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Wonderful Indoor Planting Idea Choices to Choose From

Wonderful indoor planting ideas are surely what you need if the idea of having an indoor planting area in your home is always an idea that leaves you interested. Of course, there are various planting ideas you can use to create an indoor planting area. Get some ideas from taking a deep look at the wonderful rooms in which beautiful plants are planted below.

A Big Plant in an Urn

This room has a big plant which grows in an urn. The plant really does a a good job decorating the room by giving a natural color pop that really beautifies the area it’s on.

indoor planting idea contemporary living room seating with wheels chair urn plant table windows
Rikki Snyder

A Plant Inside a Room

This plant is inside a room with a sofa, a modern chair, a small round table, a glass top table, a carpet, and a pillar, among others.

indoor planting idea contemporary living room palm sofa pillow pillar glass top table chair small table

Madagascar Dragon Trees in a Room

The trees in the room below are Madagascar Dragon trees and the room itself is one that’s decorated by a painting, long windows, and, of course, the trees.

indoor planting idea windows madagascar dragon trees pot painting chair mid century bedroom
At Home Modern

A Gargantuan Plant in a Beautiful Pot in a Contemporary Hall

This gargantuan plant is in a pot with beautiful patterns and it’s in a room that has a painting, backless chairs, tall dining chairs, and more.

indoor planting idea wood floor tall chairs chair beautiful pot table painting plants fruits contemporary hall
Sarah Davison Interior Design

Plants in a Dining Room

These plants are in a dining room with an interesting lamp, a window with a curtain, dining chairs, and a hardwood floor that gives the room an elegant look.

indoor planting idea dining room wood floor pot plants dining chairs table lamp window curtain
Kate Monckton

Plants on a High-up Shelf

Placed on a high-up shelf, these plants become decorative items on one of the highest location of the house they’re in. The shelf is above the stairs and it seems that the location the plants are in let them to get a lot of sunlight.

indoor planting idea modern staircase high up shelves pots seating stairs painting interior design
Lopez Duplan Arquitectos

A Fiddle-leaf Fig in a Transitional Living Room

The room this fiddle-leaf fig is in is a transitional living room with hanging lamps, a wall lamp, big windows, a wall shelf, and a hardwood floor with a carpet on it.

indoor planting idea hardwood floor drawers bookshelves books wall lamps carpet chair living room windows curtain fiddle leaf fig
Patrick Schmitt, designer Inc.

Boston Ferns in a Victorian Bedroom

The bedroom below is a Victorian bedroom and it’s decorated by Boston ferns that are placed in positions that allow a mirror to stand between them.

indoor planting idea victorian bedroom mirror storage item boston fern glasses bottle bed plants
Jamie Laubhan

Plants in an Unused Dining Room

There are various plants in this room, which is an unused dining room with big windows, curtains, modern chairs, and a hardwood floor.

indoor planting idea unused dining room wood floor chairs long table big windows curtains plants
Kit Republic

A Beautiful Mediterranean Hall with Beautiful Plants

This beautiful Mediterranean hall sure is blessed by the presence of beautiful plants hung on its ceiling. The plants has beautiful flowers and they have friends below them.

indoor planting idea mediterranean hall hanging pots with plants small garden white ceiling pops of colors

A Green Decoration in a Mediterranean Living Room

The big plant below becomes a green decoration in the room, which is a Mediterranean living room with a sofa, a mirror, hanging lamps, and more.

indoor planting idea mediterranean living room table chairs pillows windows mirror small tables
Salt Interiors Joinery

Plants in an Eclectic Living Room

These plants are in an eclectic living room in which you can see various colors being thrown in together to create a quite stunning look.

indoor planting idea living room pots plants chair red floor window white wall eclectic room
Rikki Snyder

Plants Decorating a Contemporary Entry Hall

The plants in varying sizes below, along with the hanging lamps above them, are there to do various jobs including decorating the contemporary hall they’re in. The entry hall is simple but the plants make it look awesome by adding a nice look to it.

indoor planting idea contemporary entry hall picture lamp plants interior decorative plant
Marek Sikora Photography

Tall Plants Near the Staircase

These tall plants near the staircase become decorative items that beautify a room with a wood floor, a beautiful painting, and a sofa with pillows.

indoor planting idea wall decor staircase stairs pillows wood floor small stones tall plants door glass ceiling lamp
Clever Homes

Another Staircase with Plants Near It

This is another staircase with plants near it,decorating the interior they’re in together with various other things the interior has.

indoor planting idea contemporary staircase painting stairs plants pillars pebbles interior
Prestige Builders

Plants in an Eclectic Dining Room

These plants are in an eclectic dining room, which is a small dining room with a carpet, hanging pots, a dining table, white dining chairs, and more.

indoor planting idea eclectic dining room chairs carpet table windows plants foods green white red
Justina Blakeney

An Indoor Plant in a Modern Living Room

This indoor plant is used to decorate a modern living room with small tables, comfy chairs, and a glass door that adds a modern look to the room.

indoor planting idea modern living room chair small tables carpet glass door chairs modern furniture

Plants in a Traditional Sunroom

These plants are on various parts of a traditional sunroom which has a ceiling fan, brick walls, big windows, and chairs. The sunroom also has a dark-colored floor that really give the room an interesting look.

indoor planting idea traditional sunroom floor tile fireplace brick walls chairs windows ceiling fan
Revamp Interior Design

Big and Small Plants in a Transitional Living Room

Big and small plants decorate the transitional living room below, which has a sofa with pillows, big windows, a carpet, a glass door, and ceiling lights.

indoor planting idea transitional living room carpet sofa pillows chair windows glass top table doors
John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Plants in a Beautiful Traditional Living Room

The room these plants are in is a traditional living room with wall decors, chairs with pillows, a carpet, a modern table, and many more.

indoor planting idea traditional living room carpet paintings pillows chairs table fireplace
Tamara Mack Design

Plants in a Traditional Home Office

These plants are used to decorate a traditional home office with a transparent chair, cabinets, big windows, and more.

indoor planting idea traditional home office chair table windows storage space light colored walls door plants
Maja Krajewska

A Tree in a Big Pot in an Entry Hall

This tree is in a big pot, which is in an entry hall with a long carpet, a tall lamp, a bench, a wall decor, and a light-colored floor.

indoor planting idea modern entry tree carpet wall decor painting bench glass door modern lamp
Kuth / Ranieri Architects

Overhead Plants in a Contemporary Kitchen

These overhead plants are in a contemporary kitchen with a hanging lamp, a wood floor, backless dining chairs in different colors, and varied other things.

indoor planting idea contemporary kitchen lamp overhead plants wood floor dining chairs stove cabinets
Innes Architects

Plants on a Bathroom Wall

These green plants are on the wall of a bathroom and they’re ready to accompany anyone taking a bath in the bathtub the room offers.

indoor planting idea contemporary bathroom bathtub faucet towel rack painting plants ceiling lamp

Lots of Plants in a Mediterranean Sunroom

There are so many plants in this Mediterranean sunroom, which has wall decors, a table, chairs, big floor tiles, and more. The plants themselves are in varying sizes and some of them are in pots on the floor while others are hung on the ceiling.

indoor planting idea mediterranean sunroom chairs table pillows hanging lights paintings plants
Westbury Garden Rooms