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velvet covered board swign, green pillow, detailed rope, white floor, brown floor sofa, dark coffee table, black low cabinet, wooden accent wall Pavan Infratech

Board Swing With Detailed Rail, Green Cushion, White Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling With Ceiling Lamp, Dining Set
Dark Brown Board Swing, Detailed Rail, White Wall, White Wall Partition, Green Pillow
Wide Square Swing With Rope, Colorful Pillow, White Wooden Floor, White Table And Rack
Brown Board Swing, White Cushion, Colorful Striped Pillows, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Leather Sofa, Green Coffee Table
Dark Brown Swing With Arm Rest, Pillow, Detailed Rail, White Sofa, Marbled Floor, Woden Table, Red Chandelier
Dark Brown Board Swing, Detailed Rail, Red Pillows, In The Middle Of The Room, White Wall,
Dark Brown Board Swing, Golden Detailed Rail. Black Benches, Black Side Table
Dark Brown Board Swing In The Living Room, Detailed Rail, White Floor, White Ceiling, Subtle Curtain
Velvet Covered Board Swign, Green Pillow, Detailed Rope, White Floor, Brown Floor Sofa, Dark Coffee Table, Black Low Cabinet, Wooden Accent Wall
Wooden Slab Board Swing, White Seamless Floor, Grey Plank Wall, White Wall, Wooden Awll Decoration, Brown Bed, White Dining Set

In India, the presence of a board swing in a living room is something that can be found easily. It has been part of their culture that even in the modern era, they cannot be part from the swing. If you love to add exotic touch to your living room while also bring some fun, you will love having this board swing. These below are stunning exotic Indian swings in the living room you can get some inspirations from.

Thick Board
This one here is a thick board swing that looks really simple. As you would swing on this, you would probably not need too many things on board, unless you want to just sit around. The detailed rail on the swing here has an exotic feeling to it that it makes the swing more interesting.

Near the Wall
For the purpose of sitting around, you can treat it like a sofa and put it near the wall, like this one. The simple board swing is positioned in the perfect corner with detailed wall partition and decoration that it makes it perfectly beautiful.

In the Middle
Contrary to the previous one, this one here puts the swing in the middle instead. Besides acting like an addition to the sofa, it can also act like wall partition to in case you want to part the room. And as it is open from left and right, it can add both sides some seats.

Black Board
In this really exotic living room, the board swing has been an official part of the seating set as it has the same color and holds the same exotic feeling to it.

Swing with Armrest
Slightly different, this one here has armrest on the board. This can add more comfortable hold when you sit on the swing. And, this swing too is likely to be the actual plan from the start as it has similar simplicity with the sofa. The overall look is almost symmetrical

Bohemian Swing
If you consider to put swing in your living room, you can leave it simple like the Indian or you can put some pillows in it. But, for that, you would need a wider board swing like this.

Comfortable Cushion
In this living room, the swing looks more comfortable with cushion on top and some pillow. And as the picture initiates, it might be a comfortable reading place.

Comfortable Indian
This Indian board swing also shows a comfortable touch with the cushion aboard. Positioned in the middle of the room, it would make a great swing. And, seeing how spacious it is, it can be a great place to tell a secret too.

Covered Board
In this one, the board swing does not look so rustic and natural with dark wooden look. This one here shows an incredible comfort with brown covered board that matches the sofa in the modern living room.

Wooden Splat Swing
In this spacious open room, the swing is in the middle of the living room and the dining room as a fun partition. And, unlike the previous one, this one here shows an interesting design of wooden splat as the board swing.

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