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affordable diy shelf planter for indoor garden from wood crate in house corner Awanshop

Vertical Garden On The Wall In Livingroom With Dominant Wooden Furniture
Rubber Plant In Window Corner Of Scandinavian Room
Affordable Diy Shelf Planter For Indoor Garden From Wood Crate In House Corner
Kmart Industrial Ladder Shelf Indoor Vertical Garden Ideas
Hanging Pots For Growing Herbs In The Kitchen Window
Hanging Plants As Natural Room Divider In Industrial House
Potted Plants In Above Shelf To Refresh Reading Corner
Ecofriendly Lesswaste Diy Hanging Planter Made Of Recycled Plastic Bottle
Snake Plant In Veranda As Border And Natural Walldecor
Kokedama Hanging Plant In Bedroom For Indoor Urban Gardening

One of the problems of urban housing is lacking area to install spacious garden for creating fresh and lively nuance at home. Still, you can maximize tiny space to keep your hobby alive. Those who love gardening can enjoy greenery in their houses by implementing indoor gardening which is now a new trend for urban farming. Here are some ideas to make lovely nest greener

Vertical Garden in Living Room

Vertical garden installed on the wall can be a solution to freshen up your living-room. Besides, it may function as the wall decor which add more tone of color especially when you have a house with contemporary-rustic style.


Snake Plants Decorating Veranda or Corridor

Growing snake plants along your corridor or veranda wall is a smart idea. It enhances the green look in your house but requires little space. It may also become simple photogenic background for your Instagram posts.


Rubber Plant for Corner Decoration

Don’t let the corner of the room empty. You can uplift the appearance of the room by putting a medium or huge pot of rubber plant near the window since this type needs plenty of sunlight.


Potted Plants in Reading Corner

Grow some air-purifying plants in pots and arrange them in the shelves above your reading corner. It will make you feel cozy to read books longer than usual.


Hanging Plants in Bedroom

Create your own kokedama hanging garden for your bedroom. Gardenia, lavender, English ivy, and spider plants are types of plants you can grow to make you get better sleep.


Triangular Planter Shelf in Any Empty Space

If you apply Scandinavian style or industrial style in your home, these triangular black shelves is a good choice to organize your plants neatly. Use them to fill the empty space in your veranda, living room, dining room, or even your bathroom.


Climbing Plants as Room Divider

Climbing plants are the best for natural room divider since it grows easily. You only need a portable hanger stand and let the plants cover the width and the length of it. Prune them regularly to keep them tidy. It is surely easy to move when you need to rearrange the room furniture.


Up-cycled Plastic Bottles as DIY Hanging Planter

Instead of throwing away plastic bottles to landfills, you can up-cycle them into cheap hanging planters. You don’t need magic to turn rubbish into satisfyingly nifty decorative garden, but only your little craftsmanship and some inspiration.


Growing Herbs in Window Kitchen

You can regrow your veggies or herbs easily and harvest them anytime you need. Simply use pots or mason jars. Then place or hang them near the window of your kitchen. Make sure they get enough sunlight and water them regularly.


Re-purposed Wooden Crate as DIY Shelf Planter

Why bother purchasing new shelf planter if you can make your own out of wooden crates. You can freely adjust and organize them based on the amount of plants and the space you have. Terracotta pots suit them best.

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