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bed with yellow ikat pattern in bedcover and pillow Belk

Ikat Pattern On The Wallpaper On Living Room
Bedroom With Rug, White Table Lamp, White Basket With Pillows, Bed With Yellow Ikat Pattern Bedding
White Blue Ikat Pattern On The Cushion Of A Sofa With Wooden Legs
Cabinet With Blue Painted Frame, Blue Ikat Pattern On The Drawers
Bed With Yellow Ikat Pattern In Bedcover And Pillow
Bathroom With White Floor, White Toilet, White Sink, Mirror, White Framed Pictures, Ikat Wallpaper
Ikat Pattern On Red Blue White Yellow On A Chair
Ikat Pattern On The Wllpaper With Blue Cabinet
Bathroom With White Floor, White Tub, White Wall, Ikat Pattern Curtain
Bathroom With Beige Color, Blue Shelves, Yellow Lining On The Wall, Mirror, Yellow Cabinet With Ikat Pattern On The Door, Yellow Sconces

There are many pattern that can be used in home decor. One of them is geometric. It has become really popular in the year 2018 and might continue to rise in 2019. It is found commonly found in tiles and wood installment. Along with tiles and wood, geometric pattern from Asia, most widely in Indonesia, has also becomes popular. Ikat is originally a dyeing technique on textiles where each yarn is dyed individually before woven manually, the yarn is bond individually (ikat means binding in Indonesian language). The patterns are mostly geometrical. And that’s why it comes along with geometric trend. Here are some exotic look of ikat used in a house that will make you happy.


Exotic Bedding

One of the easiest item to apply ikat pattern is in the bedding. With ikat pattern bedding, the bedroom looks bold and vibrant, especially when the color is bold one.


Bed Cover and Pillow

Similar with the previous one, this vibrant exotic pattern is used in bed. With duvet covers and pillow case like this, your room will look joyful.


Ikat on the Cabinet

While bed has its own portion in being decorated with ikat pattern, this simple cabinet has it too. Stenciled and painted on front, ikat pattern makes it unique and not simple at all.


Bind the Cabinet

Although the cabinet is simple, the ikat pattern in striking color has bind it into a lively cabinet even though it is only in the door of the cabinet.


Pattern on the Wall

Although it is mostly used in furniture, it does not mean that ikat pattern cannot be used on the wall. With its interesting and strong pattern, an accent wall with ikat pattern will leave anybody impressed. Worry if it will be too much? Choose less vibrant motives and colors.


Less Cramped 

This one here is an example how a simple ikat pattern can turn the wall more joyful but without making the room looks too strong. With its soft color, the room is joyful and calm.


Ikat on Sofa

As ikat is a pattern on textile, it is reasonable to see it on textile based furniture like cushion. With ikat pattern, any sofa will be more brilliant and has exotic touch to the room.


Vibrant on a Chair

Another vigorous look is achieved brilliantly by this chair. Red, blue, white, and yellow altogether decorate this chair in exotic way. This chair is perfect either for a room with neutral look so that it can be the center of attention or a room with vibrant colors.


Ikat Curtain

To give a minimalist room some fun, ikat pattern is another  beautiful and exotic options beside those Persian and Moroccan pattern. As seen in this picture, vivacious ikat pattern can make whole difference.


Ikat in the Bathroom

This one is another use of ikat geometric pattern as wallpaper. Seen in this picture, the pattern used here is in three colors and it makes the room really vibrant, especially with the large pattern.

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