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iron mirror frame iron wall sconces iron chandelier green vanity granite contertop sinks faucets built in tub window curtain Vanguard Studio Inc.

Iron Mirror Frame Iron Vanity Iron Legs White Sink Bowl White Top Black Wall Mounted Faucet Iron Wall Sconces Glass Flower Vase
Iron Mirror Frame Chandelier Window Wooden Vanity White Top White Sink Faucet Wooden Floor Colorful Shade Side Table
Iron Mirror Frame Black Marble Vanity Sink Faucet Chair Chandelier Frosted Glass Window Yellow Silk Curtains Wall Scones
Iron Mirror Frame Iron Wall Sconces Wooden Vanity Red Sink Oval Mirror Faucet Bathroom Mat Red Wall Towel Holder
Iron Mirror Frame Wooden Vanity Beige Wallpaper Beige Bathroom Tiles Glass Shower Door Shower Head White Sink
Iron Mirror Frame Wall Sconces Black Iron Towel Rings Colorful Vanity Tile Undermount Sink Colorful Soap Bottle Faucet
Iron Mirror Frame Iron Wall Sconces Iron Chandelier Green Vanity Granite Contertop Sinks Faucets Built In Tub Window Curtain
Iron Mirror Frame Wood Frame Stone Backpslah Wooden Vanity Rustic Sink Bowl Black Iron Towel Rink Black Faucet Glass Vase
Iron Mirror Frame Patterned Wall Black Granite Countertop Yellow Sink Bowl Wall Mounted Faucet Wooden Vanity Wall Decor
Iron Mirror Frame Round Mirror Wooden Walls Wooden Vanity Wooden Ceiling Window Wall Sconce Bahroom Rug Sink Bowl

A mirror is always provided above the bathroom vanity. It sometimes doesn’t have a frame or we called it a frameless mirror. The frame is supposed to support the mirror and decorate it. It often has a decorative frame with some colors and pattern. Mirror frame can be made of wood and iron. The material may create a different result. The wooden frame has a minimalist design while iron frame for mirror often gives an art design. Iron can be shaped to make a pattern and unique rustic form for the mirror. So that is why many people try to get a mirror with iron frame. The following are some amazing iron mirror frame ideas for your bathroom vanity that will complete your bathroom features.

A Small Mirror with Iron Frame

This corner is filled with iron features such as the black iron vanity legs, iron wall sconces, and the iron mirror frame. It looks really rustic and elegant with the repurposed antique bowl and marble countertop.

Rustic Black Iron Features

This bathroom vanity shows the Mediterranean backsplash and countertop tiles with some iron features. The mirror frame, the wall sconces, and the towel rings are made of iron with nice rustic details.

Wooden and Iron Mirror Frame

The vanity features in this bathroom use the combination of wood and iron materials. This combination gives an industrial vibe in this space. The round mirror also has the combination frame of wood and iron.

A Wrought Iron Mirror

The porcelain subway tiles with a brown and green glass mosaic border create a neutral backdrop for the cool damask wall covering and the beautiful wrought iron mirror above the wooden vanity. The decoration and features in this bathroom really set the tone.

A Glamorous Vanity

This glamorous vanity features black marble backsplash, sink, faucet, wall sconces, and a mirror. The mirror has the iron frame with minimalist detail.

A Round Mirror with Iron Frame and Chains

Too much wood material that may be boring can be avoided by adding some iron features. This wooden vanity is placed below the round mirror with iron frame, wall sconce, and a towel ring.

A Mirror for The Dark Wooden Vanity

Lighter walls are suitable for a bathroom if you have decided to have dark vanity and dark flooring. The dark wooden vanity is completed with a sink, granite countertop, and a rectangular mirror with black iron frame.

Iron Mirror Frame and Iron Wall Sconces

The red painted walls with red patterned accent wall become a nice background for the black iron candle sconces and the oval mirror with iron frame. The wooden vanity with a red sink gives more rustic style in this bathroom.

The Wall Mirror in A Bathroom

The vanity space in this bathroom features a wooden vanity, black granite countertop, wall mounted faucet, a sink bowl, and a wall mirror with iron mirror frame.

Iron Mirrors for A Large Bathroom

This large bathroom provides two vanities with the same features but different in size. It is also decorated with iron accessories of the iron mirror frames, chandelier, and the wall sconces.

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