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colorful stairs on the top part, white rail, dark brown fence, colorful rainbow floor Oh Joy

Peach Painted Stairs, White Wooden Rail, White Wall, Wooden Floor, White Rug
White Yellow Stairs, White Wooden Rail, White Ceiling, Patterned Wall, Wooden Floor
Pink Gradation Stairs With White Top, White Wooden Rail, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Horizontal Black White Piano Keys, White Wall
White Black Piano Stairs, White Wall, Wall Rail
Wooden Coated Stairs, White Plank Wall
Books Cover Sticker On The Stairs, White Wooden Rail, Dark Blue Wall
Stairs With Blue Patterned Tiles On Vertical Part, Marble Tiles, Wooden Rail With Black Metal Suppor
Colorful Stairs On The Top Part, White Rail, Dark Brown Fence, Colorful Rainbow Floor

Stairs can be just a transition for you. It can be a place where you don’t think too much as you only pass through it. However, if you want to go to details and put much more thoughts to it, you might be able to create a fun and great transition in your house. From small to big details, having unique stairs can actually add more interesting accent to your house. Here below are some inspirations you will love to make your stairs more interesting.

Vertical Piano
This one here puts piano pattern of white and black piano keys to make the stairs more interesting. For you who love the instrument, this simple look will make you happy every time you pass the stairs.

Horizontal Pianos
Similar to the previous one, this one here also puts piano keys on the stairs. However, while the previous has it vertically, this one here is more like stacking the pianos. This one here has merrier look.

Yellow Stairs
This one below gives yellow accents on the upper part of the stairs. This is a simple yet great thing to do. If you can add rug, the stairs would also have more textures and frictions which are good for stairs.

Peach Stairs
Another thing you can do to make your stairs interesting is by painting them. This one here paints all of the stairs in peach pink color. It looks fun and energizing that it would be a perfect sight in summer.

Gradation Stairs
One step further from the previous one, this one here puts a beautiful gradation on show. The strong colors at the bottom is balanced with the softer ones at the top. Painted only on the vertical part, this stairs would look white from above and look colorful from the bottom.

Rainbow Look
While the previous ones has timid feeling, this one shows braver options with colorful paints on top of the stairs. And it adds more brave steps by also painting the borders with curvy shape.

Books Cover
For those who love to read books, this kind of look is probably the best among all. With book side cover stickers, you would be able to have your books lined up to give you some path.

Blue Pattern
Another thing to make your stairs interesting is by installing patterned tiles as accents to the stairs. This one here puts different patterns in each level and it makes the stairs even more unique.

Exotic Touch
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses patterns to make the sight interesting. The pattern and the terracotta tiles together bring out exotic look in these stairs. If you’re into exotic look, you can also try tribal pattern with vibrant colors.

Wood Coat
For those who love simple and natural look, minimalist brown wood would have answered everything they want. Combination of natural brown and white, this one here shows a minimalist look.

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