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Interior Design for Dummies: Best Reference for Home Interior Decorating Ideas

Do you want to create a perfect plan of home remodel but feel unskilled and less confident to do that? Do you want to re-plan better functioning rooms for living, playing, or working? Or, do you want to express your personal taste through your home interior decor choice? If ‘yes’, you’ve chosen the right reference or source for the real answers. Interior Design for Dummies is a published source that is created for people who are searching for the best ideas of home decor and all things related to home decorating, including how to decorate a new place, how to start decorating, etc. The point is Interior Design for Dummies contains the basics of home decorating plan starting from the beginning to the latest step of decorating. Well, here are tens of interior design ideas we can adopt from this popular guide book.

semi open kitchen in contemporary style clean white kitchen countertop white kitchen island white bar stools minimalist & clean structural lined wood dining furniture ceramic floors hardwood chair
Architect Your Home

Always feel cozy when having a semi-open kitchen like this. You’ll feel the breeze while cooking or having breakfast in early morning. This moment, of course, can’t happen in other cook & dining spaces.

built in seating with blue foam base and multicolored accent pillows firepit woodboard base strings of little ball lamps woodboard rail system
Fifth Season Landscape

High style and modern retreat for exterior landscape. This built-in seat and a firepit provide a stylish and comfy spot for gathering, but probably it would be better if we use concrete base than woodboard like this. Everyone agree that concrete is more durable than woodboard.

trendy7 contemporary shed for grilling and cooking glass doors with black painted wood frames hardwood exterior facade dining bench wood top dining table traditional fireplace

A mid-sized ‘box’ – This is a trendy shed which is particularly designed for grilling or cooking. No more BBQ party in hot sun or rain.

traditional dining room idea dominant grey peach table cover dining chairs with outer peach and textured peach seater copper toned pendant light fixtures

Metallic ball light fixtures add a modern accent to this traditional dining room. Their copper color works well with grey and peach schemes.

small sized contemporary kitchen idea U shaped kitchen counter and top in white green bar stools hanging wood display shelves stainless steel appliances simple hanging ball light fixtures
Davis Architects

This kitchen is designed in contemporary style and it exposes the clean lines, simplicity, practicality, and functionality. You can combine white and wood color as the basic scheme of room, but don’t forget to give an attractive accent color like green (applied on bar stools) to create a sharp & beautiful contrast.

contemporary study room pale toned wood freestanding table with lightweight metal base corner area rug with motifs creative wire work abstract painting ornament
Curtains Blind Bath

Trigger your spirit on study by remodeling your study room into this unique design. A corner-placed freestanding table surely will help you to concentrate what you’re learning. Create a ‘escapism’ through creative wire-work, abstract painting, and small single shelf for displaying ornaments. They truly will miss your bore an instant.

boxy private office built from woodboards with black lines details glass door with black wood frames
Eden Garden Rooms

It’s so unique! A private office in the middle of home garden. It’s a real box which is built from woodboard with black lines details. Its size is available for a cozy and quiet space for working. The room is equipped with full package of office tools like PC, table & chair, and many more.

dark toned wood bed frame with canopy and ball light fixtures white bedding pale toned wood floors white walls

A dream bed frame with canopy. The light fixtures and color choices are so gorgeous. They are simple but full of elegance. The exposed wood presents maximum warmth and nature.

rustic staircase with modern touch hardwood staircase design red bricks walls with white details
Elad Gonen

An example of rustic staicase idea with modern touch. Old and shabby red bricks walls give rustic appeal after wood staircase. This means they complete each other. With different character, both are capable of emphasizing what rustic is.

contemporary staircase with light toned wood steps and stylish cable railings whitewashed wood floors
Berg Design Architects

Another inspiring staircase in contemporary style. The steps are lovable, and imagine that your steps are protected by stylish cable railings.

contemporary family room soft sectional modern white chairs hardwood center table fluffy white wool area rug medium toned wood floors concrete fireplace freestanding TV
Maric Homes

With soft-schemed seating, it must be fun to spend your free times here. Why not? This spot offers huge coziness and style. The interior is designed for a ‘winter-mode’ where you need warm and comfy place for relaxing and gathering with people you love. The fireplace feature and fluffy wool area rug are the warmers that effectively make your body and feet warm.

large sized contemporary living room white sectionals with white accent pillows lower & flat hardwood coffee table white walls light floors concrete ceilings

Make sure that you’ve chosen right furniture set for such large contemporary living room. L-shaped sectional with accent pillows is the best choice for accommodating your big numbers of guests. Loft-designed wooden coffee table seems perfect pair for the sectional. Get much larger by coloring this room in clean and light schemes.

trendy contemporary kitchen glossy white cabinets expensive stainless steel appliances unique island with quartzite topin white silver toned pendant lamps black bar stools
Canavan Interiors

How cool this island is! I bet you’ll enjoy cooking in such trendy modern kitchen. With unique shape of island, it gives special attractiveness, especially for guest coming to this breakfast nook. Its quartzite top brings this island glowing when illuminated by silver pendant light fixtures, and black bar stools always provide comfy and modern seating.

modern minimalist bench with black fabric foam seater asymmetrical bay window light wood interior scheme simple sconces
Architektur Plus Raum

Feel peaceful while enjoying the natural view outside in such seating area. Only with built-in bench surfaced with simply black foam, you’ll feel lots of comfort as much as in luxurious and expensive lounge. Soft texture and tone (obviously seen in light wood use) are dominating here, giving a balanced look toward this modern bay window.

arts & crafts living room modern sectional in grey small round top side table in white bird painting glass top media table white ceramic floors light wood staircase huge window curtains in neutral color

Crafts & arts living room concept with modern furniture and accessories. You can show the elegance of your living room in simplest way: just put unique arts on spots you like and furnish this room with practical sectional or couch that fits your interior. Remember, your main concept is arts & craft living room, so it would be better if you put the uniqueness of arts and craft interior pieces in more details.

grey accent walls with decorative frame ornaments L shaped sectional in grey white accent pillows white area rug with black decorative lines industrial coffee table industrial side table s

Create great elegance with grey combined with white. The accent wall is the background for some wall arts. Grey sectional provides high style and comfort and creates a contrasting view just by adding your sectionals with white accent pillows. The tables, both the layered coffee table and side table, are designed in industrial style.

modern living room white sectional with white & black accent pillows low level coffee table in black white wool area rug black laminated floors white walls with abstract paintings
Tara Benet

Simple yet modern white sectional which is accented by white & black decorative pillows must provide high level comfort and style. Wool area rug won’t let your feet discomfort due to cold black-laminated floors.

grey velvet couches with pillows built in concrete center table recessed shelving unit a standard fireplace with stones surround large pendant lamp
Wolfe Rizor

Grey interior scheme is also cool to apply. Complete your grey couches with recessed shelving units and a standard fireplace at the center. To add more a dramatic appeal, use stones for fireplace surround. Add a large pendant lamp for creating warm-lighted illumination.

beach style front porch idea white couches with white & blue accent pillows center table with slipcover white area rug medium toned hardwood floors whitewashed wood ceilings
At Peace Jp

Feel the beach’s breeze just by sitting in your favorite couch in such lovely front porch. The effect of dry brush at the ceilings is so lovely; it’s really matched with a coastal/ beach exterior concept.

modern style living room glass hanging chair light blue couch with accent pillow light & dark brown wood floors with modern patterns white walls with recessed shelving units

Get more application of wood, no tile. The floors are successfully catching the eyes. There are two tones of wood colors that create unique & modern patterns. Modern furnishing pieces with pop colors are great idea to add the uniqueness in this living room.

modern living room with slanted ceiling skylight glass windows medium toned wood floors modern couch modern white coffee table wood media console a pair of wood chairs
Tact Design

This is a lovely living room with full of coziness and modernity. Look at the skylight and windows, both provide huge access for natural lights. White and wood colors also dominate this space, creating soft and clean interior look. Clean lines simply apply for each furnishing items.

modern minimalist style living room grey sectional with colorful accent pillows and chaise yellow chair white area rug two sided modern fireplace with white concrete surround grey floors
Habitat Studio

Modern minimalist style living room – It offers simplicity with maximum use and style. You can play the colors for achieving a stylish and modern living room. Use bold color tones and combine them with neutral schemes like white and grey. The result must be amazing. You’re going to satisfy yourself for what you’ve done to your room.

trendy & modern media room wall mounted TV set two sided modern fireplace concrete fireplace surround pale toned wood floors
Tanya Schoenroth

Trendy and modern space for media room. Putting two-sided modern fireplace under TV set isn’t bad. By contrast, we’ll have a focal point that potentially ‘distracts’ our attention. The fireplace let us broadly wander to  frontward space. Use un-finished concrete wall to surround this fire feature.

Moroccan style living room in white modern white sectional with grey accent pillows mosaic tiles floors curved & open windows built in media console freestanding TV set
Walls And Floors

Open space living room in Moroccan style. This space exposes the openness, natural light, tuscan’s texture, and aesthetic. White is chosen as the main tone of color and it’s accented with grey color, and curved open windows become the most attractive ones as they clearly present Moroccan architectural style.

small living room in modern style small sofas with multicolored accent pillows small & round coffee table in white bubbles chandelier with brushed nickel grey walls
Coburn Architecture

Play with colors and size for your small living room. It’s perfect to choose small-sized furniture set for a small living room, but remember, select the right colors for your interior and its furniture. It’s optional for using pop colors which are then combined with soft & neutral interior schemes (like grey in this room).

contemporary living room light purple sofa with multicolored accent pillows light purple center table light toned wood floors light grey walls blue fireplace with under logs storage
Sigmar London

Clean and soft colors are dominating this space. Soft purple sofa and table become the most attractive pieces in this room. They’re softly contrasting to other colors. With patterns, this multicolored rug has beautifully broken the soft and clean look in this room.

beach style living room white couch with white accent pillows two wood chairs white upholstered center table recessed shelving units standard fireplace with white bricks surround
Ry ArchR Y Arch

Feel the breeze when the sliding glass doors are opened. This beach style living room lets us explore the natural view outside through this stylish glass paneling. The built-in shelving unit and furniture set are also lovely. They obviously give amounts of luxury and comfort.

contemporary living room idea L shaped couch in grey tree trunk coffee table ceramic tiles floors in grey white ceilings with skylights and exposed beams
Llama Developments

An open concept living room with calming interior schemes. Both interior facade and furnishing items are so interesting. They complete each other, especially the scheme. Higher ceilings with skylights and exposed beams here show a mixture of modern and traditional style. This concept is really unique as we’ll see the modern style application accented with traditional appeal. The center table (tree trunk coffee table), in addition, is the repetition of traditional style used in this living room.

enclosed living room with coastal theme white sofa slipcover textured wood coffee table blue area rug medium toned wood floors recessed sheves in white white ladder
Mimi Snowden Design

An enclosed living room with coastal theme. White and blue are the dominant colors and you can play with these two colors to your living room. It’s a smart idea if you complete your furniture with something natural like this crafted coffee table. Use its texture and design as the focal point. The result, the table will be the most striking piece among the white & blue furnishing items.

sofa slipcover with stripes patterns recessed shelving units wall lamps with white shades unique wood side table light toned wood floors
C H Decoration

Actually it is a transformation of a bench into a cozy and stylish sofa slipcover. Just with simple stripes skirt and foam for back, the bench now becomes a sofa slipcover. You can adopt this idea for your bench under bay window.

modern rustic living room idea black finished rattan chairs with unique accent pillows white top center table limestone floors fireplace with stove and stones surround
Design Storey

Stones are easily found in this space. The limestone has covered the floors, giving natural look and distinctive texture when stepping on it. Another stone use can be found in the fireplace where we’ll find a stove set in the middle of fireplace area. Such idea is commonly applied on a modern rustic style.

formal living room idea standard fireplace with higher wall surround earthy brown couches with navy blue accent pillows stripped area rug medium toned wood floors white walls and ceilings
Iron Star

Add earthy and neutral furniture to your formal living room to create little sense of natural warmth. If you want to make your living room little playful in color, combine this color with bolder pop color like navy blue. Make it as the finishing for small-sized items like accent pillows and other decorative items. The blue here acts like a focal point of room.

leather couch with accent pillows industrial coffee table white area rug dark toned oak floors standard fireplace with woodboard surround vaulted ceilings in white semi rustic hanging light
Jones Pierce

The fireplace surround and hanging light fixture are so stunning. They look old but cool in scheme and design. The furniture choice also presents semi rustic theme by exposing leather couch and industrial coffee table.

open concept dining room pink walls beige vinyl floors round shaped wood dining table purple dining chairs with wood legs dark brown leather sofa vintage style console table unique pendant lamp
Life Interiors

An eclectic dining room with sweet pink walls and beige vinyl floors. The color choice is too feminine, matched for you girls. You can add the neutral colors if you want to transform your room into a dining room with more less girly tones.

contemporary dining room oval shaped dining table in glossy black modern white dining chairs with wood legs blue area rug unique pendant lamp in glossy black white floors
Black Lacquer Design

How cosmopolitan it is. This is an open concept dining room integrated with small modern cook space. I love the hanging light fixture. It has similar color and material to oval-shaped dining table. Like other common cosmopolitan rooms, each spot shows the uniqueness in color choice, design, texture, and even layout.

trendy and small dining room white walls white porcelain floors wood dining table without finishing modern white dining chairs with wood legs bright yellow wall art
Melinda Clarke

It’s simple; an artwork and vivid plant stand out a dining room. White porcelain floors and white walls seem to be a perfect background for the artwork, plant, and even the dining furniture set.

small industrial kitchen in grey shabby and old concrete walls concrete floors grey dining table grey dining chairs with wood legs gold toned pendant lamp
Up Interiors

Make your small industrial kitchen much more minimalist with using just less decorative items. This idea is fully helpful to create larger and simpler cook space. Just add a set of dining furniture if you want to have a breakfast nook. Old and shabby walls sound horrible but it’s applicable for such idea because they are dramatic and artistic ‘wall art’.

L shaped dining bench two small dining chairs round shape and white top dining table pale toned wood floors grey kitchen with white ceranic subway tiles backsplash
Audrey Whelan

Maximize your cook space just by completing it with small but cozy dining area. L-shaped dining bench plus some small chairs are smart choice for such room. Fortunately, this kind of spot can be a strategic space with double functions: as an eating and welcoming spot. To meet such condition, make sure that the room is always in clean and well-organized.

contemporary dining room black kitchen counter white end table crystal stools white bench integrated with recessed bookshelves white ceilings with exposed beams and skylight dark toned wood floors
Dido Arch

This great room remodel is so amazing. The room is facilitated by white end table, crystal stools, and bench which is integrated with recessed bookshelves. Take a look at the ceilings. They’re garnished by exposed beams and equipped with large skylight.

entrance hall with entrance console in dark finishing side chairs in dark finishing light grey accent pillows large hanging light fixture
Jane Lock Hart

An inspiring entrance console with a pair of dark brown side tables. The table itself has unique details on its base, and a couple of accent pillows are added to give extra comfort in seating area. Decorative items like candles and artwork have been made in similar tone to the furniture.

contemporary study room idea with light toned wood wall paneling wall mounted racks in grey white top freestanding desk with grey drawer system light toned wood floors white walls
Black Box Houzz

Small but trendy. I love the lighting illuminating a freestanding desk. It’s so dramatic and decorative as well. The light is as warm as wood panel installed as table’s background. The shelves are simple but effective to accommodate books and small ornaments.

colorful family room idea colorful vintage style furniture set red reading chair roun glass top side table with wood legs wood center table medium toned wood floors white walls
Rivoli Interior Design

This is a new inspiration of vintage furniture and accessories. The interior items are so colorful. They create the warmth and coziness. Such colors also trigger us to be more active and ‘alive’. This is why colorful interior decor really fits active families’ homes.

light blue sofa with accent pillows modern patterned area rug in blue and white chrome center table gold toned draperies beige walls with simply decorative frames
Lux Design

Light blue sofa placed on top of modern patterned area rug. Both are in similar tone of color and they are paired with modern chrome center table. Gold-toned drapery gives elegance and beauty in its own way. Neutral beige walls, in addition, look much more ‘alive’ with some decorative frames.

farmhouse style living room idea white finishing sliding barn door pale toned wood floors black sectional stripped sofa
Bein Field

Let’s focus on the barn door. It’s made from hardwood and has white finishing, and black (applied on sectional) gives an obvious accent in this pale room.

small eclectic living room leather sofa with colorful accent pillows unique artwork hung on white wall white surfing board textured vase with plants textured white area rug round top wood center table
Oliver Simon Design

It can be said that there are several interesting items discovered in this small living room: unique artwork, textured vase, leather sofa, and turquoise accent pillows. This room will be nothing without these things.

tiny kitchen counter with hidden dining tabele pull out table built in bench small chair in white small standing lamp medium toned wood floors woodcountertop
Ute Guenther

This is actually a kitchen counter with a hidden dining table. This kind of furniture is really matched for a tiny house with tiny cooking and dining space. One of counter’s drawers can be pulled out to become a practical dining table. We can also use it as working table if needed.

small sized modern living room L shaped sofa in white colorful accent pillows tiny coffee table tiny side tables abstract paintings modern floor lamp white area rug
Kristy Noble

With right layout and furniture choice, it won’t be hard to set the furniture up and get the best interior decorating idea.  This small living room, for instance, has been furnished with L-shaped sofa and some pieces of tiny tables in which they help creating a larger space visual effect.

blue chair round wood top side table wood shelving unit medium toned wood floors
Bask Interiors

Maximize unused space in your living room for such reading corner. Add a colorful chair plus several side tables to provide a cozy seating area. Complete them with shelves for displaying your favorite books or ornamental pieces. You don’t have to fill every shelf space, let some shelves unfilled (in order to make it looks cleaner).

modern minimalist living room in grey grey sofa with accent pillows and blanket wall mounted shelves in white monochromatic area rug with modern patterns
Shanade McAllister Fisher

Shelves on top of seating area have been a direct focal point in which it’s capable of attracting people’s attention. They’re simple and installed as upper as the upper and lower unit, giving an attractive visual as well as effective space for displaying the frames and ornaments.