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You may love outdoor time with your family, but the cold weather will force you to go inside the home. To warm your autumn and make s’mores, you can make in ground fire pit. It does not need a place inside your home. You can make it in the outside of your home, maybe in the backyard or next to your pool. A fire pit can give you a solution for your problem with the cold outside. They will give your outdoor space a warm and light naturally. It will invite you and your family to gather surrounds the fire pit and have a nice conversation. You can make a simple and traditional round fire pit until the unique one. Here are some in ground fire pit ideas that you may like and inspire you to warm your outdoor space.

Remarkable Pool with Fire Pit

Your private pool will be more remarkable if you make a square teal diamond fire pit. You can arrange some cushioned chairs around it.

Simple Fire Pit

If you do not have much money to make a fire pit to decorate your pool, you can have the simple one. You should not forget to arrange some wooden chairs and a mini table next to it.

Lagoon-Style Swimming Poll with In Ground Fire Pit

You can decorate your lagoon-style swimming pool with a fire pit in the center. You also can arrange some foldable chairs in the edge of your swimming pool.

Backyard Fire Pit

You can make an in ground fire pit in the center of your mini park in your backyard. You can arrange some red cedar chairs and a table for gathering place with your family.

A Small Fire Pit

The patio garden can be warmed up with a small in ground fire pit. It is surrounded by cheap pavers and some seating choices. You can have a French cafe bistro folding side chair to enjoy the scenery.

Rustic Fire Pit

You can make your fire pit in circular decorative stone. You can have a rustic design of fire pit. It is so natural, antique, and will give you a proper warm for your outdoor space.

Elegant Furniture for Backyard with Fire Pit

You can use some simple and elegant furniture to accompany the in ground fire pit in your backyard. You can get some Napa lounge chairs with some mini brown pillows.

Colorful Chairs for Simple Fire Pit

You can arrange some wood Adirondack colorful chairs. Your backyard will definitely look really beautiful with the fire pit area and the falling leaves around it.

Big Fire Pit

You should make a big in ground fire pit for your giant home. You can place a barbecue grill near the backyard. And for the terrace, you can arrange one set of wooden dining table.

Modern Patio with Fire Pit

Your modern patio will be more developed by making a rectangular fire pit. This modern design will look fit to your white foldable chairs and small private pool next to the fire pit area.

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