this house.

Comfortable in Lakeside House

This house is designed on the side of lake which is very desirable for you who love the peace. Mainly covered by red and brown nuance, this house serve you highest level of enjoyment with the green landscape in front of the house.

Stunning in the Dark

This stunning design of house is another idea of lakeside house. However, it provides you with more comforting colors when it comes to the night. The red theme color in this house is set perfectly with the warm lights.

Tribal Rustic House

If you go to this design, you will feel living in the tribal atmosphere because of its wooden features. The house is indeed simple but it will not reduce your chance to enjoy the fresh air at the spacious porch.

Three-Garage Model

For you who have the large space, this house is designed with three garages and spacious front yard. The red color on the roof is also well featured with the beige color of the wall.

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