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black metal shelves with wooden boxes for plants and other, blue wall, grey floor, patterned wall tiles Casa de Valentina

Wood Floating Plank On The Wall For Plants
Wooden Boxes For Plants With Laboratory Glasses
Floating Shelves Of Acrylic On The Window With Brown Pot For Plants
Pots Of Plants On The Low Wooden Bench, Wooden Floor, Rug
Plants On Floating Shelves And On The Wooden Table Under
Black Metal Shelves With Wooden Boxes For Plants And Other, Blue Wall, Grey Floor, Patterned Wall Tiles
Hung White Plants Pots From Horizontal Wood For Window Screen, Window Shade, White Backsplash Tiles, Marble
Wooden Window Floating Shelves Supported By Wire With White Pots For Plants
Floating Shelves With Black Metal Frame With Wooden
White Wooden Floating Shelves For Plants

Indoor plants are great decoration that will help your room to feel natural and fresh. With indoor plants, the room will not feel too dingy. However, with the wrong treatment, it will be withered and it will therefore make your room feel faded as well. However, with the right arrangements and placing, it will be able to strengthen the fresh look you try to build in the room. And not only that, it can come prettily too that it will beautify your room splendidly.

Floating Shelves
One of the simplest ways to keep your indoor plants secure beautifully is by putting it on floating shelves. A thin one like this picture below can work perfectly well too as it gives light look before the plants putting some weigh.

Into the Box
A stunning look is presented in this picture below with metal shelves with plants on the boxes accommodated in the shelves. The boxes are placed creatively that it can be the pots for plants and it can also shield other things from the soils of the plants.

Wooden Seating
Floating shelves is one of the best ways to put the plants on the wall while maintaining the fresh vibe on the room. And this one here has displayed a great way to present it. The metal metal framed where the wooden seating is attached make it looks like the pictures. The wooden seating added on the frame is a great idea to see.

White Shelves
This one here is another floating shelves that will work for you who love more minimalist look. With simple white wooden floating shelves, the plants are simply put tidily on it.

Floating Small Bottles
This one here is another idea to make a unique and pretty floating plants. Not only that it is supported by wooden planks on the wall, it also has bottles to put the plants rather than the usual pot. With some bottles filled with lamps, this floating shelves is a beauty on its own.

Laboratory Glasses
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses glass for the plants. However, instead of using Mason Jar, this one uses laboratory glasses to put their plants. It gives a unique look for the plants and, therefore, the room.

Low Bench
If you love a simple and minimalist treatment, a low old wooden bench like this one will definitely gives a great place to arrange your plants as well as warmth feeling to the room.

Floating Plants On the Window
Another thing you can do to create a creative space for your indoor plants is by putting acrylic floating shelves. With acrylic shelves, it will give the shelves light look and the location where bright light comes in make it even lighter and fresher.

On the Wire
Similar to the previous one, this one here displays how pretty plants will look when arranged in front of the window. With floating shelves supported by wire, the white pots are put in on the holes to make it more secure.

Hung on the Window
Still for refreshed look on the window, this one shows how easy it is to put your pots on the window. It is not only pretty for the room but also for the window itself.

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