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traditional porch with brown wooden flooring, white wooden ceiling with glass window ceiling, brown wooden dining table set. brown rattan chairs and sofa Case Design

Traditional Porch With Glass Window Screen, Rattang Chairs With Nude Cushion, Wooden Swing With White Cushion, Glass Top Ratta Coffee Table And Side Tables
Traditional Porch With White Wooden Ceiling And Window Framed, Brown Wooden Flooring, Brown Rattan Chairs Surround Round Rattan Table With Wood Top
Rustic Porch With Wooden Flooring, Wall, Ceiling With Wooden Rocking Chair, Wooden Chairs With Wooden Side Table, And Wooden Bench
Screened In Porch With White Wooden Flooring And Ceiling, Glass Window All Over The Wall With White Wooden Beams, Rattan Chairs With Pink Cushions, Round Rattan Table
Farmhouse Porch With Grey Floor, Blue Wooden Ceiling, White Wooden Framed Glass Window, Round Wooden Table, Metal Chairs
Wooden Porch With Grey Long Chairs, Grey Chairs, Raw Brown Wooden Coffee Table, Screen With Black Wooden X
Long White Wooden Porch With Artistic White Wire Chairs, Sofa, White Wire Round Glass Top Table, With Blue Cushions, Yellow Pillows, Yellow Round Coffee Table,
Traditional Porch With Brown Wooden Flooring, White Wooden Ceiling With Glass Window Ceiling, Brown Wooden Dining Table Set. Brown Rattan Chairs And Sofa
Screened In Porch With Wooden Floor, Wall, Ceiling, White Chairs And Hammock, Brick Fireplace, Industrial Pendant Lamp
Pretty White Porch With Grey Rugm Rattan Chairs With White Cushions, Ceiling Fan, Chandelier, White Wooden Vaulted Ceilng, Large Glass Window Wall With White Metal F

Having a screened in porch means you can enjoy yourself in a porch without having to deal with the strong wind or the dust. With screen window, you can have leisure time in our porch whatever the season is. And here’s below are some great ideas of screened in porch which are beautiful and neat for your home.

Mountain Porch with Hammock

For a natural feeling, you can have your porch in wooden floor, wall, as well as the ceiling. It will blends the porch with the natural feeling and it will feel like you stay outdoor but without going outdoor. Putting a hammock will make it have even more natural sounding.

Rustic Porch

This is another rustic porch that will enlighten your day when you enjoy your time here. With wooden rocking chair, the feeling is old, warm, and familiar. With glass window screen that has clear vision to outside, there’s nothing that will keep you away from the natural feeling.

Wooden Porch

Just like the previous ones, this precious wooden porch also lets you think about the surround natural view to be brought inside. With black wooden X shaped beams outside to give more accents to your porch, this wooden porch is really beautiful.

Historical Porch

If you love having popular historical Southern feeling to your home, this can be a great idea for your porch. With wooden flooring, wall, ceiling, it will be easy to have the warm and familiar feeling to add your comfort. To have some historical feeling to it, you can put some comfortable couches and sofa for people to comfortably gathering around. Putting pendant feeling like these ones in the picture helps you to get the historical feeling.

In a Long Screened Porch

If you have a large or long screened porch, you are so fortunate as you can fill the space with whatever you like. However, if you want to save the space and leave it airy, you can put some real important stuff only, like chairs. When you put the furnishings, you can go with several bold details like the color or the kind of chairs you put there as in the picture below.

Warm Dinner Area in Porch

Besides being a great comfortable living room, a porch can also be functioned as a dining room and a great one too. If you have screened porch where you can view your surroundings,  it actually can be an amazing dining area that will give you amazing experience while you chew your food with your closest people.

Natural Lights from the Window

If you ever want to have something elegant and cheerful at the same time, this porch idea helps you get it. With large space and full glass window on the wall, added with glass window on the ceiling, the porch looks bright and cheerful. However, the wooden flooring makes it warm and the choices of chairs and sofa brings elegance to it.

Vaulted Porch

One of the ways to make your room looks airier is by having vaulted ceiling which demonstrated perfectly in this picture. A vaulted room brings better air circulation. Here in the picture, beside air circulation, lighting is also at its best.  Besides provided greatly by the glass window/wall, the light is also shining through the vaulted ceiling. With nude furnishings, the room can’t be brighter.

Metal Clinked Chairs

For those who love to add some industrial feeling can try these metal chairs that will add some luminous effect for the room. The best thing about these chairs is that it will bring more lights when the light hits it.

Arranged White Wire

In this beautiful white porch, the wire sofa and chairs are so pretty that it steals the attention from whole view. With bold blue cushions and yellow pillows, the color in this white room look merrier and more cheerful.

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