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kitchen design with lavender tone wall stainless steel countertop with open shelves undermount stainless steel sink with under cabinet white kitchen appliances wooden dining table modern white dinin Mercedes Corbell Design

Open Concept Kitchen Design With White Cabinets White Appliances White Island And Mini Bar Black Subway Tiles Backsplash Wood Color Floors Purple Stools
Transitional Kitchen Idea With Lavender Base And White Top Kitchen Island White Wallpaper Walls White Cabinetry Round Stools
Simple Open Concept Kitchen Design With L Shape Grey Counter Purple Kitchen Island With Wood Top Table Bar And Purple Stools Stainless Steel Appliances
Small Contemporary Kitchen Idea With L Shape Black Countertop Modern Black Stools Stainless Steel Appliances White Cabinets Decorative Purple Pot For Sunflowers
Mid Century Kitchen Design Purple Lower Cabinets White Upper Cabinets White Backsplash Bright Blue Refrigerator Stainless Steel Appliances Wooden Floors
Traditional Kitchen Idea With White Kitchen Island Soft Purple Stools Dark Wood Floors Gold Toned Pendant Lamps Light Beige Cabinets White Stone Backsplash
White Purple Theme Kitchen Idea Purple Kitchen Island With White Marble Top White Ceramic Floors White Shaker Cabinets White Cabinets Grey Backsplash White Cupboard Soft Grey Stools
Rustic Kitchen Idea With Purple Lavender Cool Shabby Kitchen Island Stainless Steel Appliances Half Way Window Curtains Stone Walls
Large Kitchen Remodel With Light Lavender Breakfast Bar Modern White Bar Stools White Shaker Cabinets White Cabinetry Farmhouse Sink White Countertop Stainless Steel Appliances
Luxurious Traditional Kitchen Design With White Marble Countertop Wood Kitchen Island With White Marble Top Purple Lavender Kitchen Cabinetry Diamond Shaped Tiles Backsplash In White Gold Schemes

Kitchen is one of favorite spots for executing the hobbies, especially cooking, which is done with our lovely family. To provide a cozy place, we need to design our kitchen based on our personal preference, including the color we need to apply on the kitchen. Purple becomes one of stunning color choices today and most of modern people choose it as their favorite color for their home, including for their kitchen. Purple is a brilliant color scheme which represents mystery, nobility, and majesty. Both deep and light purple colors work well for neutral colors, resulting grand luxury. With right color combination, the purple is also able to create calm and classy look, and when the purple is collaborated with deep color schemes, they will produce a sharp contrast look that brings elegance. Well, if you want to see the newest collections of purple-themed kitchen design, please check these following 50 inspiring purple theme colors for kitchen.

Kitchen Design with Purple Lavender Tone Wall

Kitchen design with purple lavender wall; the bright purple is collaborated with bright chartreuse, resulting a balanced vivid color schemes which save the room dominated by white. Wood color on floors and some furnishing items give a calm and soft look.

Hypermodern Kitchen Design Dominated by Grey-Purple Color Schemes

This picture is 3D visual sample of hypermodern kitchen design. The kitchen is dominated by grey and purple color schemes and best porcelain product as the main material. Floating and flat cabinetry becomes the main element representing the modernity, whereas the use of high-tech appliances helps the user to achieve a practical way of cooking.

Traditional Kitchen Design with Lavender Quartz Countertop

Traditional kitchen design with lavender quartz countertop. The similar idea of countertop actually can also be applied for any kitchen style, including modern kitchen. So, if you prefer darker purple to light purple for surfacing the countertop, that’s okay to execute it. Such idea works optimally for clean white color.

Transitional Kitchen Design with Lavender Kitchen Island

transitional kitchen idea with lavender base and white top kitchen island white wallpaper walls white cabinetry round stools

Neena Corbin Kitchens

Purple-themed kitchen doesn’t mean purple dominates the overall kitchen. We can use purple in kitchen island or other crucial kitchen elements. This picture display lavender kitchen island has successfully enlightened the white transitional kitchen. With this playful color schemes, the kitchen becomes much more elegant than before.

Large Kitchen Design with Curved-Light Lavender Bar Table

Soft purple lavender covered the base of bar table and kitchen walls have completed the overall soft look presented by the cooking space. As we see, the room is dominantly finished by soft color schemes like light beige for floors, white for storage solution, and stainless steel for the appliances. The designer consciously chooses light purple lavender to give a playful color in the kitchen.

White Trendy Kitchen Idea with A Bit Purple Decorative Plants

Purple-themed kitchen doesn’t mean that purple becomes the dominant color in the kitchen. We can just put a little bit purple as the accent. Vivid lavenders with decorative pots can be applied for giving purple accent in the kitchen. In this picture, the homeowner really loves lavenders and uses them as the beautifier for her kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen Idea with Vivid Lavenders as the Accents

If you like rustic but want to expose the hidden elegance, you may want to adopt this idea. This kitchen design presents the ultimate rustic kitchen style through the selections of materials and the way of how the kitchen is decorated. Not only from existing natural sense of warmth, the kitchen is also so inviting and welcoming by involving vivid lavenders on the kitchen island. With this simple way, you’ve now got a relaxed space for cooking or just having breakfast with lovely family.

Transitional Eat-In Kitchen Model with Warm Purple Stools

Add warm purple stools to create the cozy eat-in space in your kitchen. These stools are just the samples of modern purple stool products which are produced in custom design. With white and grey accents, the stools really enhance the ultimate elegance of kitchen.

Large White Minimalist Eat-In Kitchen Model with Purple Stools

This is another idea of modern purple stool design which is representative for a minimalist eat-in kitchen model. The stools bring different stone over the kitchen dominated by white color schemes. This tone keeps striking even though it is collaborated with neutral color schemes like grey and beige.

Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen Model with Purple Wall Decoration

Purple wall here is the special accent which is able to create a sharp contrast over the kitchen interior. Compared to other schemes used in this kitchen, purple is much more playful and cheerful, so it helps in existing an attractive spot in the kitchen.

Luxurious Traditional Kitchen Design with Purple Lavender Cabinetry

It’s always interesting to add something cheerful in the kitchen like this purple lavender scheme. The scheme is well applied on upper and lower kitchen cabinetry, giving a beautifully contrast appearance for the kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel with Deep-Toned Purple Pendant Lamps

Purple doesn’t have to be applied on kitchen’s primary elements. We can colorize our kitchen with this color scheme by placing kitchen’s secondary elements as the colored objects like pendant lamps. In this picture, it’s clearly to see that the designer chooses the decorative pendant lamps as the main object to be colorized in purple. That’s a great idea, right?

Trendy L-Shape Kitchen Idea with Purple Kitchen Island

What a great kitchen island design! The kitchen island is finished in deep-toned purple scheme and has been equipped with flat-panel storage system. With stainless steel surface, this kitchen island looks so luxurious and easy to clean.

Eclectic Outdoor Kitchen Idea with Bold Purple Wall

If you dream of an eclectic outdoor kitchen, let makes your dream come true by adopting this idea. This idea displays bold purple as the primary scheme for the walls. This scheme offers attractive look for the kitchen, and most importantly, the bold purple is flexible to be collaborated with any bold color schemes like bold grey covered the countertop.

Old-Look Kitchen Idea with Purple Dining Chairs

It’s called a balance: old-look and modernity are collaborated into one cool shabby and stylish kitchen design. Overall, this kitchen is designed in old or classic style, but the series of purple dining chairs here give the modern accent in this kitchen. The modern characteristic clearly appears on color scheme use, especially the purple, not the design or model of dining chairs.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Higher Purple Stool and Dark Purple Island

Higher purple stool and dark purple bar table here is additional kitchen element that offer a cozy conversation and breakfast area in the kitchen. With this interesting spot, at least we have gorgeous cooking zone. The designer says that the purple mini bar is a focal point that successfully anchors the black pendant lamps.

Contemporary Kitchen Model with Purple Glass-Front Cabinets and Mini Bar

It’s easy to have a luxurious and glossy kitchen with mini bar. Just select glass-front cabinets and mini bar to make your dream comes true. This idea can be adopted. To achieve a perfect glossy kitchen appearance, use metal materials like stainless steel appliances to complete your kitchen performance.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel with Bright Purple Kitchen Island

The use of natural materials like wood is one of farmhouse kitchen characteristics. Purple is added to kitchen island’s base to make the breakfast nook is much more inviting. The purple kitchen island is then balanced by wood top and higher chair, softening the overall package of breakfast zone’s appearance.

Modern Kitchen Design with Lavender-Schemed Stools

This is an idea how to accent the lavender-schemed kitchen island in a modern kitchen. The chairs are beautifully finished with purple, bring an elegant and expensive look in the kitchen. Such scheme is one and only tone that represents the cheerful tone, whereas other schemes just give calming sense.

Traditional-Style Kitchen with Purple Flowers Wallpaper on Walls

It will be prettier if we add special ornament on kitchen walls. Flower wallpaper, for instance, seems to be one of best alternatives to be applied for. With vividly bright colors like purple-blue-red combination, the wallpaper should be most eye-catching object in the kitchen. Even more, the kitchen is dominated by dark neutral scheme like dark brown (on floors and kitchen furnishing items) and clean white (on cabinets).

Glam Kitchen Design with Glamour Purple Wallpaper Addition

Deep purple describes grand elegance and luxury. With deep purple wallpaper, this kitchen looks much more glamorous and luxurious. Mix materials like wood and stainless steel result a modern look. The kitchen is also designed in modern style, so both create a grand modernity with high aesthetic value.

Mix Modern-Farmhouse Kitchen Design with Bright Purple Kitchen Island

It’s new! A mix modern-farmhouse style kitchen design. This kitchen is lovable and cozy. Like its main theme, the kitchen features modern and farmhouse-style elements to run the daily cooking activities. Modern elements include bar stools and skylight. Other elements like shaker cabinets and grey cabinetry are likely identified as farmhouse-style elements.

Country L-Shape Kitchen Idea with Sweet Purple Linen-Covered Stools

Another way to remodel our old kitchen into a new and fresh purple kitchen is by adding purple linen covers on bar stools. But, make sure that we’ve chosen the right stools that are proper and matched to be covered with the linen.

Glowing Purple Kitchen Model

glossy purple cabinets with flat panel glossy white island white countertop white backsplash

Cam Living

Glossy purple and white applied on the cabinets and island make this kitchen glowing and looks so luxurious. The flat-paneled cabinets also make the kitchen much more modern and simple. This idea really suits for you who adore a simple modern purple kitchen.

White-Purple Theme Kitchen Idea

This kitchen design shows white and purple as the dominant colors. Soft beige color scheme here is just the secondary color scheme which complements the purple and white. To distinguish the use of white and soft grey, the designer puts them in different spots. The stools and backsplash, for instance, are the spots which are finished in grey.

Open Concept Kitchen Design with Modern & Stylish Purple Stools

If you are looking for a unique open-concept kitchen design, this idea may be the most recommended one. Why? The stools have different tone and be most striking component in the kitchen. Not merely the tone, their design or model is also pretty unique.

Transitional L-Shape Kitchen Remodel

Amazingly, this kitchen is hand-painted one. All painted-parts like cabinets and kitchen island are executed manually by hands. The homeowner selects deep purple as the color for the cabinets for particular purpose: creating a sharp contrast look over the wood countertop, whereas the lighter purple on the island’s base is intentionally covered for highlighting the white color on island’s top. These collaborations surely produce a contrast but beautiful appearance.

Hand-Made Kitchen Idea with Hand-Painted Kitchen Island in Bold Purple

It’s still about hand-painted kitchen island. This hand-made kitchen is enlightened by hand-painted purple kitchen island. The kitchen island is also surfaced with expensive grey marble. This combination brings the kitchen much more valuable. Interestingly, the designer adds wooden ceiling-hung flower pot which is installed over the island. This element is kept as wooden ornament without finish, existing something natural in the middle of playful-colored kitchen.

Narrow Transitional Kitchen Idea with Dark Purple Cabinetry

Don’t get lost in mind to remodel your narrow kitchen. Just re-design and re-paint it with the right color schemes. This kitchen, for instance, displays a narrow space between the counter where we’ll find that the floors are wooden. The counter has grey surface, matching color with very dark purple cabinets. The owner adds softer purple tone as the accent for the cabinets. Red bricks backsplash, in addition, gives a dramatically warm nuance and rustic appeal in this kitchen.

Eclectic Small Kitchen with Purple Island’s Base

Vary your eat-in kitchen with multi-color schemes. There are a lot of color choices you may use for beautifying your kitchen. Purple and grey are two dominant colors used in this kitchen. Wood top for the island helps in existing the warmth and softens the purple which covers the island’s base. Soft grey on the cabinets is accented by wood handlers and countertop, while multicolored backsplash brings playful and cheerful look.

Airy and Bright Gourmet Kitchen with Purple Accent

Wood color & purple collaboration – it creates a marvelous look, exposing warm but cheerful atmosphere in the kitchen. Purple here covers some spots like dining table, kitchen island, and little bit part of walk-in closet storage. White is added to soften the purple.

Traditional Kitchen Model with Soft Purple Stools

The most striking element in this cooking and breakfast zone is the stool. The stools are finished in soft but bright purple, giving a shining and charming look in breakfast bar and surround. And gold tone which is applied on the pendant lamps becomes a balanced ‘contender’ for those stools.

Luxurious Eat-In Kitchen with Pop Purple Stools as the Accents

Pop your kitchen up with such purple color. You may applied this purple on your bar stools. The stools would be the most stunning items in your eating area and make your kitchen stands out.

Purple vs Rustic Theme Kitchen Idea

It’s unique: rustic-pop purple combination. Hardwood used for building the kitchen island and red bricks for constructing the walls are the real elements of rustic. It, then, is featured pop purple color scheme, producing a new style of kitchen remodel which is called a modern rustic with pop color addition.

Simple Open-Concept Kitchen with Grey and Purple Color Theme

A standing-out open concept kitchen with purple and grey color theme. This idea is very interesting, especially for you who love simple and soft color schemes. It’s free and optional for inserting these colors in your kitchen, whether the grey is for the cabinets or the purple for the lovely island.

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel with Grey-Purple Theme

Grey and purple; two colors dominating this cooking and eating space. Both are able to balance each other. Beige here effectively soften the purple, making much more comfortable to be stared at by the eyes. Wood materials, used on floors and island’s top, also help to create the warm look in this kitchen.

Mix Country-Rustic Kitchen Remodel with Shabby Purple Color Accent

Just notice at the dining furniture; a set of dining furniture consists of three different color schemes: shabby purple, white, and dark wood color. These schemes are similarly strong and stunning for being collaborated with other color schemes. In this picture, these colors are used in one package of dining furniture, and the result is each single color works well for balancing and completing each other.

Simple Country Kitchen Idea with Decorative Purple Backsplash

Gloss and waterproof backsplash for kitchen may become one of qualifications of best backsplash materials. Why? Gloss surface has the capability of water contamination, so the surface will keep dry and easy to clean. In this kitchen, the designer chooses purple as the main color scheme for the backsplash as it’s interesting and so much striking among the other color schemes. It can be said that, the purple produces a beautifully contrast look and makes the kitchen seems so eye-catching.

Cool & Spacious Kitchen Idea with Little Bit Purple Accent

The color accent like purple in this kitchen has brought special look in the kitchen where white and black are dominant. The designer just puts the accent in particular shapes and they are inserted in different objects like the decorative purple lights under the island’s surface and purple seats in the stools. They’re just the little, but bring huge influence.

Country-Rustic Kitchen Idea with Pop Purple Color Theme

What is in your mind when you see this kitchen design? Rustic-country style kitchen? Perhaps most people will answer the similar words. At glance, this kitchen is closely rustic-country style cooking zone, but the owner adds purple as the color accent as well as the primary color for the cabinets and kitchen island. With the purple, this rustic-country kitchen is obviously much more elegant and cheerful.

Master Kitchen Idea with Purple Tone

Purple application here can be found in the island’s top and countertop. The island’s body also features many numbers of decorative purple lines. They are so simple, not really luxurious, but they effectively contribute a high-level elegance.

Simple & Small L-Shape Kitchen in Purple

This simple kitchen design is very well recommended for you guys whose matter of limited-space kitchen. Just do remodel with such white, purple, and wood color as the primary color schemes. Actually, you’re free to choose what color you prefer to apply (it doesn’t have to use purple).

Traditional Kitchen Model with Purple Island

Purple kitchen island probably becomes one of objects which is frequently painted in purple in most purple-themed kitchen designs. Like this one, purple covers the island’s base. This color always fits to be featured with other deep or dark color schemes, including dark wood color.

Eclectic L-Shape Kitchen Remodel with White-Purple Subway Tiles Backsplash

It must be unique if we install extraordinary subway tiles installation for the backsplash. Like this backsplash idea: white-purple subway tiles backsplash. The backsplash gives a contrast to the objects around like white cabinets and black countertop.

Small Contemporary Kitchen Idea with Purple Accents

In this kitchen, the owner just uses purple-lighted lamp to highlight the table bar. With such idea, we don’t need to re-paint the cabinets or kitchen island in purple, but we just need to install a series of low-purple lighted lamps under the table bar. The lights dramatically shine the black stools and surrounding areas them, creating a beautifully soft purple ambiance.

Mid-Century Kitchen Idea with Dominant Purple Cabinets

This is just a sample of mid-century kitchen with some pop colors covering the kitchen’s main elements. Purple is strongly covering the whole parts of lower cabinets and they really contrast to objects surround. Other schemes, actually, have similar result when they’re applied and collaborated with other objects.

Luxurious and Glamorous Kitchen Idea with Glowing Purple Ambiance

Glowing in the dark, probably these words describe the glowing purple shining over the grey marble countertop. If you love dark and glow tones and want to apply them in your kitchen, you can adopt this idea. The purple-lighted lamps are installed under the black-painted cabinets, giving a beauty and glamour.

Modern Ranch-Style Kitchen with Deep Purple-Painted Cabinets

There are two purple applications in this kitchen: dark and soft purple. Dark purple is applied on the cabinets, whereas softer purple is finished on the kitchen walls. Both result harmonious and balanced combination. Uniquely, other color schemes take the contribution of creating the various tones, like red bricks in the backsplash area and metal color in the stainless steel appliances.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Idea with Purple Kitchen Island

modern minimalist kitchen idea with white flat cabinets stainless steel appliances bright purple kitchen island with white top TV in partition

Interior Inalysis

This modern minimalist kitchen is built in an open space that connects two spaces: cooking and family zones. Both are separated by low TV-in partition, creating semi-opened space between the kitchen and family room. Attractively, the kitchen is highlighted by two modern pop colors: purple (for the kitchen island) and white (for the cabinets).

Custom Mediterranean Kitchen Design with Deep Purple Cabinetry

This Tuscan kitchen idea is supported with pop purple cabinets, purple-framed door, printed tiles backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. Like the other Mediterranean buildings, this kitchen uses low-lighted lamps that create warming and relaxing atmosphere.

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