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shabby and chic living room idea shabby center table shabby but cool window shutters white sofa slipcover a pair of white chairs medium toned wood floors white siding walls Magnolia Homes

Soft & Neutral Furniture Set White Bricks Fireplace Dark Toned Wood Floors White Area Rug Light Grey Walls
Urban Barn Style Living Room Furniture Consisting Of Soft Grey Couches With Colorful Accent Pillows Navy Blue Chair Hardwood Center Table With White Top White Area Rug Red Bricks Walls
Modern Mid Century Living Room Furniture Set Consisting Of Bright Yellow Chair Neutral Colored Couch And Pillows White Black Tribal Rug Medium Toned Wood Floors Glass Top Center Table
Pale Toned Leather Couch In Medium Size White Melamine Chair Pale Toned Cream Chair Warm And White Wool Area Rug Concrete Floors White Walls Narrow Glass Windows
Living Room With Pop Colors Bright Blue Couch White Walls With Wall Arts Wood Rack Multicolored Wallpaper Walls Medium Toned Wood Floors
Modern Eclectic Living Room Featuring Restored Vintage Furniture Set Clear Acrylic Center Table Round Glass Top Side Table White Walls Decorative Frames
Semi Outdoor Living Room Idea Neutral Toned Couches White Top Center Table In Round Shape Neutral Colored Rug White Walls And Ceilings Darker Wood Floors
Mountain Style Living Room Idea Neutral Toned Sectional Red Corner Chair Neutral Toned Rug Neutral Toned Table In Round Shape Hard Textured Stone Walls White Ceilings With Exposed Logs
Black Couch With Accent Pillows Compact And Clean Lined Black Coffee Table Stainless Steel Based Ottoman Side Table Blue Walls With Decorative Steel Pieces
Modern Living Room With Three Different Single Furniture Animal Printed Area Rug Clear Acrylic Coffee Table White Walls With Unique Wall Art

Like other rooms, living room needs to decor as best as possible to give highest level of comfort, style, and value. This room is a reflection of the owner’s personal taste about the furniture choice, style of interior design, and architecture. About the furniture, there are a lot of products available in stores and they’re categorized in many styles, designs/ models, sizes, and materials. If you are looking for the best living room set to your home, make sure that you’ve considered these aspects: preference (match your personal taste), budget, interior/ home design, and room’s dimension. Whatever your favor traditional, modern, or classic, these ideas of complete living room sets are so pretty. It’s sure that it’ll be hard to choose the most favorite.

In an urban style living room, we’re free to play any tones of color. We could try pop colors or even soft & neutral colors for our living room sets like in this picture. With soft gray couches and glass top center table, we’ve created a simplest and coziest spot for welcoming and entertaining our guests. Just add some striking accessories like such hand-knitted blanket and accent pillows if you want to make you room much more color-playful.

It may be called an urban-barn style living room. The room features a set of modern furniture, accessories, and home decor which look so great in this room. It exposes a great combination of soft and pop colors into a stylish and fun furniture set. The owner balances this color combination with purely white area rug. Hardwood center table with glossy white top is the real application of nature involvement.

Urban chic living room set has been supported with a custom fireplace which is surrounded by sliding doors with a hidden storage. The furniture itself is made of original leather, providing a cozy spot for sitting.

How elegant it is. This living room is furnished with expensive and luxurious leather couches accented by wood details. This furniture is full of design richness and gentle texture & contour, offering the highest level of comfort and aesthetic value. The center table, in addition, is surfaced with glossy white top and wooden for base. Fluffy black area rug surely adds a sharp contrast to wood floors.

Echo-themed living room furniture sounds so great to apply for a living room. Like this idea, a set of leather cushions with hidden wood frame and base complements the performance of space. Add the freshly vivid plants as the ornaments. Place it the couches nearby and surface the floors with bright-colored area rug. A set of simple-designed wooden tables also gives the natural and warm appeal in this room.

Still about the nature and echo concept for a living room. This idea focuses on exposing the nature for relaxation. It’s clearly presented by the leather for the couches, offering luxury and harmony stitched on leather cushions. A vintage style center table looks so striking in this room.

An inspiration for a small modern living room. The leather couches’ scheme is really interesting. They are full of warmth and simply stylish. The couches look so striking with purely white recessed shelves and walls as the background. Glass-top center table offers simply modernity in this room.

This Scandinavian style living room is furnished with earthy brown leather couches, simple wood center table without finishing, wool-surfaced bean chair, light blue chair, and small size wood side table. The furniture is simple, as same as the interior’s concept: the simplicity with the clean lines interior items.

An open concept living room with clean white couch supported with fluffy white accent pillows, light grey area rug, and clear glass top center table. All furniture set is designed in modern style, matching concept with the interior facade.

Small yet so stylish. The color combination is lovely. Grey couch seems to be better than blue or other colors. It softens the monochromatic scheme. The grey also provides a contrasting background for the accent pillows. Small-sized white center table is actually just a decorative item, but it brings huge aesthetic value in this room.

A favorite furniture for a small-space living room. The placement is perfect. A couch is placed against a couple of wood-framed chairs with a table at the center.

Feel the airy atmosphere in such living room. The large space of living room is rich of brightly natural lights entering the room from the glass windows and sliding glass door. The wood trims and ceilings help to create warm room at night and light & fresh room at day. About the furniture choice, the designer loves involving warm & light-colored furniture set (except the side table). Textured and multicolored area rug is selected to give an accent color in room. The placement of furniture is in far-distance each other by particular purpose: giving large space for user to mobile or move on another seating.

Modern leather lounge chair with an Ottoman in black – such living room set is perfectly matched for a trendy and modern living room. Make it a contrast with medium-toned wood floors and clean white walls. Use fluffy light black area rug to improve the comfort value when enjoying the days in this room.

How comfy, neutral, and mismatched this furniture is. The furniture and interior items are selected in neutral schemes, making them easier to mix and match to other schemes. The couch, for instance, uses grey, a similar color scheme to the walls. A contrasting white bricks applied on fireplace.

It’s a great idea to optimize unused basement for a trendy living room. Select stone-finished walls and hardwood floors for a basement’s interior facade and combine it with another rustic-appeal furnishing idea like this L-shape leather couch and modern glass-top center table. To create a sense of brighter look, paint the ceilings in white, and install several recessed lamps plus center bulb lighting fixture.

White-black concept living room furniture is one of most favorite choices for urban people today. The concept is really simple but modern, matching for urban people’s lifestyle. We may select white for ceilings and walls, and warmer-toned scheme for floors. Such interior facade is really attractive when we collaborate it with more striking and solid schemes like black for leather-made couch and side table, dark hardwood chair and center table, pale-toned area rug, and unique black pendant lamp.

A living room furniture set in a small-sized sunroom. The furniture set is soft in color and minimalist in design and size, matching for a small family’s gathering spot. With operable glass windows, we’re free to let the breezy air in or not. Kind of living room, of course, provides an airy spot, either for welcoming & entertaining our guests or just enjoying hot tea/ coffee with the lovely ones.

There are a couple of leather chairs and white flannel-covered couches. We also see small logs stacked under a full-length wood table in the back of furniture. The white walls are decorated with unique & artistic wall ornaments, giving sharply distinctive attraction on walls.

This living room concept may be called a custom agrarian idea. It focuses on mixture of concrete and original wood materials for facade. It’s obviously seen that the fireplace is made of concrete and it’s built as similar as the board-look-like. This warmer is used as a thermal unit that provides the comforting warmth when the owner welcoming his/ her guest in such modern industrial leather chairs.

Play with pop colors. Use these fun colors for a modern living room. They can also be applied for an open concept or transitional living room. It’s true that such color choice optimally works with light and neutral schemes like white, light wood color, etc (just see the walls and floors). Bright blue couch, for instance, looks so stunning with white walls as the background, while wood rack seems so invincible among walls covered with multicolored wallpaper.

Too manly but elegant – Overall, the room is white-grey-earthy brown color combination. The furniture’s design is clean line and compact; a perfect choice for a formal & minimalist living room concept.

It’s good idea to create a simple living room in large entryway. Just add such single industrial sofa and accent it with multicolored & multi-sized pillows. Add decorative elements that support the furniture like such cowhide area rug, white Ottoman chair, and whitewashed wood side table. That’s so brilliant, right?

This living room concept is rather formal & personal than casual. The furniture ideally consists of two chairs with a small side table for many uses. We may use more than two schemes for avoiding the monotone look as well as to enrich the color in this room.

To show off a hobby of reading, it’s free to build a living room as well as a reading corner. It must be fun to welcome our guests with a lot of favorite books organized in recessed book shelves. We can also invite them and choose what books their love. To accommodate this, we need the seats where we can read or just make the conversation comfortably with the guests. Add centered fireplace to provide relaxing warmth in this room.

It feels so warming; a pair of leather chairs with pillow and blanket offers huge comfort for guests coming. It is complemented with display cupboard with similar scheme. Yellow walls and rounded area rug highlight the room. This color choice is perfect since it produces a contrasting look.

Simple couch for simple decor. Often many homeowners are interesting in having arts and go with pretty decor and furnishing, but in fact, a simple furnishing and decor is much better. Like this idea, the living room is so modern, clean, and simple. If you observe carefully, you will notice the detailed characters of industrial furniture set and its eclectic accent.

A Scandinavian style living room complemented with hand-crafted interior facade and furniture. A simple grey couch and modern leather armchair are two seating options that provide cozy and stylish seats, and black glass-top table with yellow wire base is an accent as well as functional item.

The furniture set consists of two different style and design. A neutral and clean-line couch is being paired off with a bright yellow modern chair, resulting a nice and stylish combination in room. Glass-top center table with basket for books and magazines complement the seating area. To make it much more colorful, the tribal rug in black-white is added.

The furniture is dominated by vintage style living room set, starting from media console to seating units. It’s clearly contrasting to the interior facade that’s designed in contemporary style.  A contemporary & compact fireplace is the only one item designed with much of modern appeal.

A semi-outdoor living room concept with neutral-toned furniture set. This idea is well-recommended if you want to have a semi-outdoor living room. The colors are matched each others, and help to create a clean and contemporary living room. Make it contrasting by selecting darker wood floors.

Cool, simple,and full of clean lines, these are the visual senses when we’re observing the furniture set. The furniture is designed in light and bold grey, similar scheme to the interior facade. Glass-top coffee table adds another modern touch in this room. Warming it up with dark hardwood floors covered with fluffy rug.

This small-sized chair is advantageous over the L-shaped couch. Why? It’s very easy to move on wherever we want. It also has a very distinctive feature and look. This means, the chair has a role as an accent seat in this room. In addition, re-create a stylish corner just with the series of window mirrors.

This perfect-designed living room shows that a small living room can be transformed into a cozy and relaxing spot for welcoming the guests. L-shaped chaise is the best choice that creates an extra lounge seat without bulk. A pair of large handmade paintings and a standing lamp add the character.

A small room like this living room is usually filled with one-sided unit and a sofa/ couch in another side. This arrangement is meant to create a corridor visual effect. L shape sofa is listed as dismiss unit as it’s impossible for a small room, but this clearly shows how this chosen sofa can work effectively. With neutral color, this compact sofa adds the color richness in room, and dominates the whole space.

This is a small living room integrated to eat-in kitchen area. It’s nice to select a small rounded sofa to fill this seating area. Add several accent pillows and complement it with small rounded coffee table. This idea possible us to keep making conversations with our guests while making a cup of tea/ coffee in less-distance-kitchen.

A small sectional sofa is one of most recommended seating feature for a small living room. It’s end-chaise can be switched or moved on another side. In this living room, the sectional has been collaborated with a tree-trunk-table as the accent as well as functional unit. The table, of course, gives unique and natural element among other modern furnishing items.

We can feature our mountain style living room with such neutral-toned sectional. The color surely softens the interior facade that exposes more a semi-rustic appeal.

It’s going to be the most updated living room furniture set if you select such kind of sofa. Its angled wood legs are inspired from classic, especially classic 1950s, and the sofa’s shape is visibly modern. To make it much more striking, cover the sofa with glowing navy blue finishing and contrast it with brighter interior facade (such as white floors and walls).

This is an example of large living room with modern minimalist L-shape sectional in white. The coffee table is plain white. It may be much more attractive if it’s solid black. It’s going to be richer in color.

Another modern minimalist with tribal decorations on walls. The sectional is in neutral and it can be featuring with other schemes, including white. Use colorful shams for enriching the playful scheme (also for dismissing a sense of monotone look). Cowhide rug and black-finished side table also contribute the color richness in this room.

Asymmetrical couch is unique and it can add the aesthetic value in a room. A lot of accent pillows aren’t only as the comfort makers, but they’re also the decorations. Just add one or two chairs to provide extra seating. Clean-lined coffee table offers simplicity and modernity. The walls, furthermore, have textured and light tone by particular purpose: creating softening background of room.

A modern eclectic collaborating with the collections of resorted vintage pieces. This is a great idea if we want to use both modern and vintage interior pieces at the same space.

Putting a wooden table on Ottoman’s top is anti-mainstream idea. It looks weird but unique to try. Combine it with another striking seating unit like such blue velvet couch.

The combination of black leather settee, dark couch, and green Ottoman offers a sense of coziness in this room.

Most interior designers agree that a farmhouse living room is a good spot for exposing the salvaged pieces as the ornaments or artworks. Even, we can use recondition/ unused shutters and center table as the artistic interior pieces.

An idea of formal living room. The wall art strongly adds room’s character. It also breaks the calmness of room where white is dominating the wall system. Two-sided fireplace, in addition, gives another focal point after the wall art; and the things inside the fireplace look like a well-arranged sticks, adding more uniqueness in his room. The furniture choice also shows how wood-colored furnishing pieces work well with clean and modern interior facade.

Select and place a direct piece of ornaments on your walls. These steel pieces randomly arranged on walls, for instance, can create an abstract wall arts. They are potentially grabbing people’s attention and able to beautify black furniture set.

Grey leather couches and glass-top coffee table – a great couple for creating a modern living room. The lovely rug complements the furniture set. Both furniture and rug give special tone in room where the wood color is dominating. An abstract painting, moreover, plays a big role for existing much more striking tone in this room.

Take the idea of vintage pieces for a modern chic farmhouse living room. Here, we can easily find several vintage style interior pieces like shabby but cool coffee table, old-look barn door, and many others.

Feel ultimate comfort and stylish look just by remodeling our old living room into an eclectic one. Use vintage style furniture set and combines it with clean white walls and neutral-toned floors. All elements will balance each other.

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