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contemporary family room with dark leather sectionals wood side tables light toned wood floors hidden media cabinet with shutter white walls West Architecture

Modern Moroccan Living Room Modern Couch In Grey A Couple Of Accent Pillows Grey Area Rug With Decorative Lines Hardwood Coffee Table Without Finishing White & Round Top Side Table Moroccan Decorative
Light Pink Bed With Wider Pink Headboard A Couple Of Purple Bench Beds Light Pink Draperies Light Pink Walls Light Pink Floors White Sofa Slipcover White Vanity Chair
Rosewood Velvet Couch At The Center A Pair Of Blue Chairs In Blue Classic Center Table Cool Shabby Area Rug Traditional Chandelier Decorative Planter Elegant Woman Painting
White Living Room Furniture Set Artistic Woman Painting With Playful Colors Recessed Rack With Under Cabinets White Area Rug White Pendant Lamp
Gothic Themed Living Room White Sectional With Accent Pillow Rounded Coffee Table With Small Ornaments On Top Solid Black Floors Three Artistic Paintings On Wall A Pair Of Chandelier Table Lamps
Light Cream Draperies Made Of Semi Transparent And Thin Fabric Drapery Knobs In Black Cream Rosette Slipcover Full Covered Bedroom Rug In Light Grey Cream Walls
Gold Toned Couch A Pair Of Armchair In Dark Brown Simple Wood Center Table Less Textured Area Rug In Light Cream Bold Grey Walls With Savaged Wall Arts Traditional Pendant Lamp
Contemporary Dining Room With Yellow And Red Abstract Paintings White Walls Bright Area Rug With Stripes Decoration A Set Of Dining Furniture Pendant Lamp With Glowing Balls
Antique & Traditional Bedroom Design Traditional Bed Frame With Four Poster Bed Antique Settee Chintz Bedding & Draperies Classic Pendant Lamp
Classic Living Room With White Couch And A Couple Of Cubbies Traditional Fireplace With Dark Hardwood Surround Two Sided & Arched Settee Integrated With Fireplace Black Finished Cabinets

Interior decorator Houston may be one of most recommended choices for you whose a plan/ project of home remodeling. Placed in Houston, there are lots of interior styles offered for you guys, starting from classic to contemporary, or even the mixture of one or more than one styles. By considering the right schemes, textures, materials, models/ shapes, and lighting, we will get the best result of interior remodeling done by professionals from Houston. Well, the followings are tens of interior decor samples designed by interior decorator Houston. Let’s check them out; perhaps few of them inspire us.

Welcome to this spacious home. The home has a large entry hall where we’ll find wood bench complete with its decorative wheel. Like other entry hall’s benches, this bench provides a comfy seating space for the homeowners or even their guests when they want to take their footwear on/ off. A classic & low-lighted pendant lamp also roles as the lighting fixture as well as the decorative item.

Mix clean, strong, and modern lines with exotic & colorful bedding, accent, and interior accessories. Eclectic and earthy-colored furniture, on the other hands, has been a contrasting hue and seems to make it much more distinctive and striking against those bold-patterned interior accessories (including bedding and accent pieces in room).

The whole parts of interior is amazing. They’re so inviting anyone who love antique & traditional interior concept. The bed itself is supported with four units of decorative poster bed. A unit of french settee, with full of elegance, successfully takes our attention. The draperies and bedding, additionally, are made from best chintz that elegantly highlights this pale-toned room.

Create a dining room with maximum comfort and aesthetic value. Like this dining room; the interior designer puts industrial dining furniture that has contrasting look over the whitewashed interior walls. There’s just a white dining chair at the center that may be designed as a focal point of room. Furthermore, there are two accents: decorative planters and huge hanging ball lamp that uniquely improve the room’s beauty level.

Rustic style outdoor kitchen idea – The kitchen obviously exposes the use of hard-metal and original bricks as the materials. We all know that in rustic concept, it focuses more on the beauty, simplicity, and originality of natural outputs which are then customized into lots of interior & exterior pieces, including the furniture and facade of buildings.

This may be a solution for you whose matter of space for your dining room. Yes, it’s small but possible for placing such traditional dining furniture. Round-top dining table helps us to re-organize the chairs after being used. The cabinets, more importantly, has double roles: as the storage solution and console table where some decorative pieces are beautifully set.

Sometimes, some pieces of savaged artworks give the precious value for a simple living room like this. With bold grey walls, the artworks look so obvious and visibly contrasting against the walls. Gold-lighted pendant lamp, furthermore, gives luxurious visual-sense, particularly when it perfectly spotlights the underneath furniture.

There are two focal points here: tied draperies and rosette slipcover. Both are successfully capturing all eyes. The draperies are intentionally made from semi-transparent and thin fabric, and they all are hung on black-stained drapery knobs. A unit of rosette slipcover, in addition, provides ultimate comfort, either for seating or sleeping by extending it into a bed.

This living room uses the true modern interior concept that focuses on clean and strong architectural lines either on interior facade or on each interior piece used. The concept is also structurally simple, less textures, well-ordered, minimalist ornaments, and functional.

One of modern minimalist interior ideas is minimal ornament. We just discover a wall art and decorative planter as the ornamental pieces. With these ornaments, the space keep stunning and can expose more its simplicity and functionality.

This is another idea of modern minimalist idea. The space still emphasizes the simplicity and functionality. Just a few pieces of ornaments spotted in this space. Here, the designer just shows clean concept but keep exposing the strong architectural lines. There also just some furniture items set in this room, plus lack of decorative/ ornamental features. Importantly, the designer uses concrete and marble as the materials. It’s clear that they are commonly used for simple and modern home decor idea.

A fancy bedroom idea for little girls. Blue is deliberately selected to fit what most girls like. Bright pink, of course, becomes eye-catching hue, and fortunately it’s, with no doubt, applied on an accent pillow. Another interesting feature is the bedroom rug with cheerful tones. This is a great choice because it’s able to colorize the dark-toned hardwood floors.

Dress your kitchen just with simple interior decor idea. Like this idea; all is white and just involves few furnishing pieces. Through this idea, the designer wants to expose the optimal use of marbles that easily expose the elegance & luxury.

Light blue sofas featuring purple accent walls, they’re contrasting but nice color combination. The collections of decorative frames also add the attractiveness to the walls.

Let the kitchen get her cool breeze just by installing the series of glass doors. The doors can be flexibly opened when needed. Not only fresh breeze, the natural lights can also freely access the inner space. Such kind of kitchen space must be favorite spot for gathering while cooking.

Create a playroom with fun colors and cozy furniture. Be sure that you’ve chosen the right color that fits your kid’s gender. This boys’ playroom, for example, is dominated by monochromatic and neutral hues applied on interior pieces. Add a corner nook area like decorative Indian’s tent or a corner couch.

This is an example of master bedroom design in Houston. The designer applies modern minimalist style that displays clean and simple visualization. White is dominating the space but stone wall with less texture must attract your interest. Here, the designer still uses stone’s original tone to keep it so real when being applied as wall. Add modern fireplace feature underneath it. Both are best combination for a contemporary bedroom.

A trendy dining room with playful colors. White walls become the best choice to spotlight the playful colors. In this room, the playful colors are well applied on two pieces of abstract paintings mounted on white wall. They’re so striking and plays significant role as the decorative items. With glowing balls, the pendant lamp also brings aesthetic value in this room.

Marvelous deep emerald combined with magenta glam. These colors are visually too dominant when they’re paired with white. To create balanced look, use these colors in good proportion.

This is a spot inspired from a ranch. The designer chooses rustic as the interior concept. With brighter brick walls, we can furnish this space with lighter furniture set like couches. Add the fire feature either as the decorative or functional item.

Classic and elegant living room. It shows the balance of masculinity and femininity. The centered couch has clean lines which are paired with rosewood & audacious velvet material. On its left and right, there are two chairs that elegantly complete the couch.

If you love purple, use it as the main scheme for your private room like bedroom. This bedroom uses neutral and bold purple to create the cozy and enjoyable bedroom. Soft feminine is discovered in tufted headboard, and the room has a chandelier. Clean, simple, personal, and modern are the depiction of this space.

The old and shabby furniture & accessories may be selected as the main items for rustic or ranch-themed dining room. Such furniture choice is commonly featured with industrial products or the series of wooden furniture without finishing. The accessories are usually made from hard-metals like copper or wrought iron that visually show their originality.

Modern Moroccan living room idea. Just do a combination of Moroccan style and modern touch. Here, it’s real that the designer prefers modern couch garnished with a couple accent pillows. And, at the back, a series of Moroccan decorative arts has been installed for accenting the walls.

These window shades have the capability in filtering the natural lights. These shade installations help to create a finished and clean look. More importantly, they provide beauty as well as energy efficiency. Their neutral color options are applicable for any home decors, including such traditional living room.

This is the real cowboy’s home office. The space is filled with dark schemes like dark hardwood freestanding desk and floors. The walls are so artistic since they’re highlighted by several animal head ornaments (as the salvaged wall arts).

As the private room, a bathroom should be the coziest space to use. This modern bathroom, for example, offers simple but full of coziness given by every single property. The designer uses solid schemes characterized with clean architectural lines. She also selects glass, lightweight wood, and ceramic as they’re easy to shape and simple in look.

Let’s back to country! This is an inspiring master bedroom with light pink hue. Walls, floors, draperies, and even bed are in sweet pale pink. Just a couple of bench bed is stated in purple. This kind of color choice, of course, gives an airy, fresh, and soft appearance. Furnish this space with any other soft-toned furniture sets like white side chair, vanity chair, or other kinds of seat.

The center dining chair is really distinctive. It’s also the most striking among others. We can do such trick to make our simple dining furniture much more attractive.

Gothic chic living room idea furnished with modern white sectional. It’s mysterious but stylish. The room is full of artwork collections. With right placement and proportion, these collections have the capacity of improving the room’s aesthetic value. In addition, with glowing and warming lighting, it’s truly ideal spot for gathering.

This is a spot designed in French Country style. We use the porcelain tiles which look like old rocks (semi rustic). The fireplace itself is the painted-faux, especially the custom whitewashed color tone. Add an old-look wood chair to provide a seating area.

This is the best idea of dining room. Here, the designer combines the urban style with countryside life. A modern ranch table plus its classic-look dining chairs are set for everyone in room. The jute rug is also effective to knock the dirt/ mud off the boots before enjoying the dish. A pair of industrial vertical shelves accommodate in displaying and storing the ornaments. The horses painting, in addition, shows the sense of masculine. Overall, each interior item is handmade products.

Simple classic style bedroom idea – The room is dominated by soft and neutral colors, but blue walls give airy and fresh look. With classic shade, it’s flexible to let or not to let the natural lights in. The consequence, we can save much energy just by installing such affordable shades.

Lovely and cute corner racks – The bottom ones are completed with small pots as the additional storage solutions, and the other racks are used to hang kids’ artworks. Dark walls here are the nice background for playful-colored artworks and furniture.

This living room idea can be called earthy but modern. There are few furnishing pieces that are kept in original. The coffee table and side table, for instance, are designed in original shape, texture, and scheme. With clear finishing, they’re durable, glossy, and of course much more attractive.

Enjoy the family-time in such spot: contemporary family room furnished with cozy & stylish couch in grey. Make it more striking by adding playful colors like bright orange applied on the accent pillows. White-painted stone walls also become the right choice for taking the large abstract painting and a couple of standing light fixtures as the stunning spotlights.

Don’t be worry about your small living room. There’re still many options of remodeling a small space for a living room. Select and use space-effective furniture set like this L-shape sectional. Complement it with small round-top center table. Make sure that your choice is supported by thin but strong base/ legs. Why? It could create larger-space visual effect. Optimize a vacant space at the back of your sectional by placing a minimalist console table filled with few decorative frames. Choose the higher one to make it visible viewed from front side.

The most interesting part in this home office is a pair of glass interior windows that are placed side by side. Both are installed in the corner and they give a beautiful spot to see when working. It surely will offer the relaxing feeling if we have such working space.

An inspiring rustic dining room with neutral schemes dominating the space. Each item of furniture has uniqueness, especially in color. The dining table, for instance, is crafted by professional. The material, pine, is finished with antique white. Most uniquely, the owner exposes the natural imperfections and cracks as the distinctive character which states a kind of beauty.

Leather sectionals with wood side tables – The wood side tables are kept in original texture, scheme, and shape, exposing their natural beauty. The leather sectionals, on the other hands, have dark finishing to create bolder tone over the light-toned wood floors.

This is another idea of contemporary family room. Its light-toned wood floors and wall paneling let the neutral furnishing pieces look much sharper and bolder. Recessed fireplace and TV set also add special feature in this room. Huge glass display panel surrounded by recessed racks in white successfully grabs anyone’s eyes since it displays freshly vivid planter decorations.

Just notice that this home office has the nicest working desk that’s highlighted by the natural light. And we all know that all components of space are built from original woods. Only thin black frames wrap huge and tall glass window.

Unlike the previous idea, this one is dominated by white. Just few items like decorative painting and ornaments have playful colors. Such idea surely creates clean and airy space. Everything finished with playful colors is directed to be the accents of focal points in room (in this case, woman painting is most striking focal point).

Simple but so inviting. This small living room has been furnished with blue velvet sofa slipcovers accented by fury white pillows. We’ve ‘distracted’ by beautiful beams that expose the natural cracks. If we notice, most of interior items are designed as the couples.

This idea is so inspiring, especially for those who need a real visualization of bookcases that surround the living room. It must be amazing when discovering such living room where we have a cozy and warm living room accented by an arched glass window and recessed book rack surround.

A couple of cool seat cubbies in front of fireplace. This family room really focuses on how the owners get cozy by placing the best chosen furniture set completed with classic & stylish fireplace. Dark palettes like black and brown are chosen to be dominants due to their dramatic visuals.

This living room display many beautiful features but one that’s really standing out is two-sided fireplace surrounded by black stone panels. Choosing black stones to the fireplace surely adds the dramatic accent, and it also compliments the whole interior design through combining the artificial and natural components, different textures, and contrasting tones of colors.

Neutral schemes in an earthy dining room. The highlighted colors in this room are indigo and blue, but glass, metal, and hardwood take significant part in giving a specific character of room. Each component is exposing the strong lines, boldness of color tones, and well-ordered layouts.

Modern french interior design applied for a living room. It’s quite warm feeling, a nicest and coziest spot for gathering. The lighting, furniture’s color & texture, and accessories support the nuance.

Large and so airy. This living room is highlighted by grey furnishing items plus grey accent walls. All furniture is placed in a corner and other spaces are kept large and vacant. Only fluffy white rug and two accent pillows are found in this spot, providing the alternative of seating area when the seats are in full-mode.

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