Dislike Mainstream Kitchen Shelving? These Tens Industrial Kitchen Shelving Ideas Might Be Your Favorite

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Contemporary Kitchen With Industrial Kitchen Shelves Consisting Of Open Shelves And Cabinets
U Shaped Industrial Shelves For Kitchen Supported By Pipes And Made Of Hardwood Wood Top Countertop Small Sized Microwave Modern Coffee Maker Flat Panel Cabinet In White
Industrial Wooden Kitchen Shelves Supported By Ceiling Mounted Wires White Subway Tiles Backsplash Black Countertop Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets In White Undermount Stainless Steel Sink And Faucet
Industrial Kitchen Idea With Hanging Industrial Kitchen Shelves L Shaped Countertop In White Stainless Steel Appliances White Recessed Kitchen Cabinets Dark Concrete Tiles Floors
Urban Style Kitchen Idea With Hanging Kitchen Shelves I Shape Kitchen Counter With Colorful Cabinets L Shape Dining Bench White Top Kitchen Island With Mosaic Base A Bar Stool
Industrial Kitchen Design Industrial Corner Kitchen Shelves White Subway Tiles Stainless Steel Appliances White Flat Panel Cabinets Medium Toned Wood Floors
Eclectic Kitchen Design With Small Sized Industrial Shelves At The Corner Small Decorative Cups Small Decorative Items Books
Industrial Kitchen Shelves Butcher Block Worktop White Subway Tiles Walls Red Bricks Walls Stainless Steel Appliances Dark Toned Wood Dining Table Hardmetal Dining Chairs
Industrial Open Shelves Made Of Dark Toned Hardwood White Subway Tiles Backsplash Flat Panel Cabinets In White Glass Windows Lower Pendant Lamps
Simple Clean And Industrial Shelves In Black

Industrial kitchen shelving is one of the most recommended choices that concerns on the practicality and affordability. This storage solution, of course, offers the efficient work for several years and provides a distinctive style for a kitchen. This is a reason why most people prefer this product to others. Moreover, amounts of industrial housing products (including the industrial kitchen shelving) become a trend recently, and across generations, this trend never dies down. To see more ideas of trendy industrial kitchen shelving, just check the following products.

Hanging industrial kitchen shelving idea offers unique and stylish look in the kitchen. Such idea is also effective to save the space, so it’s good choice for small-sized kitchen. Black wrought iron supporters here obviously support and tie the wooden shelves up to ceilings. These exposed irons aren’t only the supporter elements, but they’re also the decorative elements for the shelves themselves.

It must be an amazing spot if we have a huge industrial kitchen/ pantry shelves in separated room like in this picture. The room contains a L-shaped kitchen shelving unit featuring the lower drawer system. A sliding barn door is also a good idea to hide that storage solution. With having such large shelving unit, it could be possible for storing the daily supplies, dishware collections, cooking tools, and other cooking items.

Just build two rows of wooden shelves for beautifying unused space over sink. These shelves could be the decorative as well as functional storage addition which is available for organizing the ornamental vases, wine bottles, cute pepper & salt bottles, decorative plates & bowls, and many others.

There are several numbers of small industrial kitchen shelves. They’re painted in gray and supported by gray-finished corner-stands. The size states that these shelves are just the wall decoration, but they’re also usable for displaying the decorative items or small & coffee-maker properties for daily use.

This is a large industrial kitchen shelves made of hardwood. This storage space is supported by door and sliding shelves, so it provides the extra storage space. It’s also efficient for storing the daily supplies and some kitchen appliances like mini microwave and oven.

Create a simple yet striking storage solution in your white kitchen just by installing lightweight metal floating shelves. Black color makes this shelving unit looks so distinctive and special, accenting white ceramic tiles walls. In this condition, black color is always be eye-catching tone among white interior.

Wood always offers warmth and natural appeal for each application. In this case, the designer mixes the craftsman shelves and industrial kitchen at the same time, giving a sense of industrial and also homey feeling.

Light and dark are the main color theme, but the designer also uses the original wood for building the single open kitchen shelf and serving table at the breakfast bar. These wood properties surely give the special accent in this urban industrial kitchen.

An industrial kitchen with industrial kitchen shelving unit – At glance, all combination is so perfect, starting from lighting, red brick walls, cabinets, and even the shelving unit. Black iron wrought is chosen to give modern & industrial appeal, while wood & red brick involvement are used to balance it.

It’s great idea to install an industrial shelving unit in-between sink and fridge. It’s space-efficient and genius way to save the space. Use these open shelves for organizing & displaying the decorative dishware or ornamental plants like such succulents.

This is an example of modern industrial shelves for kitchen. The shelves are customized by a professional and made of local wood specimen. The designer obviously exposes the genuine wood material as the main direct interest, while the black iron supporters here are just less-depth decorative items. The shelves look so striking when white subway tiles are used as their background.

An industrial kitchen idea featuring reclaimed-wood open shelves installed on alongside of countertop. All wooden materials are reclaimed version and they’re applied on industrial kitchen furniture. The result is marvelous; the room is modern but still warm and natural.

Dark and light work and balance each other, and the recessed shelving unit becomes the most interesting thing in this room. It’s made of local wood and built deeper within the wall. The lower section is equipped with small vertical panels for standing the plates, and the upper ones are just ordinary shelves.

All kitchen elements are white, but not the dining table. The open shelves, particularly, is simple and keep being one of most striking elements due to floating-way installation. The color is still great even though they have white brick walls for the background. It shows that the shelves’ color work well with other similar color tone.

The recessed cabinet with wood interior shelves is really cool. This storage unit could be flat-paneled cabinets when it’s closed or an interior shelving unit when it’s opened. This is a customized product and there are many options of products designed based on particular specifications.

Lightweight metal kitchen shelves work well with flat-paneled upper cabinets. Both are installed side by side, giving an extra storage option, especially for daily dishware and drinks. This shelving choice really matches with an industrial kitchen concept.

Maximize unused space over sink by installing industrial open shelves. This one is just the sample of trendy open shelves. It’s full of function and style; it’s also a decorative structure for clean white kitchen interior.

These industrial shelves are custom-made and the designer uniquely uses plumbing pipes for supporting each wood board. That’s so cool! Isn’t it?

Like previous design, these shelves are also supported by best-quality pipes which bring the industrial look in the kitchen. The neutral color tones of wood color and white cohesively blend with the interior.

The designer uses wood and galvanized pipes for building a cool industrial shelving unit. Its dimension make us possible to place it at the corner or other narrow spaces. This means the shelves are ideal for a limited-space kitchen.

An industrial shelving unit for vases and other decorative items. The shelves are integrated with open cabinets, making them effective for extra storage in kitchen. Interestingly, the structure are just metal pipes which are connected each other. The shelves consist of the series of hanging section (for hanging cooking tools or cups) and glass-base shelves.

Industrial shelves with natural wood material – it’s a unique choice for a mix manufactured and natural shelves product. We love the natural wood used for the shelves as they give the special accent to the room where white is dominating the whole interior. Wood also adds natural warmth in this ‘cold’ white room.

A walk-in industrial shelving for pantry – such idea is well recommended for you who want to add extra storage without breaking the walls. This custom-made shelving is built from melamine and the shelves consist of several sections like wine racks and tray dividers. This storage solution matches the cabinets that provide a smart way to guard and to protect the walls from the dents and nicks. Additionally, the shelves are also supported with some rattan baskets, adding the natural warmth.

A kitchen with clean industrial shelves is always charming. This shelving unit is applicable for storing as well as displaying dry and clean supplies in instant way. The mineral waters, snacks, coffee, sugar, cream, and other powder-kinds on the bottles can be organized here. There is a couple of pull-out drawers addition for the extra storage.

A huge-capacity shelving unit in light gray and white – This is matching option for extra storage need in a kitchen or pantry. This storage option provides three different sections of storage choices: pull-out drawers, cabinets, and open shelves; they’re good choice for cooking tools, daily supplies, wine, and even the dishware.

This kitchen shelving idea is called rustic industrial shelves. There are three rows of wooden shelf which are supported by other wooden stands. Each row can be used for storing the daily supplies, spices, and other cooking needs. Right shelves placement need to consider in order to make it easier to access.

Huge industrial kitchen shelves in grey provide a lot of storage space. It’s ideal choice for large kitchen area with a lot of small fixtures and dishware. The additional walkway can be added in-between kitchen counter and shelving unit to give the user an access when doing cooking or other activities in the kitchen.

Built-in industrial kitchen shelving with wooden ladder is another option of storage solution in a kitchen. This storage unit is built in full-height and integrated with small wood countertop. White finishing is covering the whole body of shelves and gloss & clear finishing protect the wood trays placed in each unit of shelf.

Open shelves become another optional storage solution if the kitchen cabinets don’t work due to full capacity. Or such storage space may be used as the decorative shelves for decorative items like these beautiful cups and small plates. White is chosen as the major tone since it’s applicable for any interior styles, including such elegant and clean white U-shape kitchen.

Small-sized industrial shelves in modern minimalist style – a good choice for a single or small kitchen. The shelves placement is under the stairway and finished in monochromatic tone (black & white). The unit consists of upper open shelves and lower white flat-panel cabinets.

An industrial kitchen shelving unit made of glass suspended by lightweight metal bars – It’s a brilliant idea to know the things on the upper level of shelves without climbing up your ladder. You just need to catch your gaze up to the upper level of shelves.

To have a seamless look, you just need to take out the conventional cabinets and replace them with industrial kitchen shelves. Hanging shelving unit, for instance, is one of most recommended storage options that match a modern/ contemporary style kitchen. The shelves use lightweight metal bars to hang them on ceiling. Such installation, of course, can save the space and make the room larger and airy.

Floating glass shelving unit separated the living room and clean kitchen. The design is very exclusive and stylish; it gives modern appeal to both rooms. The shelves are suspended by durable and strong cables that hang on ceilings. Based on the physical design, the shelves are designed just for decorative purpose, and functionally it’s a room divider.

Kitchen shelves with a beautiful view – one of best spots for releasing the stress or just enjoying a cup of tea/ coffee. The shelves attract everyone’s eyes and directly lead them to this spot. The shelves with a view also add a stylish and creative element to this contemporary cooking area.

Simple industrial kitchen shelves in white – The shelves are supported by different suspensions: hanging durable cable on left and direct-wall on left. The color is also matched with lower drawer system, giving a cohesive look in the kitchen.

Still about a hanging industrial shelves for kitchen; this shelving idea is a custom-made and specifically designed for a unique cooking space. Every single shelf is made of medium-level thick oak that’s suspended by steel supports and ceiling-mounted steel plates.

It’s good idea to wrap the wall corner with such industrial kitchen shelves. This shelving unit gives an easy access to whole spaces and less costs in remodeling process. This shelving option also provides minimalist look that works optimally in a contemporary industrial kitchen.

Wires-suspended open shelves idea for modern kitchen – The placement is perfect. The frameless glass windows are placed between a couple of industrial open shelves. The shelves themselves are floating and they have ceiling-mounted wires suspending each unit of wood shelf. Such shelving design really fits for contemporary, modern, or urban style kitchen.

This is really cool! A hanging industrial shelving for glasses and dinnerware collections. This can make space-efficient and much more attractive. With this shelves installation, we can expose our pretty glasses and dinnerware.

What a unique and smart idea! L-shape industrial shelves suspended by durable hanging wires and clear glass backsplash. Such design is rarely used and just few designers who may figure it out. The shelves are installed as similar as the countertop shape, giving a harmonious and cohesive look. Clear glass backsplash provides extra access for natural lights in washing & cooking areas. Still about the glass backsplash, it also offers a nice view probably wants to see when cooking or washing.

An inspiring industrial kitchen idea featuring simple wooden industrial shelves. Uniquely, the shelves are mounted by metal wires which have been hung on ceiling. Wooden shelves and red bricks here are good combination to create rustic appeal.

This industrial kitchen and bar is designed by combining it with industrial open shelves. Each unit of shelf is supported by metal pipes which are installed on wood board and directly connected to the ceilings. Take a look at the wood shelves and the backsplash; both are in pale tone that looks so matching with contrasting light blue walls.

This idea is trying to create an urban kitchen & bar by using the materials which are commonly found at the corner of garage. Yes, it’s simple, clean, and industrial, especially for the shelves.

Reclaimed-wood industrial shelves idea. This design is available for any rooms where need an extra storage like the kitchen. The shelving unit has black wrought iron supports that suspend every single wood board. This kind of metal is strongly mounted on walls and floors.

This is so fresh and matches for a small fun family. The shelves are built at the corner and consist of two rows of small floating shelf suspended by a couple of short metal pipes. Such shelving idea really matches for decorative items, books, or even favorite cups of coffee/ tea.

This kitchen exposes an incredible mixture of vintage root and modern industrial appeal. We can recognize it just from material choice like reclaimed planks for the island, concrete countertop, hardwood floors, and Stucco walls. The shelves, in addition, are built from stained pine and each shelf unit has been supported by metal pipe brackets.

It seems like the ceiling is reinforced to hold the shelves. Some black-stained metal pipes clearly support each edge of reclaimed wood boards, making these boards are useful for putting the glasses or dinnerware collections.

Unused butcher blocks can also be used for building the stylish and functional kitchen shelves. We just need stained metal pipes and some metal brackets to create butcher blocks shelves by our own. Like previous design, it’s recommended to build hanging kitchen shelves like previous design as they’re space-efficient and stylish.

The shelves are just supported by some giant nails. That’s so simple but effective for years. Local wood like pine is chosen as the shelves material, offering natural vibe that’s really contrasted to the manufactured subway tiles walls.

It can be called a single floating kitchen shelf designed in industrial style. The shelf is black, giving a sharp contrast to its walls covered with white subway tiles. A frameless interior glass window under shelf offers an attractive view for user.

Corner industrial kitchen shelving in floating installation – one of recommended choices if you want to save much more space in your kitchen. They’re also affordable as you can build such shelving by your own. Stylish and functional are two reasons why they’re so recommended to choose.

An open shelving on top is another choice for a numbers of colorful tableware collections. The shelving is grey, a soft but contrasting color to its orange walls.

Such industrial open-shelving has a little bit country style to make it more unique and distinctive to other common industrial shelves. The color choice of white brings a clean, light, and soft look (unlike other industrial products’ color which tendentiously exposes hard metal or wood colors).

It can be said that this small open shelving is designed in some styles: industrial, shabby vintage, and chic modern. Just take a look at the color choice, it’s really vintage. Industrial touch can be recognized from the design and material involved. Metal supports and wood boards are two elements usually used to build an industrial kitchen shelving.

Use the open shelving as a display. Make your shelving as inset storage as well as display unit. Select such modern industrial open shelving to add a stylish and functional storage unit. Size isn’t matter if you place and install it at the right spot.

The storage space is crucial matter to consider in most of small kitchen after the layout plan. Peculiar design must be made to accommodate the whole storage needs but space-friendly. Small corner industrial shelving is one of ideal options that fit for this condition. This unit is small but available for decorative glasses or dinnerware. We can place it at the rest of interior like the corner over sink or worktop. Great idea, right?

To create a sense of larger visual effect and well-used space in a small kitchen, it’s brilliant if we choose a narrow floating industrial shelving unit. The shelving’s design is so unique and best spot for displaying our favorite coffee mugs.

Three series of metal pipes shelving unit idea – good choice if we want to expose more the industrial appeal in our kitchen. Combine it with chalkboard walls to give a contrast-look background and add white subway tiles walls at its base to provide clean back-walls in the eating area.

Wood, metal, and red brick really work in creating an industrial look. Like this kitchen and elements within. All elements are designed professionally to produce a stylish industrial cooking & eating space. The shelves, for instance, are simple but able to be functional as well as decorative storage unit.

A metal and reclaimed wood shelving unit, an idea of industrial storage solution specifically designed for industrial or rustic style kitchen interiors. The design exposes simple but obvious hard & raw look materials (wood and metal) that really refer to industrial products.

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