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bunk beds with wooden boards platform, wooden floating top bed, woven rug, wooden floor, white mini dining set Eh!Pale

Bunk Beds With Unique Sacks, One Bed In The Left, The Other In The Top Right With Staris And Cabinet, And Table In Between
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Simple Bunk Bed, Green Wall, White Wall Windows, Curtains
Kids Bunk Beds With Boxe Shapes Made From Woode Fibers, Stairs, Cabinets, In A Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Rug, Shelves And Lamp For Each Bed, Pendant,
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Wooden Bunk Bed With Bed From The Floor Level
Kids Bunk Bed With White Wooden Posts, Grey Bedding, Wlack Wooden Fence For The Top Bed, White Rug, Wooden Flooring
Bunkbed With Wooden Boxes Liek Castle, With Stairs, In A Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, Shelves, Chairs
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Woven Rug, Bunk Bed With The One On Top Has Sliding Doors
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Bunk Bed With Shelves On Each Headboard, Wooden Stairs, White Big Shelves On Bed End
Bedroom With Rug, White Wall, Bunk Bed With 90 Degree Different Angle, Whie Rug, Bean Bag
Bunk Beds With Wooden Boards Platform, Wooden Floating Top Bed, Woven Rug, Wooden Floor, White Mini Dining Set

For a house that has kids with limited rooms, getting kids together in one bedroom might be an option. However, each kid might has different taste and it can be a tricky problem putting them together in a room. And for that, the parents would need to be really creative to make the room as fun as possible so that no kid will think it’s a lame thing. If you need some impressive inspiration for your kids, these below might be some great helps for you.


Simple Box

When going on with two different personalities, a simple and basic bunk bed might be the safest option. However, to make it more endearing, a simple personal touch would be great for each bed, like a little bit of wallpaper in each walls, or stickers.


A Castle in a Room

If you have two girls both not too much different in age and loves princess stories, they will love this castle like bunk beds where they can play too. With this bunk bed, your girls will feel like they are real princesses and that’s what matters the most for them. Sleeping in a good mood, waking up will be in a good mood too.


Unique Bunk Bed

Another thing that can unite your kids is having a unique bunk bed where they can share the joy in finding new thing together. This one here looks so down to earth but creative with one bunk bed in the left and another in top right. Between them, there are stairs, cabinets, and even wooden space that can be used for table.


Simple for Boys

If you have two boys, you might want to start with basic colors. In the long run, they will fulfill the room with their own preference. Having the bunk bed in neutral color also shows that you don’t play favorite.


Natural Kids

If you want to maintain eco friendly furniture, you will love this room. The wooden bunk bed is not really connected and actually can be detached. The top one is a floating bed while the bottom has wheels on it. They will make the kids exciting. For a more natural look, completing the room with woven rug and wooden toys will be a great thing.


90 Degree

Another thing to make the bedroom interesting is by having the bed facing different angle. This will make the bed has more individuality and more personal direction. While doing that, a space under the top bed can be turned into reading or toys corner.


Knock Knock

This one here has another idea on making things fun. The bunk bed itself is made like a house with the top one have the roof and sliding door before the stairs. This kind of bunk bed is perfect for boys with different ages.


Simple and Low

With bunk bed, the function that you’re looking for is the stacking bed. And that’s what exactly you can get from this one below, from IKEA. With its simple without getting too much with the ornaments. This kind of bunk bed will help you save the space and save the clutter. With low height even for the top bed, it’ll be easier to tuck your kid in.


Low White

Similar to the previous one, this one also carries the low simplicity the bunk bed can give. With solid wooden handler for the top bed to secure your kid.


Built In Bunk Bed

This one here is more permanent beds but because it’s permanent, it offers more planned features. With this plan, each kid has shelves on their headboard. And they still have the one for together use. It will be really interesting for kids who love to read.



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