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Having a small space doesn’t always mean that you’ll have difficulties decorating it or making it functional since there are various awesome ways to make a very good use of a small space. There are also various creative ways to make a very smart use of a small space. Here are a number of creative interior designs for small spaces you can get inspirations from if you want to creatively make a good use of any small spaces in your home.

A Small yet Comfy Home Office

This space in this home office is actually rather small but thanks to a creative design idea, the space was finally turned into this comfy home office with wall shelves, a window that lets sunlight in, and more.

A Small Kitchen + Dining Room + Home Office

This small space functions as a dining room plus a small kitchen plus a small home office. You can create three small areas in a small space and creativity is all you need to do that.

A Small but Clean and Bright Bathroom

It’s essential to make a small space bright because brightness can help make a room appear larger than it actually is.

A Small but Comfy Living Room

Even though it’s small, this living room is comfy and it has a lot of things to offer including a wall TV, a comfy sofa with pillows, a fireplace, a mirror, and more.

A Small Home Gym

This designer of this room really did a very good job turning a small space into a small home gym where the occupants can work out.

A Small and Narrow Kitchen

This small and narrow space was turned into a kitchen with modern appliances and a window that lets natural light in during the day.

A Small Kitchen with a Hardwood Floor

This kitchen has a hardwood floor and wall cabinets, as well as ceiling lamps and modern appliances all in a quite small space.

A Small Bathroom

Even though it’s small, this bathroom has a bathtub and it also has a window that lets sunlight in when the sun’s shining during the day.

A Small but Clutter-Free Kitchen

This kitchen might be small but it’s free of clutter and making a room clutter-free is one of the best ways to make a small room not feel too small.

An Interesting Small Kitchen and Dining Room

This small kitchen and dining room has hanging lamps and orange wall shelves that really help decorate the room, making it interesting.

A Small but Bright Kitchen

This kitchen might be small but it’s quite bright and it has wall cabinets and wall shelves that help save space.

A Small Bedroom with a Space for Another Area Near It

This small bedroom has a space that can be used for another area near it. The bedroom itself has interesting hanging lamps, wall lamps, and storage space under its floor.

A Small but Beautiful Living Room with a Wood Floor

This living room is small but it’s very beautiful. It has beautiful wall lamps, a fireplace, sofas with pillows, painting, an artistic wall decor, and more.

A Small Bathroom with a Storage Space Under the Mirror

Creating an unpredictable storage space is important when it comes to designing a small space and the designer of this small bathroom did just that by creating a storage space under the mirror.

A Small and Narrow Bedroom with an Antique Mirror

A big mirror like the one below can help create an illusion that a room has a bigger space than it really does and this kind of mirror is perfect for a small and narrow bedroom like this.

interior designs for small space narrow bedroom bed pillows window lamps antique mirror contemporary design

Zephyr Interiors

A Small Kitchen Dominated by Green and White

This small kitchen is dominated by green and white. Green is present in the form of green cabinets and white is present in the form of the ceiling, the wall, and parts of the floor.

A Small Dining Room with Transparent Chairs

This small dining room has transparent chairs, which are beautiful furniture pieces on a carpet, which is on a beautiful hardwood floor.

A Small White and Blue Bedroom

This small bedroom has white cabinets, a white door, and a white bed. It also has a blue wall, a blue curtain, and a blue bedcover.

A Small yet Trendy Living Room

Despite being small, this living room is has a quite trendy look and it has big windows, a glass door, bookshelves, a wood floor, desks, and chairs.

A Small yet Comfy Home Office

This home office might be small, but the combination of white and varied other colors present in the room turns it into a comfy home office to spend time working in.

Another Small but Trendy Living Room

This small but trendy living room has ladders, flowers, modern seating, books, a desk with storage, and more.

A Small Home Office Under the Staircase

What makes this home office awesome is the fact that it uses a small space under the staircase and turns it into an awesome working area.

A Small Living Room with a Mirror

This small living room has a sofa with pillows, a small table, impressive lighting, a window with a curtain, and a mirror.

A Small but Multifunctional Room

This small room can function as a living room since it has a bench and at the same time it can also function as a home office or even an area where you can wash your hands.

A Small but Stunning Family Room in Blue

This family room is surely stunning since it’s dominated by blue, which is present in almost everything in the room.

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