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media wall in white recessed cabinets and shelves centered glass window hardwood dining table black finished dining chairs modern hall table with decorative vase medium toned wood floors Lake Flato

Dark Finished Wood Corner Cabinets Dining Room With Clear Glass Door Dark Toned Wood Dining Table Black Leather Dining Chairs White Area Rug Dark Toned Wood Floors Traditional Pendant Lamp
Contemporary Dining Room Traditional Corner Cabinet In Black Traditional Style Chandelier Clear Acrylic Dining Chairs Solid White Top Dining Table With Metal Base Dark Brown Ceramic Tiles Floors
Traditional Dining Room Traditional Dining Furniture Set In Grey A Couple Of Corner Cabinets Dining Room In White White Chandelier Decorative Frames On Walls
Small Dining Room Concrete Walls Black Finishing Corner Cabinet Black Painted Wood Dining Chairs With Wood Seating Feature Wood Top Dining Table
Traditional Dining Room Recessed Corner Cabinets Dining Room With Bookshelves Traditional Fireplace Black And Round Top Dining Table Red Dining Chairs Corner Chair In White
Traditional Dining Room White Recessed Corner Cabinets In Asymmetric Shape Dark Toned Wood Floors Round Top Wood Dining Table Dark Finished Wood Dining Chairs Classic Pendant Lamp
Media Wall In White Recessed Cabinets And Shelves Centered Glass Window Hardwood Dining Table Black Finished Dining Chairs Modern Hall Table With Decorative Vase Medium Toned Wood Floors
Formal Dining Room Dark Hardwood Corner Cabinet Dark Hardwood Dining Furniture Crystal Chandelier White Marble Countertop Hardwood Cabinets Medium Toned Wood Floors Traditional Motif Area Rug
Beach Style Dining Room Antique Recessed Corner Cabinet In White Clean White Dining Chairs Round Shaped Wood Dining Table Medium Toned Wood Floors Without Finishing Copper Pendant Lamp
White Built In China Cabinet With Glass Door Standard Fireplace With Decorative Porcelain Pieces Dark Toned Wood Floors

When doing home remodel, you must make best decision of everything has been planned, including the layout and furniture choice you’re going to use. Sometimes you find unused spaces which might be potentially attractive for particular pieces of furniture. Corner cabinets dining room, for example, works great to complete a large/ open-concept dining room. They will make the room finally complete and effective as the additional storage solution. Well, to see more ideas of corner cabinets dining room, here they are tens of corner cabinets dining room designs which might be your inspiration. Please, check them out.

For a small family, this small open concept dining room is well recommended. A pair of recessed cabinets is added as the display as well as the storage addition for extra vases, glass, or dishware. White is chosen as it creates a beautiful contrast against the dining furniture set.

Old and shabby corner cabinets add a special and dramatic look in this farmhouse dining room. It’s obviously different to others and be a focal point of room. It seems like the cabinets gives rustic appeal in the middle of farmhouse interior style.

The recessed storage solution offers two options of storage space: display shelves for books and hidden cabinets for non-decorative pieces like dishware or cook tools collections. It’s a great choice especially for you who love a reading nook near your eating area or need an extra storage space for your cook tool collections.

It might be called a media wall: the series of display shelves & cabinets installed on walls. The cabinets and shelves are in the corner of dining room and they provide amounts of storage space for decorative or functional items. The walls aren’t fully filled by shelves & cabinets; there is interior garden that can be viewed from an open window in the middle of media wall.

Enclosed recessed corner cabinets idea for a dining room. They provide the safest space of storage and just can be accessed by the owner. If you need enclosed storage unit for your expensive or favorite glass/ dishware collections, this unit of corner cabinets is the best option.

Asymmetric corner cabinets with glass door on top – This kind of cabinets beautifully accommodates your need of storage space. Their design is so unique and can add the value to your dining room. Their color also gives a sharp contrast in the middle of earthy natural interior.

Beautify your small dining room these corner cabinets dining room. They’re designed by handy professionals and can store decorative glass, plates, and many others that don’t fit into kitchen cabinets. This ornamental cabinet can also be accent storage solution for beloved antique vases, pieces of silvers, china’s pieces, and other expensive decorative pieces.

Tomato red color brings special vibrancy and overlooked appearance in this white corner cabinet. Of course, this color choice creates fresh and contrasting look from outside. Combine this built-in corner cabinet with an eclectic dining furniture. It must be a dramatic combination.

Put your china’s pieces in such beautiful corner cabinets and shelves. Their arched shape is so unique. They look like Mediterranean style windows and doors. The designer chooses white as the cabinet color as it can make the stored pieces stand out. The lower cabinets, in the other hand, is specifically designed for storing dishware, cookware, and others that can’t fit into kitchen cabinets.

An elegant corner cabinets idea for a dining room. This display cabinet is designed in built-in model and it’s good for filling unused corner space. Its decorative front glass panel also keeps your antique collections prettier.

It’s great idea to pair black-painted wall with white corner cabinets in a contemporary dining room. It’s cool because each color gives a contrasting look to the space. The cabinets look much attractive with arch glass door installation.

For you guys who love collecting beautiful wine glass, built-in corner cabinets are really recommended for displaying as well as storing your collections. Whatever models of your wine glass, they will be much prettier if they are well-organized in such beautiful storage solution. They also look more special than ordinary wine glass collections hanging over countertop.

Corner cabinets idea with dark finishing – It’s probably best choice for giving a bold accent in this pop-toned dining room. Like other display medias, this cabinets unit is supported by wider clear glass door which let the collections are easily viewed from front side.

Simple wood corner cabinet with darker finishing. It exposes more functionality than decoration. Small dark glass panel indicates that this cabinet is designed just as a storage solution, not a display media.

A built-in corner cabinet painted as same as the window trims. This is adorable for a beach style dining room. The cabinet isn’t only functional but it’s also decorative. Its clear glass door has been beautified with white trims that give ornamental lines and special texture.

A pair of corner cabinets offers double functions: as storage solution and display cabinets for decorative pieces such as porcelains, silvers, and even antique plates. With crown on the top of arch, it seems to fit the traditional style dining room.

Pink wallpaper becomes nice background for these two units of corner cabinets in a dining room. Several decorative plates on walls add another striking ornament in this room, and the most unique is the traditional pendant lamp which is garnished by mini lighting cups.

Simple yet elegant. Enjoy meals in such white dining room. White is really dominating here, there’s just dining table which is built from hardwood, giving the special accent color in this room. A couple china cabinets on corners provides the strategic spots for showing off your antique & decorative china pieces.

In this dining room, there is a pair of built-in corner cabinets in white featuring yellow dining chairs, and dark-finished dining table with modern motifs. A crystal chandelier not only gives sufficient light, but also adds luxury to this room. This combination is perfect for a traditional style dining room with modern feel.

A built-in corner cabinet in traditional style. This kind of storage unit consists of three sections: upper cabinet with glass door trimmed in white, open shelf with textured vertical patterns, and lower cabinet with full enclosed door. Each section has been designed for different storage needs. The upper and middle sections are particularly built for display purposes.

Save your decorative or antique pieces in such stylish built-in corner cabinets. They can be attractive display for showing off your collections. Their clear glass door keep your collections visible, and their color tone is good for making your collections stand out.

Keep making your dining room attractive and full of traditional feel just by adding a couple of built-in corner cabinets. Choose white as the color and fill them with antique and attractive glasses, bowls, plates, or even your antique vases.

Make your corner cabinets more dramatic and attractive by installing some recessed light fixtures over cabinets’ pans. Their low-lighted illumination perfectly creates warm and gold-toned visual effect, and each collection will be glowing when viewed from your dining room.

With low-lighted illumination, your white-finishing corner cabinets (or china cabinets) are still charming and attractive. Feature it with soft dark dining furniture set for giving a dramatic and luxurious visualization. And the chandelier is so lovely.

Not merely a fireplace, a china cabinet can also be added to your dining room. Like other china cabinets, this cabinet is used as a storage space as well as a display media where we can put and organize our decorative porcelains, silvers, plates, and other antique pieces. Its clear glass door here protects the stored things from the dirt and roles as the ornament.

Light grey china cabinets (or corner cabinets) is enough contrast to home interior, especially dining room interior. They have been most striking as well as coolest items among this warm-toned eating space. All expensive collection inside the cabinets are clearly exposed, this makes this room much more glowing and luxurious.

These built-in corner cabinets complete the room’s performance. They act as the ornaments and storage as well. Interestingly, there is corner shelves addition over cabinets where they can be the nicest spots for putting some decorative frames and other small ornaments.

A recessed cabinet at the corner is the best solution for optimizing unused corner space. The cabinet should be matched with the interior theme and color, or if you want to make it most striking among others, color it with pop color or other contrasting schemes.

The chair fabrics are too ‘busy’, a good combination for a white round dining table. At the corners, we’ve discovered white recessed corner cabinets that obviously contrast with light grey walls, giving an accent after two artistic abstract paintings.

Large and full-height corner cabinet also sounds interesting to apply in such glam dining room. Add low-lighted recessed light fixtures to instantly give golden glows inside the cabinet space. The wallpapers, in addition, are made in vintage that help in creating an old age, and the draperies are made from silk in dark green. Their grass shades give special texture.

Built-in hutch or corner cabinet with transparent glass door – create your own satisfaction by displaying your favorite collections in such simple but glowing storage solution. Its lighting seems that it’s so sparkling, giving special accent light right after the wall lamp and chandelier.

We all agree that white makes the old things look new and this white dining room is actually much more complex than it seems. There are no any distractions that make it so simple. When something is added, it becomes a significant item. Like this beautiful wood corner cabinet; it gives natural warmth of look and be a focal point of room, preventing a flat-feel room.

This is another idea of corner cabinet in white scandinavian style dining room. Yes, the cabinet is still stunning and significant, but its color makes it light and less dominant. Red chair, by contrast, seems much more dominant and attractive.

Like white, light neutral walls applied in a enclosed classic dining room also offers a simple background for colorful or bold-schemed interior pieces. Black-painted wood corner cabinet displayed in this picture, for example, looks so elegant and contrasting over the light beige interior, giving most striking piece in this room.

Create a beautiful contrast in your enclosed dining room just by adding a striking white corner cabinet like this. The cabinet looks so amazing between green draperies, and it’s so decorative for displaying several ornaments. Its lower space can effectively be used for storing your dishware/ cook tool collections.

Let’s just focus on this built-in corner cabinet. The cabinet has classic design. It’s represented by the top and middle crowns that expose luxurious craft details. The cabinet’s surface is supported with clear glass panel for protecting the collections from dirt and dusts. This panel also acts as a decorative part for the cabinet.

A pair of built-in corner cabinets with curve tops – one of most recommended storage & decorative choice for completing your transitional dining room. Feature it with high end dining furniture set like such wishbone chairs and sloping arm dining chairs. Make this package more attractive with monochromatic draperies and unique & classic chandelier.

A built-in corner cabinet and bench under bay window – a perfect combination that crates high-level style and function. Both are designed in similar tone but different in details. The cabinet expose more its curve top and waved-pan shelves, whereas the bench is equipped with comfy foam covered by blue textiles, and several accent pillows are added to provide comfort in this seating area.

How stylish this black corner cabinet is. The cabinet is designed in classic style and full of elegance due to its color. Its existence gives a significant attractiveness as well as a focal point in this contemporary dining room. The chandelier, additionally, seems acting like a ‘partner’ in giving classic appeal in the middle of modern furniture use.

It’s so classic and elegant. Put dark-finished wood corner cabinet to add more classic feel in your traditional dining room. This cabinet idea is really relevant in building a formal dining room. Add crystal chandelier to improve the dining room performance and also to add luxurious lighting effect.

A corner cabinet can also contribute in giving a sense of formal in a dining room. With classic or traditional design, the cabinet create antique and high aesthetic value, be a perfect space for displaying the expansive and valuable decorative pieces.

A farmhouse dining room with such a perfect furniture set. All furniture has been coated with light grey finishing, including the corner cabinet. The color idea is intentionally selected to create shabby but cool look. All interior components obviously seem to be pale after being combined with a contrasting color of terracotta. Such idea is very smart if you want to create an old, shabby, but stylish home.

A lower built-in corner cabinet can also be a great idea for a storage solution. You can optimize its top for additional countertop or such a ‘table’, particularly as similar as a hall table. Here, you could display your ornamental wine glass, antique porcelains, or even small sculptures.

A built-in corner cabinets (upper and lower parts are in separated model) – this model of storage unit is really unique and rarely to find recently. They commonly furnish a Tuscan/ Moroccan style dining room where we’re familiar with bold and earthy brown color use for most furniture set and interior scheme. The wall color, please be noticed, is painted with natural brown, showing special textured patterns of color.

Need an extra storage for your crystals or china pieces in your dining room? This freestanding corner cabinet is the best solution. This cabinet has wider glass door that can exposes your possessions from any spots. Its dark wood finishing creates huge elegance and luxury to this cabinet. Feature it with red draperies, becoming two combinations of elegant decorative pieces.

In such bright dining room, make it more colorful just wit darker wood dining furniture and wallpaper. To make a built-in corner cabinet stands out, cover the walls surround with cheerful motifs like flowers, and contrast it with wood hall console aside.

A freestanding corner cabinet with full-height glass door – it becomes the best choice for you who want to show your whole collection off. Three-sided glass door is added to make all collected pieces are viewed from three spots. Such storage solution is usually used for collecting antique and expensive pieces like crystals, porcelains, silvers, and china pieces.

Old, shabby, but beautifully stunning, this is a simple color description of this corner cabinet. The design is simple but has sufficient space for storage. Unlike decorative or display corner cabinets, this cabinet is truly designed as a storage unit that’s able to cover the daily dishware.

A recessed corner cabinet idea in white – It’s so simple but full of elegance and beauty, matching for a beach-style dining room due to its color. This lovable corner storage is really effective for a display as well as a storage unit. Feature it with small and round-shaped wood dining table with some pieces of white chairs. Be sure that this dining furniture has simple and clean lines qualifications as same as the cabinet’s.

It would be a special corner piece in your small dining room: a black-finishing corner cabinet. The cabinet is so stunning against its concrete wall background. It’s also matching with the dining chairs. Hardwood dining table presents another contrasting piece after the walls the ornaments. The last, some ‘lucky’ bamboos give natural appeal to this mini room.

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